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Beachwaver Pro Curling Iron

October 19, 2015

Photo shoot after photo shoot I watch hair and make up artists (MUA’s) creating the beach waved look. The secret to creating the beach wave is curling pieces of your hair in both left to right and right to left directions. Now I have attempted to try this several times at home, but when I try to curl pieces going to the left, it comes out jacked. Twisting my wrist both ways was too difficult for me.

So when I was contacted to demo the Beachwaver Pro curling iron, I was so excited to try it out. How cool would it be to create the messy beach wave type of curl, by myself, with a rotating curling iron!



While on lunch one day I had my MUA friend, Jamyrlyn Mallory, curl one side of my hair while I curled the other. Why? I wanted to see if I could tell the difference from me curling it myself verses the professional. Not to mention I had photographers Ben Sandall and Mark Stone snap my before and after pictures – perks of working on set in a studio. The end result was great, but it only proved that I needed help. The after photo I am holding post it notes so you could tell which side I curled myself. The left side was done by a professional and the right side was curled with the Beachwaver Pro curling iron.


At $199, the Beachwaver Pro is pricey, but you are paying to create a profession look by yourself, whenever you want. I have really enjoyed using this curling iron. I am into having my hair wavy and a bit messier, and the Beachwaver Pro helps create that look. I am unable to create this look myself with any other curling iron on the market. Sarah Pomtempa is the genuis behind the best curling iron for dummies I have ever worked with. Here’s how it works in detail via you-tube, which you need to watch to see it work it’s magic!

Jamyrlyn also insisted spraying Kevin Murphy sea salt spray on my hair. This currently Ja’s favorite salt spray, so I thought it was worth sharing.


Beauty Stuff, Hair

Davines Sea Salt Spray

November 7, 2012

I usually hate hair products, but I am in love with Davines Sea Salt Spray. Usually hair products instantly make my hair feel dirty, and I am forced to wash my hair the next day because the product tends to make my hair greasy. But Davines salt spray makes my hair matte not greasy, smells great, and creates texture that I have never had before on clean hair. It is wonderful, and really thickens my fine hair. I purchased my Davines sea salt spray on amazon for $27.50.


This Davines sea salt spray really perfects my messy bun. Below are great you-tube videos I found on how to fishtail braid, milkmaid braid and to create the perfect ballerina bun.

I also tried lots of other Davines products which I really enjoy using.

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Las Vegas Hair Extensions

March 19, 2012

Ever thought about getting hair extensions? Want to know more? I took the the plunge and got Great Lengths hair extensions in Las Vegas. Great lengths are real human hair bonded to your natural hair. Since they are attached to your head, you can wash, curl, blow-dry your hair as normal. The only difference is you get to use a special hair brush. To my knowledge Great Lengths are some of the best hair around and look really natural, in fact no one can tell I have them in since they are such a perfect color match to my hair.

My hair comes to bust line

This picture is the most recent of my super long mermaid hair. I decided to get extensions because I wanted super crazy long hair…now, and more importantly because I trust my hair stylist who does them. Her name is Julia Latella and she is at Diva Studio (702)933-3482. Julia said I would love them and she is right. The funny thing is my husband loves them even more that I do. Who knew super long hair could be so sexy? I hate having maintenance, and the only maintenance great lengths extensions have are getting them replaced every 4-5 months. They are costly but so worth it. Here are some celebs rock-in Great Length extensions

Yes, even JLo has hair extensions

If you are thinking about getting them done you will have to have a consultation, and if you don’t get a consultation before hand I would find a different stylist. The stylist will need to determine how long you want them along with a perfect color match and how much hair you will actually need. If you live in Las Vegas or visiting sometime soon and are thinking about extensions….Julia is the best. To ask her questions directly, see her work along with before and after pictures, click here

Julia is the best, which means you have to book ahead because she is always booked. Consultations are free and I figure should only take about 5-10 minutes max. What I love most about my extensions is while I have fake super long hair like Miley Cryus , my hair continues to grow so soon I won’t need them!!!


Spin Pin by Goody

August 3, 2011

I am in love with the spin pin by Goody.

The spin pin comes in two colors, Blonde and Brunette. What I love most about this product is it holds my bun with one spin pin verses 20 bobby pins. What I don’t like about this product is the cost ($6.50 for 2 pins), plus I misplace these spirales so easily.

