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Stance Socks Are My Favorite New Thing

September 18, 2015


Stance Socks are my favorite new thing! Seriously, they have become my official “thank you” gift that I send to clients. So what’s got me all excited about Stance socks? They are a combination of two must-have qualities: function and fashion. The quality is better than any athletic sock I have tried, and the patterns are fun.

Stance Socks Are My Favorite New Thing

Stance Socks Are My Favorite socks
I found out about Stance Socks through my husband. He literally handed me over a pair and told me to buy him more. He wouldn’t stop raving about the quality and comfort of Stance Socks. So I went to get him more and there were so many pattern options (which I love). Honestly, the pattern and style options go on and on.

Stance My Favorite New Thing
I have found that the best selections of Stance Socks are available on their website, but they can be found and several major retailers aStance Socks Are My Favorite sockss well.

How I really new they were special, my niece’s sixteen year old boyfriend, will only where Stance Socks. The product is so good they have a customer base at every age! Now that’s really cool. In fact, I have been buying Stance baby socks has gifts.


Flower Lapel Pins

August 13, 2015

I was in Hugo Boss last week to get my man a new shirt and tie for a last minute meeting he had. I stumbled across flower lapel pins or also known as a flower brooch on a suit. Of course, decided he needed to have it… well until I saw how much it was. Ninety-five dollars for a flower label pin seemed pretty steep for what it was.


I have seen these pins before on stylish men that usually sell suits but never really noticed them in stores before now. A fun pocket square these days is standard but if you have even more swag, owing a couple of flower lapel pins is a must. Especially since I found lots of options via the internet for under $19.99 each.
Hook + Albert via Nordstrom Rack
Lovely Lapels via (include a pocket square and flower lapel pin)


What men wear in Las Vegas

July 27, 2015

Las Vegas is undoubtedly one of the largest tourist destinations in the country thanks to its iconic nightlife. With people travelling all over the world to explore the glittery streets of Vegas and pretty much party like a celebrity, it’s no surprise that the question of “what men wear in Las Vegas” turns up a multitude of results on Google. Bloggers have done a great job catering to the ladies who are staring without a clue into their closets while packing for their big trip—but what about the men?

The first thing to take into account, of course, is the weather. The summertime in Vegas is hot in the day and warm at night. While this is the prime opportunity for women to whip out their strapless dresses, this kind of heat can leave a dude confused about how to look nice and be comfortable at the same time. If you’re cruising around in the day, then shorts are totally acceptable when paired with a wrinkle-free shirt of your choosing.
Once the sun goes down and the eclectic Vegas night dwellers make their way out on the strip, a pressed pair of jeans or slacks is best. Keeping your denim dark-washed makes the look appear less casual. Long sleeves are essentially torture in the summertime, so a nice vest paired with a clean shirt will help you keep cool without being underdressed. Keeping your clothes clean and wrinkle-free is key!

Despite being in a desert, Vegas can get pretty chilly in the wintertime—especially at night. If your trip falls during the cold months, a nice button up and sweater will be comfortable. Layers will allow you to be warm outside while not heating up in the casinos. A nice blazer could help you kick your look up a notch, for a nice dinner or ritzier show.

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Business Card Stamp

November 14, 2012

What a savvy way to always have your business on you. Attach this business card stamp to your keys and you will always have a business card handy. I love this concept… simple, convenient, and always stylish!

Business Card Stamp

Business Card Stamp

Cranky makes this stamp and it is kind of complicated to do. But with the cost being only $26 it it’s totally worth trying to figure out. Finding business cards that are chic and cool at the same time is always a challenge. Currently I am using mini cards by


The original Original Penguin smoking Jacket

September 21, 2011

Recently the original Original Penguin smoking jacket was found on eBay after missing (AKA getting lost) for over 40 years. Apparently back in the day the smoking jacket would get loaned out to celebs. In celebration of the company finding the jacket again Original Penguin made this Girls, Girls, Girls video that was shot in Vegas that I got to assist on. The video is all about how much fun the jacket has had.

Sweet huh….. Here is how Original Penguin started.

“If a 100-year-old underwear factory in Minnesota seems an unconventional starting point for a fashion icon that has represented Americana since 1955 and is still worn all over the world today, blame Pete the Penguin. And perhaps a whiskey or two.

Abbot Pederson was an ambitious salesman who worked for the Munsingwear undergarment factory in Minneapolis. On a sales trip to NYC in 1955, finding himself with some time to kill before a flight home, he decided to wait out his time in a local bar. Stumbling out to find a taxi stand, he took a wrong turn down a Manhattan street and found himself in front of a display of stuffed penguins in a taxidermist’s window. Before he knew it, he had bought one of the penguins, named him Pete, and was soon enjoying cocktails with him on the flight back to Minneapolis.

