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Silja From Scratch

January 4, 2016

Meet Silja Danielsen from Silja from scratch. I worked with Silja for a couple days with Tommy Bahama.


Besides being beautiful (obviously) Silja is passionate about cooking, photography, and having a healthy life style. Case and point her blog Silja From Scratch. Which is created, written, photographed all by Silja her self. Her goal is creating wholesome recipes and clean foods without refined sugars and processed ingredients.

Silja From Scratch

I personally love the colorful photography on this blog. What I love even more is the detailed description of how to make the recipes combined with the with an easy ingredient list. A lot of time in recipes I get over whelmed with needing 15 different ingredients. Especially in creating sauces or marinades. The recipes on Silja from Scratch are easy enough for me to try, and are super tasty.

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TreeHouse Chocolate

November 18, 2015

Aaron Koch is the creator of Tree House Chocolate Co. along with being a model on my set one day. If I can recall correctly Aaron’s sister is a model and she nudged him to start getting into it for some extra money. Aaron was so funny, he would put his drinking chocolate, branded Tree house Chocolate Co. packets all over the set. Randomly they would appear in the shot. For example a cup and packets of Tree House Chocolate Co. appeared in the picture below.


this was the “after” shot and the packets were taken off set

It was so funny and memorable. His passion and excitement could only make me smile and laugh to myself. If you have ever been in business for yourself than you how important self promotion is. Early this week I smiled even bigger when I was picking out hot chocolate. I was going back and forth on what to buy. I had a box Swiss Miss with 8 individual packets, ya know with the marshmallows inside it because it was on sale. Than I picked up two packets of Treehouse Chocolate and thought why don’t I buy the better quality product. Then it dawned on me that it just might be Aaron’s drinking chocolate. Sure enough it was. If you have a hot chocolate lover in the family they need to try Tree House Chocolate Co. ASAP! Besides loving to support small business’s in the case the product was better for my body.




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potato chips you need to try

August 3, 2015

I have fallin in love with Quest Protein Chips aka.. potato chips you need to try. I was starving on set one day and someone asked if I wanted a bag of chips. Of course, trying to be good I said no thank you. Than they said, “just try them there baked chips”. I did and than I took a picture with my iphone afterwards because I had to buy them again.

Potato Chips you need to try

So here’s the deal the 120-calorie bags of salty chips are sold individually or can be purchased in bulk. They are pricey $2.40 a bag or $18-20 for a box of 8. The flavors offered are barbeque, sea slat, cheddar and sour cream, salt and vinegar, and sour cream and onion. Ingredients for the guilt free chips include: protein blend (milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate), dried potatoes, corn starch and high oleic sunflower oil.

So they are baked protein chips, that have the crunch and texture of a regular potato chip. My husband thinks the BBQ favor tastes like paper, but I feel like most baked chips taste that way. My flavors of choice are Sour & Onion and Cheddar & Sour Cream. I like the idea of giving my daughter potato chips in her lunch with out feeling guilty about it. You can find these protein chips at body builder/ nutrition type stores, and of course on Amazon.

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Macaron Madness

June 11, 2015

I remember watching an episode of Gossip Girls and Blair was eating macarons. At the time I thought why haven’t I had one of those before… fast forward four years later I have kinda become a macaron snob.
These delectable small cookies should be soft and airy, and easily melt in your mouth. I have tasted a handful of hard macarons and until you have a great one you won’t understand what a art form making macarons must be. The price-point of this small cookie range from $2-$4.
poodle cookie plate
Macaron Cafe sent me a small gift box of macarons and me and my girl went to town…sampling. These yummy pockets of sugar bursted with flavor. Yes I felt a little extravagant taste tasting all these treats, but we smiled and enjoyed every bite. If you ever wanted to give a gift of luxury without a big price tag a box of macarons is it.

Shop Macaron Fashion


Scented Erasers $3.95

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Macaron Photo Socks $8.00

Macaron Print Sweatshirt $36.33$18.33

Champagne Party t-shirt $37.00

Martha Stewart Apron $21.99

Macaron Cafe Gift Box $18.00 (ships nationwide)

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April 2, 2015

Ever heard of ClassPass? How about Fit Mod? If you love treating yourself to hot yoga, barre, spin, boxing, pilates class etc etc, but you don’t want to spend the drop rate of $20 a class then continue reading…..

So here’s the deal on ClassPass. You pay a monthly membership fee ($79-$99 depending on the city) and Class Pass has a network of boutique fitness studios you can visit up to 3 times a month in one billing cycle. You can take a unlimited amount of classes each month…. but only 3 a month from one individual studio. Below is the interface to look up classes. Either by activity, location, time slot, or studio.

classpass  classes


As a freelance fashion stylist my job includes travel, ClassPass gives me the flexibility of working out in other cities it’s in (Especially since I work as a local in both Las Vegas & Seattle.)

ClassPass Pro’s

*It offers classes I love but would never spend the money on individually.
*Makes me commit to taking classes, cause the $20 no-show fee costs to much money to be lazy for.
*By booking classes in advance, I’m able to plan time for my workouts.

classpass schedule

This is what I my workout looks like this week

*There’s no contact to sign, if you want to take the month off you can put your ClassPass on hold for $20 (Which lets me take 1 class that month) a month.
*ClassPass has a mobile app for the iPhone (Which makes booking classes super easy for me.)
*I have been able to try a bunch of different studios, and really mixed up my workouts.

