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Brooklyn Goes Punk Rock

April 1, 2011

I don’t usually blog about my family life, but if you didn’t know I am a very proud mommy of a 6 1/2 named Brooklyn. Who is extremely girly and loves to be fashionable. Today was ‘Rock Star’ day at her school and I thought she was so cute I had to share these pictures. I let her get pink highlights in the middle of her hair, which are actually really cute and when her hair is all down you can’t really even see the pink. We watched music video’s on u-tube together for inspiration. Which is why I had to paint a lighting bolt on her face like lady gaga. I am working on getting a new camera so better pictures are coming soon.

Erica from Diva Studio did these colorful highlights

I thought I would throw this mommy-daughter picture in because this one is the best one I have of us. I love it when people say we look alike, but truth be told she as a lot of her daddy in her.


Getting Smurf’d Up

October 31, 2010

I don’t know about you but one of my favorite holidays is Halloween. I remember being a little girl and loving the holiday because I was able to put on a full face of makeup, and now I have come to love the holiday just to be creative. This year I had my mind set on being the female lead of Avatar, but I never ended up purchasing a airbrush gun, so in the sprit of being blue my new vision has become Smurfette.

*White Duck Tape/ to cover shoes (Target $3.75)

*White Men’s Linen Pants (Kolh’s Cealrance Rack $8)

*White Dress (American Appearl Outlet Clearence Rack $6)

*Blond Wig ($40)

*Yellow spray paint for the wig ($5)

*Mac Crome Cake/ blue body paint (24.00)

Me and Brainy Smurf

My bath water after getting un-smurfed

the real smurfette

Larry King Smurf

Mariah Carey