At some point during the flight, Pederson’s enthusiasm got the better of him — and Pete the Penguin’s head was knocked off. A seductive stewardess whose attention Pederson had been enjoying throughout the flight gently helped him remove his tie, then wrapped it around the penguin’s neck. As she did so, she joked that such a lucky, dapper bird surely deserved to be immortalized — maybe even embroidered on a shirt similar to the one Pederson was wearing. Little did she know…

On his return to Minneapolis, Pederson, a keen golfer, wasted no time tallying his interests. And so the Munsingwear golf shirt was born. Even in 1955 it was ahead of its time. Casual, comfortable, equally at home on the 18th hole or the 19th hole. From the moment it hit the shelves it was a must-have, popular with suburbanites and sports legends alike. Known today as “the 55,” it represented not only a relaxed and sophisticated lifestyle but was to become the cornerstone of an entire fashion movement.

From this point on, the penguin’s flight was onward and upward. (And you thought penguins didn’t fly…) Pete’s profile became instantly synonymous with the era’s most iconic — and talked about — celebrities: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Arnold Palmer, Clint Eastwood and Richard Nixon, to name a few. Original Penguin had become a true American classic.”


perfect men’s undershirt

July 18, 2011

I have found the perfect men’s undershirt. It is stretch, super long, and fit’s close to the body. Once you pull this undershirt down, it will stay in place by hugging your lower body. It will not ride up, bunch up, or come untucked. It is beyond perfection and is a must for every man that wears an undershirt.

Tommy John is the Perfect Men’s Undershirt

perfect men's undershirt

WOWWSER…. $40.00 for a t-shirt. Yup it’s $40.00, but well worth it. It is not going to shrink, untuck, or get those nasty yellow pit stains after your first wear. Throw your hanes t-shirts away that look like this…. They come in crew neck, v-neck, tank top, and even underwear.

Head to Nordstrom’s half yearly sale before the end of July, and you will find Tommy John Wear t-shirts on sale for $25.90. Ladies if you want to be your man’s hero… surprize him with this t-shirt. It is awesome.


5 Style Mistakes that turn Women off

June 16, 2011

It is all about the man this week. This morning I was on the Dave & Mahoney Morning Show (Extreme 107.5) giving guy “style” tips. If you were listening, Thanks!!!

I also helped write an article on Want to know some style mistakes that turn women off. Read it here



So what are the 5 style mistakes that turn women off?

  • Clothing that doesn’t fit right
  • Dated shoes
  • Ugly Underwear
  • High-water Pants
  • work logo merchandise

Part of the problem is men don’t know when to throw stuff out, or understand the casual style thing.


Must Have’s for Men

January 24, 2011

I insistent that every man should have a pair of causal tennis shoes….. that’s right, I said every man. I like a man that can pull off the causal look, the right way, which means it has to be complete with the shoes. Take a look at my picks below and see which one works best for your lifestyle. Than go out and get yourself a pair of new ‘KICKS’.

adidas 'Samba' $59.95

Creative Recreation 'Cesario HI' $110

Van's 'Classic' $51.95

Onitsuka Tiger $64.95 (these come in all different colors/ & are my personal favorites)

Sperry 'Top Sider' $69.95/
If you think you can pull these off, I am all about boating shoes

FYI**** These are considered workout shoes, not causal tennis shoes**** (just wanted to show you the difference)

great for hiking ONLY

running shoes, for running only

If your man currently does not own a pair of causal tennis shoes like the ones listed, hook them up for valentine’s day.


Oats Cashmere

December 23, 2010

In last week of giveaways could not be complete without the gift of cashmere. Cashmere is the most luxurious fabric that can grace your skin and is a present that all will love. It’s ultra soft to the touch, should last you at least 3-5 years at a minimum and just makes you feel like you are wearing a cloud. One of my favorite picks is Oats cashmere. Oats serves up great quality pieces, with a urban flair, which makes for a great addition to any mans wardrobe. You can find Oats Cashmere at Last Call or Oats direct website.

Oats Cashmere

Which is why today’s gift is so amazing, it’s an unisex cashmere scarf from Oats Cashmere that is a timeless piece, which will take you from year to year. Since cashmere is a lighter weight fabric, this scarf can be worn to add warmth with a winter coat or simply as a chic accessory for crisp cooler days.

Oats’ cashmere scarf is as fashionable as it is functional, so don’t be surprised when you special someone borrows it and doesn’t give it back. ***winner is Donny***


Ace FogLess Mirror

December 15, 2010

Guys, did you know the best shave you can get happens to be in the shower? Unfortunately this hasn’t been the easiest thing to do until today. Ace’s Fogless Mirror is an innovative, hi-tech mirror that helps make shaving in the shower a precise affair.

When you shave in the shower with all that fabulous steam, your pores open so you get a much closer shave, helping also to elevating in-growns. The mirror comes with heavy-duty suction cups (that won’t fall off in a week) and a height-adjustable base to move device to the desired location. It even includes a flexible razor holder for different razor sizes. Ace Fogless mirror $20

You won’t believe the difference this will make on your shaving routine. Who ever wins this one should also check out the e-shave starter kit given out last week. Together, they make shaving for men a delight instead of a chore. To win a free Ace Fog less mirror (along with samples of e-Shave) please show this post some love and comment on it. ****Our lucky winner is Jay****