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Macaron Madness

June 11, 2015

I remember watching an episode of Gossip Girls and Blair was eating macarons. At the time I thought why haven’t I had one of those before… fast forward four years later I have kinda become a macaron snob.
These delectable small cookies should be soft and airy, and easily melt in your mouth. I have tasted a handful of hard macarons and until you have a great one you won’t understand what a art form making macarons must be. The price-point of this small cookie range from $2-$4.
poodle cookie plate
Macaron Cafe sent me a small gift box of macarons and me and my girl went to town…sampling. These yummy pockets of sugar bursted with flavor. Yes I felt a little extravagant taste tasting all these treats, but we smiled and enjoyed every bite. If you ever wanted to give a gift of luxury without a big price tag a box of macarons is it.

Shop Macaron Fashion


Scented Erasers $3.95

Lesportsac Tote Hailey Macaron Dreams $82.00

Macaron Photo Socks $8.00

Macaron Print Sweatshirt $36.33$18.33

Champagne Party t-shirt $37.00

Martha Stewart Apron $21.99

Macaron Cafe Gift Box $18.00 (ships nationwide)

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June 9, 2015

For some, finding the perfect pair of jeans is as easy as… Oh, who am I kidding? Nobody escapes the woes of jean shopping, whether it is finding the perfect wash, ideal length, exact inseam, or any of the multiple factors that go into making a pair of jeans really fit. Throw online shopping into the mix, and the entire operation feels impossible. Hence the creation of Fit Code.

I learned about FitCode through one of the founders Rian Buckley, and couldn’t get enough of the new company for which her and co-founder Bri Cooley created. As models, Rian and Bri knew how misleading product images could be, along with hearing complaints of sky-rocking returns from retailors. In hopes of closing the gap between women not being able to buy jeans on-line, Fitcode was born to guarantee that all women could find denim that not only looked good on the model, but looked great on them! I actually met Rian on set one day at work (she was our model). My job involves getting the clothes to fit a model perfectly, and jeans are no exception. As someone who has styled E-Commerce images, I can tell you there is always at least one clamp or pin used on a model’s clothing when taking a photo to guarantee the perfect fit in front of the camera.

Traditionally, women have four basic shapes: triangle, pear, apple, boyshape. Fit Code took these basic shapes to another level and created nine categories that a body shape can fit into. Visit

and get started by taking a short quiz that assesses your body’s shape and denim needs (all shapes and sizes are featured), and discover your Fitcode (mine is 500).

Once your fit code is created you will enter their online denim boutique which will only show you denim that will work and look great on your body. You can filter by brand, style, wash, fade, inseam and more to ensure that your pants not only fit your body, but fit your lifestyle and taste. Also on the site are videos for select styles featuring real women in the jeans without being pinned. It is crazy how different the jeans look in real time video verses the product shot you shop from.


And the news gets better: you aren’t limited to Fitcode’s online boutique. By downloading their plugin on Google Chrome, your Fitcode can be linked to other retail sites as well, like Nordstorm. It’s so cool—the Fitcode logo shows up on the denim styles that will work best on your body type. It looks like this when you’re on Nordstrom’s website.
Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.27.34 AM

You can also shop these brands websites:

Keep in mind when shopping that FitCode is in the beta stage, and there are just a handful of brands represented so far. I asked Rian why that was, and she reminded me that Rome wasn’t build in a day and neither is Fit Code’s denim catalog!
If you are like me and order clothing online, Fitcode will become your new denim destination. The days of buying and returning poorly fit jeans are over!

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Fast Food in Fashion

May 22, 2015

Every where I look I see fast food in fashion …. and it’s making me hungry. I found all types of fast food in fashion clothing, my favorite being: cupcakes, ice-cream, and macaroons. I might find these to be cute and amusing but will save the donut t-shirt for my daughter.

Fast Food in Fashion

French Fries & Milk Shake Underwear/ Naja $18

Burger & Fries Socks/ Asos $9

Hamburger swimsuit/Mr. Gugu & Miss Go $61

Donut Midi Ring Set/ Forever 21 $35.00

Ouch! Fast Food Plasters/ TopShop $8

Donut Backpack/ Nasty Gal ($58 by Skinnydip London)

Hot Dog Sweatshirt/ FarFetch $307.16

Ice Cream Knitted Sweater/ MissGuided $44

Pretzel Charm/ Tiffany & Co. $150

Fries Over Guys Pullover/ Forever 21 $17.90

designer Fast Food in Fashion


Styling Distressed Denim

May 12, 2015

I have come to the conclusion that everything looks better with distressed denim. Whether at work or at play styling distressed denim will make your look…. look a little undone in a good way. Below I took a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and styled them two different ways.

Shirt:Chelsea 28 $68/ Jeans:Blank NYC$98/  Purse: Tory Burch $425/ Watch:Burberry $595/ Heels: Similar Via Spiga $275 & Sam Edleman $109.95

distressed-boyfriend-jeans-causal Shirt: Ella Moss $138/Jeans:Blank NYC$98/ Hat: Nordstrom $38.00/Sunglasses: Converse $58.00/ Shoes: Similar Kork-Ease $129.95 & Charles David $170.00/

I fell in love with these Blank NYC distressed boyfriend jeans I used above…. well until I tried them. Finding jeans is never fun. If you love shopping for denim online but find yourself returning jeans check out it will forever change your denim shopping experience.

