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Decorate Your Denim

July 25, 2016

This is one trend that I am seeing in almost every store I go into in one form or another.  Patch’s, enamel pin’s, stickers… it’s all about decorating your denim! Brands are decorating everything from denim to tennis shoes. But you can also buy a pack of pins from Forever21 for less than $7. Below you can see the brands that are already doing it and where to buy.

Decorate Your Denim

This season’s new way of livening of denim is so fun to me. What I love most about this trend is the price point. Buying a couple of patches and/or pins to revamp your denim pieces with your personal touch. In full discloser my daughter spends hours on instagram and finds the coolest pins. The cutest pins come from Little Arrow Shop.

styling-brooklyn My daughter is obsessed!



January 30, 2016

Sneakerheads, sneaker addicts, sneaker. Who knew sneakers could be a good investment. Josh Luber creator of Campless has me stunned. Need you to watch the Ted Talk below to fully understand how easily Josh has broken this down.

So what exactly is a sneakerhead? By formal definition a sneakerhead is a person who collects, trades, or admires sneakers as a hobby. Along with being able to distinguish between real and fake replica sneakers.

The first example that comes to mind of a sneakerhead is the character Turtle of the HBO show Entourage. Last year in 2015 a sneaker convention: Sneaker Con was created where sneaker heads could buy and sell the most sought after footwear on the market. I love that this subculture exists and potentially profiting off there collectors item. What I have learned in my years of fashion is a wearable item is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. I guess we should be thanking ebay for helping create this platform.


worth following on instagram:

Robert Stewart- @glasgowrob lover of New Balance’s and owns Sneaker ER– blogger and photographer

The Shoe Surgeon is a modern day shoe god
@selmaksebbagh for a girl’s guide to sweet sneakers

Dylan Rather- his Instagram feed @dylan_ratner is filled with vintage kicks, which he also restores

@sneakerb0bGermany’s best known sneaker head

Here are some really cool sneaker stores worth checking out: SneakerSpy, Likelihood,and Extra Butter.


Fashion technology

January 23, 2016

Fashion technology is a real thing. The idea of “fashion meets function” is being catapulted into a everyday markets that all most anybody can afford. From new advances in heating a cooling fabrics, to yarn that can literally function as the screen on your smart phone, printing shirts and jackets are transcending mere cotton and blasting off into the future of technology.

Google is in the early stages of developing a fabric with “digital sensing capabilities,” a techy way of saying that the fabric will be able to interact with smartphones. Google is calling this project “Jacquard,” and so far the electric fabric has been used to make a jacket that—get this—was able to command a cell phone to make a call. Such mindboggling technology is possible because the structure of the textile is the exact same as that of a smartphones touchscreen.

While Google’s smart fabric is still in the working phase, another new fabric is actually out in stores this fall, and it’s quite cool—literally. Based in Atlanta, the groundbreaking brand Brrr! debuted a new fabric technology aimed at keeping the body a cool, refreshing temperature. Spearheaded by fashionista’s MC and Tosha, Brrr! uses a dye free, all-natural mineral compound that is “Powered by Air,” meaning that to cool down you only need to take off the garment and shake it in the air for a moment. The yarn fabric never loses its cooling ability, no matter how many washes it undergoes. Brrr! saves the day by being a cooling element among the warmer clothing elements. Even with the excitement of the launch of their new line, MC and Tosha still have their sights set on the future, with Spring 2016 bringing even more surprises such as a men’s line, underwear and bedding. The brand’s baby line, Brrr!Baby, is also set to launch this coming Spring.

The Colorado-based company Voormi has developed a material that is geared at doing the exact opposite: keeping the body warm when hitting the snowy slopes. Warm, waterproof wear isn’t a new invention, so what’s all the fuss about? Check it out: Voormi’s new material in the first waterproof, breathable fabric that is only ONE layer. Bulky ski jackets and windbreakers are old news, and the sportswear industry is very excited to welcome Voormi’s lightweight line. Voormi can only be found at a handful of shops in the states, but their online selection is plentiful.


Louis Vuitton Alphabet

December 20, 2015

This video is pretty funny. I would of loved to see this with a live model verses a digital one. Louis Vuitton alphabet goes like this…..

Pretty funny right… below are some of my favorites
D is for dirty old man
F is for full frontal and friends
G is for getting a divorce
K is for kiss and tell (the Louis Vuitton telephone is cool)
N is for never again
Q is for quality
S is for sexy & sad


designer Eddie Borgo

September 23, 2015

designer Eddie Borgo

I had the opportunity to meet and interview jewelry designer Eddie Borgo at a Neiman Marcus trunk show. Eddie’s line is in over 200 stores worldwide, and recently collaborated with Target, which you can find in stores now.