You are able to change cities and browse different neighborhoods with each city. Makes finding studios super easy

You are able to change cities and browse different neighborhoods with each city. Makes finding studios super easy

ClassPass Cons

*If you register for a class and don’t show up, you will be charged a $20 no-show fee.
*Classes get booked fast, so planning your workouts is key.

I found out about ClassPass through a rep that wanted to collaborate on the launch of classpass Las Vegas. The collaboration included me trying out ClassPass for a month (AKA gifting me a months pass). In that month I took 8 classes. Working out is not that fun, but trying Class Pass was. I found an amazing pilates class that charged $35 for a drop in rate and took a spin classes at Flywheel which runs $25 drop in rate. After my free month was over I decided to stick with Class Pass, it works with my lifestyle and my budget. The cost of my class pass in Seattle/ and or Las Vegas is $79.

Interested in trying Class Pass: 1-week trials of Class Pass are available on a limited basis for new Class Pass customers in certain markets only. Contact here to find out whether 1-week trials are currently available in your market.

Sound like your kind of gym membership? sign up here 

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Taste Test

February 27, 2013

I have seen pictures of these flavors of potato chips on instagram, but lucky enough for me someone had brought them into the studio and I got to sample all three! Lays Chicken & Waffles really tasted like chicken & waffles.


Have you tired any of these? Have a favorite?

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Say Goodbye to Fish Oil Pills

August 15, 2012

If you have visited your local health food store in the last six months there was most likely a display for chia seeds. In fact, my husband bought them and they have been sitting in my cabinet for about two and a half months. Untill I saw multiple people eating/ drinking them on set. It’s all about the Chia seeds replacing your fish oil pill. Chia seeds is another great way to get your Omega 3 in ….. naturally.

If you’ve never seen or tried them before, chia are small round seeds—ivory to charcoal colored—that dissolve a bit and form a gel when mixed with liquid. Which is how I use them. I put some in my water bottle and add a favoring of some sort to it.

I have seen drinks above at my local health food store, but have never tried them since I make my own (Plus they are pricey… costing around $4). It is worth trying, and for me I no longer bother with a nasty tasting fish oil oil.

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Wrap it Up

April 5, 2011

I don’t know about you, but I have 5 pounds to lose before I show up at the pool in my bikini. There is nothing worse than feeling self-conscious when you’re half naked. Part of my weight gain is due to eating out all of the time – the other part is I haven’t been to the gym in 6 months. I can’t tell you how many nights we eat dinner out. This happens because I am to tired to cook dinner or the healthy stuff inside the house doesn’t sound good. As a result, at the end of the week I am throwing out spoiled produce and stuffing my face with multiple bowls of cereal. I love salads, but lately I love eating salads out, less work for me and lots of delicious dressings. So making wraps for myself and the family is my new way to integrate eating at home and eating some form of a salad.


Too lazy to make yourself one of these everyday? Make a couple at a time, wrap them individually, than place each wrap in a ziplock bag and eat them up to three days later.

The only thing about wraps that you need to watch out for is the wrap itself. I bought the Mission Sandwich wrap, and the wrap alone was 200 calories..Yikes

    Look for these brands next time you are grocery shopping.

    Any other secrets, or tips for making my muffin top go away? Comments and suggestions are welcomed. Las Vegas Pool season is here and I would like to be part of it.

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February 1, 2011

Matcha has become my new favorite ingredients in my morning protein shake. Why might you ask? Because it is better than coffee – it gives you a caffeine boost with out giving you the caffeine “shakes”. I mean seriously, I know red-bull gives you wings, but matcha green tea makes your flight smoother and longer sailing without all the chemical side effects.
Matcha also:
*improves mental alertness
*increases calmness and reduces stress
*lowers blood pressure
*is a powerful ‘anti-aging’ activity due to super-charged antioxidants
*minimizes symptoms of PMS
*acts as a strong blood cleanser/detoxifier and alkalyzer due to high chlorophyll content
*stabilizes blood sugar levels

Matcha powered green tea not only has these powerful therapeutic effects on the body, but it is approximately 10X stronger than regular brewed green tea. I discovered this stuff when I was on my Teavana kick. ( if you are a tea lover check out

$19.95 Matcha Green Tea Powder

A little Matcha goes a very long way. I use about 1/10 of a teaspoon in my morning shakes. (oh yeah, if I am not working out I will add Matcha to a fruit shake if I am going to need a energy boost for that day). Because you only need to use such a small amount of Matcha green tea, the shakes I make don’t ever have a green tea taste to them. I recommend you only drink Matcha in the morning.

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Boe Boxing Presents Abs: How to Video

July 29, 2010

There is nothing worse than exercising and doing it the wrong way. Knowing the proper technique produces the desired results and prevents injury. With the help of my personal trainer, Steve Boe, we produced a few short training videos to properly demonstrate some of the more sought after exercises. This video focuses on three abdominal exercises: basic crunches, flutter kicks, and side plank.

I personally hate exercising my abs and getting the most out of my workout requires focus on my part. I train with Steve and do abs for a half-hour because I don’t give it my all on my own. If you are looking for motivation, or need a change of pace, try out “Boe Boxing” in Las Vegas. I love the boxing classes, and with a drop in fee of $10, I can pop in whenever I want. “Boe’s Boxing” also offers a pack of 10 classes for $60. If you want to try it out, the 1st visit is free with a local ID. Special thanks to our model, Angenee Persaud, and Steve Boe for their time and effort in supporting Modern Image/ If you are loving the video, (which I hope you are) there are more to come.