I totally understand if you are one of those people that refuse to buy denim with holes in it. Here are some decent DIY you-tube videos with step-by-step instructions on how to distress your own pair of denim at home.

How to Distress Denim (pro style)

Super Detailed Video


Windowpane Print

March 31, 2015

One up coming trend that caught my attention is the windowpane print trend. Windowpane print was all over the runways for pre-fall 2015. The jumbo squares look more modern and adapt to any silhouette. Trousers, tops, sweaters and dresses have all gotten the square treatment. Currently I have a handful of stripes, dots, and patterns in my closet. I welcome the windowpane print. The windowpane looks great when paired with color or patterns.


windowpane print




Shop Windowpane Print

celebs windowpane

Dress:Loft/Necklace & Cardigan:JCrew

I myself am excited about adding a new print trend to my wardrobe come fall. I say “come fall” because the only garment I have found in my budget is black & white. Ideally I find something with a funnier color palette.


colorful workout pants

March 11, 2015

I love how workout attire has completely changed over the last couple years. There are some many options these days for workout gear, almost every brand offers it and you can find fashionable options at every price point. From bright colored trainers, colorful workout pants, to fun patterned workout bras. The options are endless. My personal favorite when styling workout type shoots is colorful workout pants. It adds an element of fun for me.
colorful workout pants
photographer: Mark Stone mua:Jamyrlyn Mallory styling: Lauren Schugar(aka me) model: Kaitlyn Johnston

colorful workout pants

If you are anything like me, once you’re dressed for the day, you’re dressed. That’s one reason; I personally like wearing colorful pattered workout pants. I feel like they translate well after your workout. Now if only buying new gym clothes really inspired me to workout!

For workout pants my personal favorite is Zella. Zella reminds me of lululemon fit without the $100 price tag. My best friend also mentioned I needed to try fabletics (its a brand by Kate Hudson), but everything I wanted was sold out in my size. She described fabletics as a cross between Target and Lucy. Target price points with a little more fashion fare of Lucy.

Editorials, Recent Work

La Petite Magazine

March 6, 2015

I have some new work to share from a shoot I styled in La Petite Magazine issue 16!

 Little Nomad story

 Little Nomad kids fashion

 Little Nomad boho

kids boho editoral

kids boho style

 Little Nomad kids editorial story

 Little Nomad story

Let me introduce you to Sydney. This little lady was quite the professional. I was beyond impressed with her modeling skills & set etiquette. Oh and it didn’t hurt that I fell in love with her mom that day either!

For styling I went between a navajo and boho vibe to create this Little Nomad kids fashion story. I love when parents dress their kids boho style!

This story was shot in Seattle by photographer Elke Van de Velde. Originally this was going to be shot outside but since the rain would not let up, it turned into a in studio shoot instead.

The hair and makeup artist Renee’ Majour was amazing. As you can see the hair in this shoot changed a lot and with such little time Renee’ was dishing it out.

I can’t forgot Art Director Tracy Madison  for creating this beautiful spread.


Shop Mom Jeans

February 19, 2015

shop mom jeans

Shop Mom Jeans:

If you weren’t aware Mom Jeans are the new “it jean” this year. The new mom jean is combines high-waisted skinny and in some cases the boyfriend jean. The loose, straight-leg style sits at your waist, looks best in a vintage-inspired, medium-blue or light wash, and comes in varying lengths.

Trends always come back in one form or another. When shopping for mom jeans notice more often or not they are cropped or look better styled rolled at the bottom. I am the bigger fan of the ripped up knees in the mom jeans. (also note another denim trend for 2015/2016 is patchwork, patches over the knee, and knee cut outs) It makes the trend more modern for me than the medium denim blue jeans.

The mom jean trend tends to looks better on the slender figure.

Editorials, Family

kids fashion editorial

January 28, 2015

kids fashion editorialSweater/Jcrew pants/Zara Shoes/Nine West
kids fashion editorial styling brooklyn dress/JCrew collared shirt/Target
styling brooklyn kids/ tween fashion editorial coat/JCrew dress/JCrew Socks/Target Shoes/Kid Express

Here is a quick kids fashion editorial I styled recently. My 10-year-old daughter, Brooklyn, modeled for me. I am a little bias, but seriously she was so cute during the shoot. I just got these pictures back and wanted to share them quickly, so this is not the final layout or selects. Kids fashion and styling kids fashion editorials are so much fun. Kids clothing is always so cute. I have been toying with the idea of making Brooklyn a tween fashion styling blog. A blog would help with her typing and writing skills, plus help her comfort level in front of the camera.

Special Thanks to Ashli Danielle on hair and makeup and photographer Jami Davis.


Super Cool Puffer Vests

December 29, 2014

I am freezing… and it is beyond cold outside. One of my go-to-basics is to throw on a vest, hence my pull today of Super Cool puffer vests. Puffer vests give you the option of not carrying around a heavy jacket… but most importantly it provides another layer of warmth. More layers usually equal more styled in my opinion. Literally you can even throw a thin puffer vest underneath a suit jacket
puffer vest
1/J.Crew Factory $88.00 2/Micheal Kors$160.00 3/Northface$170.00 4/JCrew$89.99 5/DVF$298.00


    If Sting can work it….its totally worth trying. Who knows you might even surprise yourself.