So, who is designer Eddie Borgo outside of being super cool and letting me absorb all of his time? In 2010, Borgo was awarded runner up in the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. In 2011, Borgo won the CFDA Swarovski Award for innovation in accessory design and was a recipient of the first ever CFDA/Vogue Tiffany & Co. Development Grant.
But really, this is the most important question Eddie can answer in terms of jewelry: what piece of jewelry should every woman own?
His answer:
*An heirloom piece that has been passed down by previous generations
*A piece that has been bought for them by someone special to them
*A piece that reflects their own, personal style

Things you don’t need to know about Eddie:
*He was born in Ohio
*He has no tattoos
*He talks to his mom at least once a week, but if his mom had her way they would talk every day
*He lives in Soho and is walking distance from his office

What’s the next big thing for this designer? Handbags—in 8 different styles that have a modem, vintage feel to them. The biggest challenge to designing a handbag is the weight of the bag. Wanting to keep the same asthenic of the brand, but with heavy hardware, makes it a bit of a challenge to keep the purse lightweight.

designer  Eddie Borgo crown

designer Eddie Borgo jewelry display

Shop Designer Eddie Borgo Designs

Fashion, Men

Stance Socks Are My Favorite New Thing

September 18, 2015


Stance Socks are my favorite new thing! Seriously, they have become my official “thank you” gift that I send to clients. So what’s got me all excited about Stance socks? They are a combination of two must-have qualities: function and fashion. The quality is better than any athletic sock I have tried, and the patterns are fun.

Stance Socks Are My Favorite New Thing

Stance Socks Are My Favorite socks
I found out about Stance Socks through my husband. He literally handed me over a pair and told me to buy him more. He wouldn’t stop raving about the quality and comfort of Stance Socks. So I went to get him more and there were so many pattern options (which I love). Honestly, the pattern and style options go on and on.

Stance My Favorite New Thing
I have found that the best selections of Stance Socks are available on their website, but they can be found and several major retailers aStance Socks Are My Favorite sockss well.

How I really new they were special, my niece’s sixteen year old boyfriend, will only where Stance Socks. The product is so good they have a customer base at every age! Now that’s really cool. In fact, I have been buying Stance baby socks has gifts.


Flower Lapel Pins

August 13, 2015

I was in Hugo Boss last week to get my man a new shirt and tie for a last minute meeting he had. I stumbled across flower lapel pins or also known as a flower brooch on a suit. Of course, decided he needed to have it… well until I saw how much it was. Ninety-five dollars for a flower label pin seemed pretty steep for what it was.


I have seen these pins before on stylish men that usually sell suits but never really noticed them in stores before now. A fun pocket square these days is standard but if you have even more swag, owing a couple of flower lapel pins is a must. Especially since I found lots of options via the internet for under $19.99 each.
Hook + Albert via Nordstrom Rack
Lovely Lapels via (include a pocket square and flower lapel pin)


What men wear in Las Vegas

July 27, 2015

Las Vegas is undoubtedly one of the largest tourist destinations in the country thanks to its iconic nightlife. With people travelling all over the world to explore the glittery streets of Vegas and pretty much party like a celebrity, it’s no surprise that the question of “what men wear in Las Vegas” turns up a multitude of results on Google. Bloggers have done a great job catering to the ladies who are staring without a clue into their closets while packing for their big trip—but what about the men?

The first thing to take into account, of course, is the weather. The summertime in Vegas is hot in the day and warm at night. While this is the prime opportunity for women to whip out their strapless dresses, this kind of heat can leave a dude confused about how to look nice and be comfortable at the same time. If you’re cruising around in the day, then shorts are totally acceptable when paired with a wrinkle-free shirt of your choosing.
Once the sun goes down and the eclectic Vegas night dwellers make their way out on the strip, a pressed pair of jeans or slacks is best. Keeping your denim dark-washed makes the look appear less casual. Long sleeves are essentially torture in the summertime, so a nice vest paired with a clean shirt will help you keep cool without being underdressed. Keeping your clothes clean and wrinkle-free is key!

Despite being in a desert, Vegas can get pretty chilly in the wintertime—especially at night. If your trip falls during the cold months, a nice button up and sweater will be comfortable. Layers will allow you to be warm outside while not heating up in the casinos. A nice blazer could help you kick your look up a notch, for a nice dinner or ritzier show.


fashionable flip flops

July 6, 2015

fashionable flip flops

photo taken by:Luis Anthony Chavez

I love summer! Being warm all the time is right up my alley, plus it takes half the time to get dressed. Since you wear less clothing during the summer the same goes with your feet. I have a pair of flip flops right by my door that I wear weekly if not daily. Since Old Navy flip flops are practical but not necessarily fashionable I thought it was worth shopping for. Do you already own a pair of fashionable flip flops? Sadly to admit… I don’t hence the inspiration of this blog post.

fashionable flip flops

Oh…and here is some recent work I styled with featuring flip flop inspired sandals. photographer:Matt Grossman & MUA: Jamyrlyn Mallory




Styling 4th of July

July 1, 2015


styling 4th of July editoral

styling 4th of July

July 4th Fashion at it’s finest. Well I styled the photos above so of course I think so. Styling 4th of July themed shoot was fun because I really had to hunt for clothing items that were all american looking without the flag itself.
photographed by:Mike Monaghan
styled by me:Lauren Schugar
modeled by:Megan Nakata

Styling 4th of July