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Charlotte Tilbury new at Nordstrom

July 30, 2015


Charlotte Tilbury new at Nordstrom


Charlotte Tilbury new at Nordstrom! I was lucky enough to get invited to Nordstrom’s opening of the Charlotte Tilbury counter. Even better the Charlotte Tilbury team sent me a lovely eye shadow palette and a sample size of magic eye cream. Since I don’t wear eyeshadow I passed off the eyeshadow palette to my friend  MUA Mellisa Korn. Here is what Mellisa had to say about the brand  “At first glance someone might dismiss this colorful palette as too bold. Deep teals and greens don’t tend to be the first eye shadow shades that come to mind for most people, however, there’s a reason Charlotte Tilbury has the cult following she does. These shades are gorgeous and insanely flattering worn alone or together. The formulas manage to be both sheer and impactful, a feat not easily mastered. A little decadent for the price, but if your looking for a sophisticated way to wear color, it’s well worth the investment.”

Special thanks to photographer Julia Domrose for snapping these before and after pictures of Mellisa doing my makeup using the gifted eyeshadow palette in color combo The Rebel ($52).


With all that said I wanted to try the brand with the products I would actually use on a daily basis. Since my eyelashes extensions cover my eyes being made up I purchased a cream blush Beach Stick in Las Salinas ($45), and Light Wonder skin foundation ($55).  The counter girl could of sold me tons more, but Charlotte Tilbury is not cheap. So what’s the verdict? I use my Beach Stick and foundation a lot. The products feel light on my face and the cream blush stays on pretty well through out the day. Pricey in my opinion but in this case total worth it.
outfit-Crop top:Free People/skirt: Topshop/sandals:Steven Madden

Thanks again Mellisa for doing my makeup!


Crazy for Concealer

April 30, 2014

The older I get, the younger I want to look. I love all makeup up as much as the next girl, but I focus on my eyes. My desire is to always look bright-eyed. Hence, I am crazy for concealers. I own 4 different brands at the moment and I have placed them all over my world…. two in my home makeup bag, one in my purse, and the other in my gym bag. After doing some Internet shopping on concealers recently, I decided to bite the bullet and try Cle’de Peau Beaute’ Concealer… and even with the $70 tag, its worth the money.. It conceals without looking dry, is easy to apply, and the beige color is a perfect match to my skin tone. Honestly, I love the Cle’de Peau Beaute’ Concealer so much that for my next foundation, I will shop the same brand. Since I have tried my fair share of concealers over the years, I’ve listed my favorites below.

1/Benefit Boi-ing $20 2/ Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer $42 (you can also buy this in a smaller size for $28)3/ Cle’de Peau Beaute’ $70

Beauty Stuff, Makeup

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

January 27, 2014

You need to try Revlon® Just Bitten Kissable™ Balm Stain. I absolutely love this product. It is a sheer lip balm that gives off enough color without feeling goopy or sticking like lipgloss.  It’s moisturizing verses drying…. and most importantly it is affordable to try at $8.99. This is a stain that will last 3-5 hours not the whole day. I like using it as a base before I put on lipstick on so it stays on longer. When worn alone it is sheer enough not to look overly dramatic. A must try!  I ordered mine at  and they were buy one get one half-off.


pictures were taken from the blog Makeup Geek


Color Palettes

August 19, 2013

Color palettes can be so inspiring, especially when done like this. I found this image below at Color Collective.  This blog is beautiful and will easily become one of your favorites.

In all honestly, I pulled this picture out because it made me want to wear lipstick. It has been a minute since I have worn colorful lipstick and I have so many colors to chose from. I say if you feel comfortable wearing a bold lip…do it….it’s so pretty on.


My new favorite beauty product

May 8, 2012

Laura Mercier hydratint spf 15 colored lip balm is my new favorite lip balm. It gives me just enough color to look like I put effort into my makeup, all the while adding moisture to my lips. If you hate lipstick you will love this product.

Laura Mercier $20

These colors produce a subtle sheen of color, to make this a real cross between lip balm and a sheer lipstick

    I first bought the rose tint color and against my tan skin the pink was almost to light. Than I bought the plum tint color and pair it with a nude lipliner for a more lipstick-y feel. If these lip balms weren’t $20 bucks a pop I would likely buy more colors. I have tried other tinted chap sticks and this product by far is my favorite.

Makeup Art Board

September 26, 2011

Man you have to love Facebook. I came across this cool makeup style board concept and love it from a post. It’s a great way to keep your make up clean, and visible so you will want to put it on.

    To create this super-cool storage system, go to your local hardware store and find a metal sheet. Then, to spruce it up, simply paint it in a layer of light blue paint (or any color of your choosing) and find an ornate gold frame or a frame of your choosing.

    To make the products stick, attach a tiny magnet to the back of each using hot glue. Hang your board anywhere.

    This was from Liz Marie’s Blog . I think Liz Marie Makeup board is genius!


Transforming Plain Janes across the Land

January 19, 2011

That’s a quote from James Gager, senior vice president and creative director of MAC Worldwide. Mac is going to launch a Wonder Woman’s line.

Pop culture has been part of MAC’s DNA since it was created back in 1984.

jumbo lip glasses $19.50

So basically MAC is hoping every women wants to be Wonder Woman (which clearly I wouldn’t mind). “Wonder Woman uses the power of makeup to eliminate dullness and make women beautiful -James Gager”

not sure about the blue nail polish, but I am all about the red

In stores mid-Febuary 2011


Blinc Mascara

December 19, 2010

If there were one thing I couldn’t live without, it would be today’s prize. Blinc Kiss me Mascara has been my go –to mascara for over three years and is the only mascara that touch my eyelashes (except when wearing fake eyelashes). It is the original tube-technology mascara and was invented to form tiny water-resistant “tubes” around your lashes for maximum amplification and hold, rather than painting them like conventional mascaras.

Blinc Mascara $24.00

Basically the tubes bind to your lashes and cannot run, smudge, clump, or flake, even if you cry or rub your eyes!!! And they mean it, seriously neither water nor pressure alone will remove Kiss Me Mascara, you can rub your eyes all day long. I used to have raccoon eyes all the time, so not cute, and would also hate to use eye makeup remover, but Blinc mascara has changed that all together.

Want be using a flake, clump and run free life too, comment on this post. Winner announced Dec 24th.***Congrats to our lucky winner Molly***


Win Julie Hewett Noir Lipstick

November 29, 2010

Nothing says classic beauty, or siren, like a red lip. Red lipstick is an essential in my personal makeup bag, and I believe every women and I mean every woman, can wear red, she just has to find the right shade. The key to wearing a red lip is 1.) keep other makeup minimal and 2.) Confidence.
Julie Hewett’s Noir Lipstick collection is by far the ultimate collection of various reds and has a shade for everyone.

/ $22.50

Katie Holmes


Chloe Sevigny



Megan Fox


Jessica Alba

Drew Barrymore

If you refuse to wear red, this the best reason to enter. Try it for free. Which shade are feel in? Comment why !!!! Good Luck Winner Announced Dec 6th, 2010 ***Contest Closed*** Our Lovely winner is Audrey A. ***


Body Glow

June 18, 2010

One of my favorite products to help glam up my outfit in the summer is body oil that is combined with gold shimmer. Not over bearing shimmer, but just enough to have someone doing a double take at my gam’s. My product of choice is Body Glow by Nars.

Nars $59.00 (4.0 fl oz)

Not only does this product smell wonderful, the bottle will last you a very long time. Here are some other options I found.

Tarte $34 (1.8oz)

M.A.C $22.00 (1.7 oz)