I bought my spin pins at Target and also saw them at Claires and Ulta. The other products I have tried in the commerical were not as good. So if you have long hair, try the spin pin.


Win a Mason Pearson Brush

December 20, 2010

If you have ever read any of the fashion magazines best of the best beauty articles, then you’ll know that today’s giveaway is always listed. The Mason Pearson Boar Bristle Brush is the like Jaguar of brushes, and if you have been dying to have one, but didn’t want to pay the price, then today is your day.

Mason Pearson Brush $126

What makes a Mason Pearson brush the best is both the craftsmanship and quality of materials that go into each piece. There is so much to say about them I could go and on, but instead I’m just going to let you read about them on lauren’ I’ve worked with tons of hair stylists and by far Mason Pearson is their favorite for smoothing brushes. Because of the level of quality in these brushes, they will last a very long and a gift that will keep giving for years to come. Truly the perfect idea for the woman who appreciates the finer things in life, but would never buy one for herself. To try to win comment on your biggest beauty/grooming splurge. Winner Announced Dec. 30th 2010 ***Congrats to our lucky winner ABraiser***


Ergo Go 2 Ionic Ceramic Hair Brushs

December 16, 2010

All hairbrushes are not created equal, trust me. A good one will make the world of difference in your hair’s look, feel and texture and today I am giving away one of the best on the market. The Go2 Ionic Ceramic Hair Brush line features a non-slip rubber handle for easier control and less hand stress along with their heat-resistant nylon fiber bristles that are infused with a tourmaline crystal complex which creates negative ions to penetrate and condition the hair.


The ions are released when tension and heat are applied helping to maintain healthy hair and repair cuticle damage. Now, I am not sure exactly what all that means but I do know when looking for hair products for my store, I personally tested these and several others, and the Go2’s made a huge difference in both mine and my daughter’s hair. These are salon grade brushes and one of the three styles I have on my store can be yours. Comment on which one you want and why, now if you hate commenting, believe me I get it. But seriously if you would never spend the money on a top quality hairbrush it is worth commenting ***Congrats to our lucky winner Diana***


The All Nighter Hair Powder

December 10, 2010

I can’t tell you how much I love today’s giveaway. The all nighter hair powder is an essential for all the busy people out there. It not only makes your blow outs last longer, but it can cut down mornings by not having to re-wash your hair everyday. I like to think of the All Nighter Hair Powder to be a dry shampoo that your grandma hasn’t found yet. You simply shake the powder on your hair and magically it’s instantly refreshes it as if you just styled. The dirtier your hair the better it works.


Use this magic potion before cocktail hour after a long day at the office to take away access oil and even add texture. Make a comment on what color option works best for you and you might just win it. Contest Closed. Our lucky winner is Michelle


Rodney Cutler/ Cutler Hair Care Products

December 2, 2010

I few years ago I worked with Rodney in a Redken Hair Show. It wasn’t until I googled him did I learn that he had been the hair behind many fashion shows. Just last season he created hair for over 20 different shows. Besides creating runway looks, he owns two salons (SoHo, Miami) and his own product line. (At the time we met he had just opened his South beach Salon , and launched his product line.) Cutler Salons focus is to turn the runway into reality.

me & Rodney Cutler

The next day at the show, I said “WOW… you are big time”. He laughed and said, I have gotten lucky along the way. The show was a 3 full days and we had lots of time to chat it up. We talked a little business (which I was sent samples of his new line), and kids (since we both have little ones).

I was in Ulta the other day walking threw the aisles and I saw the full Cutler line. I smiled. It truly made me happy to see the Cutler line of products on the self. In fact, since I have tried the whole line these are my product favorites.

*PROTECTANT TREATMENT SPRAY- it moisturizes while it adds a barrier of protection between heat and hair. Personally I blow-dry my hair everyday so some kind of heat resistant product, it a must for my hair.

$21 can be purchased at

*FLY AWAY STICK- controls frizz and static. This is my go to product when sporting a ponytail.

Cutler Fly Away Stick $23

*INTENSIVE CONDITIONER- this product smells great and along with adding intense moisture to your hair. I love that conditioner is so light weight and does not weigh your hair down.

Cutler Intensive Conditioner $17.00

Today’s Give-A-Way is Cutler’s Carry-on Collection. Try out all Culter must-haves, packaged in an airplane ready zip lock bag. To enter this contest, “like” facebook page and “like this post”.

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***Contest Closed*** Our lucky winner is Fashion King