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Dr. Lancer Skincare

February 2, 2015

Dr. Lancer is rad. I had a 35-minute conversation with him about skin, his practice, nutrition and his Lancer Skincare line. The only thing I can say is I am now part of his fan club and truly understand why people from all over the world see him. He is honest, and his ultimate goal is to help your skin look beautiful.

Dr. Lancer opened shop in 1980, and currently see’s between 75-100 patients a day. His private practice includes him, 6 medical nurses, 3 aestheticians, 4 front desk receptionists, and 2 back office administrators. Besides having countless celebrity clients, Dr. Lancer’s skin care line became a commercial success when Oprah gave his product to her audience in 2012. As you can guess, the product line sold out within four hours of the television show airing. Since then, the product line is on its third generation of technology.
The good doctor has a general approach he swears by:Polish (scrub), Cleanse (wash) then Nourish (lotion). These 3 simple steps, regardless if you choose his product line, are steps we all should follow for better skin. The Method line comes in three varieties: anti-aging, sensitive, and blemish control. What I like about Dr. Lancer is his quest for making skin care easy and easy to understand.

After using the Lancer Skincare, my skin feels softer and looks brighter. The Method Starter Set along with the Younger & Lift serum was gifted for me to try. I am really particular on how face lotion smells and feels. For me, the Nourish lotion is light and absorbs quickly into my skin. I am truly enjoying the products line a lot. Now, whether I can afford the Younger & Lift serum when I run out is a different story!

One thing Dr. Lancer did emphasis was the importance of good nutrition. If after using his products daily your skin is still off, your diet is likely the culprit. He suggested cutting out refined sugars (things out of a box), and have your diet consist of 40% protein, 40% fats (olive oil/ grape seed oil) and 20% carbohydrates. He also mentioned patients that do juices cleanse and drink too much juice complain about their skin health. Cutting out diary was also a recommendation because dairy is toxic to skin-cell metabolism.
I think what I love most about Dr. Lancer is he is living proof of aging well. Look at him, in his early 60’s his skin looks better than any other doctor I have known! He is slender, works all day long because he loves it and not because he didn’t plan for retirement. When I mentioned that his products were not attainable to the average since they are costly he responded: “How much are you willing to spend for great looking skin? Are you willing to give up your daily Starbucks coffee? “. So basically after being told by Dr. Lancer, I want his whole product line! I’m also totally on board with giving up my $3 latte every morning for beautiful skin – green tea is better for my skin anyway.

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