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Clarins Multi-Active day and night cream

April 11, 2016

Thanks Clarins for sending me some of the latest and greatest products to try!  I am going to be giving you the gossip on Clarins Multi-Active day and night cream that I used then photographed in my home.  I would say this new line of products was created for a younger demographic. If you’re the type that goes out on school nights, is willing to have that 2nd cocktail, regularly works on 6 hours of sleep, and is under the age of 35, then Clarins Muti-active day cream ($53) & Clarins multi-active night cream ($56) is totally up your ally. My face the next morning after trying the  Clarins multi-active night cream was noticeably soft. Truth be told, I was surprised I could tell a difference after just the first day.

I only wish Clarins would have introduced a product like this 10 years ago – it’s impressive how it targets early wrinkles. This cream has Myrothamnus extract, which visibly smoothes, tones and de-stresses. Having lotion that helps your face look less stressed is a great thing. Overall, I am enjoying Clarins Multi-Active day and night cream and would recommend trying it – great for you or as gift.  Below is how the lotions are stored in my bathroom drawer  (I am loving my new metal drawer organizers).


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