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Want to know the difference between UVA & UVB rays?

June 28, 2010

I hate to be a drag, but we all know too much sun can cause wrinkles and potential damage to our skin. If you’ve shopped around for protection against the sun, you know the choices can be overwhelming. There is sunscreen, sunblock, tanning oil, SPF 15 to 50 and beyond. So to help you out, here are the basics that you need to know….

* UVA rays break down collagen and elastin fibers supporting skin; these rays cause long-term skin damage (a.k.a. wrinkles).

* UVB rays causes your skin to burn or tan.

* SPF (sun protection factor) protects from UVB’s rays, which really translates to how long a person can stay in the sun with out burning. An SPF of 15 means you can stay outside fifth teen times longer that if you went out with nothing on without causing sun damage to your skin.

* Sunblocks are physical barriers, like a hat or a visor.

* Sunscreens are chemical UVA shields that can be applied to your skin.

* Even if you put on tons of sunscreen on, you can still get color.

* Whatever sunscreen/sunblock you chose to purchase make sure it protects against UVA/UVB rays.

Here are some products I am a fan of : Ultimate Sun Protection Cream for Face SPF 55

1.2oz $19.50

Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+

1.7 fl Oz $32.00

I also find myself liking the spray-on sunscreens; they are much easier for me to put on myself and my daughter; they are also easier to reapply. The only problem I have having with sunscreen is that it sticks to my nail polish. When figure that one out, I will let you know.

Food & Health

What a difference Pretty teeth can make!

April 13, 2010

I am in the business of making people look better, and I feel very fortunate to have a job that I love. Every now and than I get to go a step further, and consult on procedures to really help people go beyond just updating their wardrobe. I had a client text me one day asking, “Now that you have fixed the way I dress, can you do something about my teeth”. I was excited for my client to have made such a costly, but needed decision. People underestimate how important teeth are for your appearance and your health. Take a look at what a difference some dental work can do for your smile.



I am sure you have a horror story about a bad dentist. I know I do. Finding a good, honest, and gentle dentist is not an easy task. In the past, I have had such bad experiences with dentist’s trying to up sell dental work, do crappy work, and frighten me to not want to come back. I think you have to kiss a couple of frogs before finding a dentist that works for you. If you are looking for a new dentist, and are in the Las Vegas area, Dr. Steve A. Avena, DSS. ( is my vote. He has become my personal dentist and is responsible for the work seen in the pictures above.

Food & Health

Crazy for Coconut Milk

March 29, 2010

I have been trying to cut down on my sugar intake, and man is it hard to do. One tactic I have been using is coconut milk. Not only is it sweet, it’s one way to add natural sweetener to my currently corn syrup free no sugar added diet. A dish I have been loving lately is coconut rice. Here is how I make it. For every cup of rice, I use a can of “lite” coconut milk. After the rice has cooked, I add coconut flakes for that extra sweet touch. Not only is my family a fan of this healthy and sweet side dish, it is always a hit at my dinner parties.

Food & Health

No Sugar Added

March 15, 2010

I went to dinner with my girlfriends last weekend and after our meal it was dessert time. My best friend stated that she had excluded all sugar from her diet. I thought for a moment, and said, “there is no way you gave up sugar”, than she said, “everything sweet except fruit”. Can you image if you took sugar out of your daily diet how much your body would love you? Personally, I use natural sugar like agave nectar, honey, and raw sugar when I need to add sweetener. My true weakness is a bit more processed – I cannot turn down basically any type of candy, or turn a cheek to a cupcake. Being an Image Coach, I feel I need to practice what I preach and take better care of myself. I am inspired by my BF and believe she is on to something good. Even with a last name like Schugar, I am not above the long term effects of consuming too much sugar. I help clients of all ages and sizes and see up front and almost naked long term effects of what not taking care of your self looks like. In the event to get ready for bathing suit season have given up candy, pastry’s, cupcakes, and basically processed sugar. I am going to try and cut the candy and sugary treats out of my diet. I’m going to start with small goals and build on them as I progress (another tip for achieving success). For the next 21 days I will not consume processed sugars (like those contained in candy, cupcakes, soda pop, and most deserts).
My plan of attack is this:
* I will clean out all the candy and soda out of my house

* I will stop asking my daughter to share her desert with me

* I will start packing snacks for myself. So, for example, when I am at Starbucks I won’t order a lemon loaf bread with my Refresh Tea Latte (If you haven’t tried this drink it is my ultimate favorite)

* Replace desert with a piece a fruit

If you have any suggestions, leave a comment below. Cutting sweets out of my diet, is going to be a hard one.

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Steel Cut Oatmeal

January 17, 2010

If you are really into working out, your trainer already has you eating a good breakfast. If you do not take the time to make breakfast for yourself, you should start. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It kick starts your metabolism, and increases your energy and stamina. Eating something in the morning is essential to a healthy diet, so don’t pass up the chance to be good to yourself. One of my breakfast favorites is steel cut oats, with agave nectar. Steel Cut Oats have a more grainer texture than any other type of oatmeal, and it works to help keep you satisfied until your next meal. Steel cut oats can be found at most natural health food stores such as Trader Joe’s, Wild Oats, Sunflower Market, and Whole Foods. I buy my steel cut oats in the bins at Whole Foods. I prepare a big batch in the morning and stick it in a tupperware, then eat from it over the next couple days. If you can not function in the morning try making it at night, then warm it in the microwave. Be good to your body, eat a healthy breakfast.


Food & Health

Holiday Eating Tips

November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years.., the Holiday season is upon us! Which means it’s time for egg nog, big family dinners, office parties, lots of desert, and fancy cocktails. This makes for gaining a couple of extra pounds a little too easy. Consider these tips for fully enjoying the Holiday season without gaining weight.

  • Don’t go to dinner hungry. When we wait to eat we tend to eat faster and a lot more. Take care of your body, eat Breakfast and Lunch so your not starving by dinner
  • Watch your portion sizes, especially with side dishes. Go for smaller portions, especially with high fat items.
  • Always use a plate while eating, even if it’s just a snack.  You will eat less!
  • Moderation is key, denying yourself food will only tempt you more. Have a slice a pie, or a cookie to keep yourself satisfied.
  • Drink water rather than cocktails, beer or wine while eating.  Water is calorie free and helps to digest your food – save the extra calories for dessert.
  • Plan on NOT dieting after New Years. Anticipation of food restriction, tends to lead to massive over indulging – again, eat in moderation.
  • Maintain Perspective. Overeating one day won’t make or break your eating plan. If you over-indulge at a holiday meal, don’t beat yourself up. Return to your usual eating plan the next day without guilt or despair.