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Thrift Shop Song

November 11, 2012

This video was shot in Seattle and is a big hit around work. Take a look at all the props and wardrobe changes….. wowzzer this was a lot of work. If you love thrifting, here is your new theme song!


Bill Cunningham New York

September 13, 2012

Watch this fashion documentary. You will smile….. I sure did

“The best fashion shows is on the street” ….Bill Cunningham


Luggage Shopping Tips

June 21, 2012

On a recent 4-day photo shoot, I some how managed to lose my garment bag carry-on suit case. Literally after the shoot was over and everything was all packed up, I asked my assistant where the piece of luggage was. We were both extremely tired and dumb founded. Come to find out that Tumi no longer makes that style of luggage any longer. Sucks…especially since I had to be reminded of how expensive luggage can actually be. My man wanted me to replace his carry on with the model below. Yikes…. $1,400 bucks for a carry-on. I need a new handbag before home-boy needs a new business trip suit-case.

Tumi, Bedford Woodsbridge Carry-on Garment Bag $1,395

The luggage store was a bit overwhelming. There were tons of ugly, heavy, over-priced pieces of luggage. Than I found this and my search was over.

Tumi, Kessler Large Duffel $395

Ok….. so my new carry-on has nothing to do with replacing the luggage I lost. It just feels good to replace my colorful Betsy Johnson carry-on with something a less loud. (Pictures later) Now for some Luggage Shopping Tips

    * Don’t go cheap when buying luggage, unless you want to replace it often. Luggage will rip and fall apart if they’re not well made. With that said TJ Max, Marshalls, and Ross usually have a decent luggage section
    * If you buy good luggage, it comes with a warranty that usually covers the repairs on broken zippers and wheels.
    * Take a spin and/or carry the luggage around the store. Make sure it is easy to lug around. I prefer luggage that is feather weight, and like to be able to pick up my own bag w/out struggling.
    * Don’t be afraid to go for a colored suitcase, they are easier to spot coming out of the baggage carousel (they are usually cheaper than solid black)
    * Have an idea of of what size luggage you want, they come in lots of shapes and sizes
    * Fight the urge to buy big luggage sets. Usually the sets come with multiple small pieces and in the end you have 3 bags verses one or two.

    Off to Hawaii for 10 days, I kinda over packed for my family of 3

    Have a great weekend!


Decorating with Peeps

April 7, 2012

Peeps are one of my favorite parts about Easter. The pink and yellow ones taste the best!

center piece style

wreath peeps

Peeps as pop art

wearable peeps

As much as I love eating Peeps, they are like Krispy Kreme donuts, you can’t have just one bite.

These nutritional facts are more for me, than you. I like the idea as using them for art verses as food, because once I get ahold of Peeps, I can’t stop eating them.


The New Face of JCPenny

February 28, 2012

Yesterday, as I stepped on the treadmill The Ellen Show was on. She was promoting her new JCPenny commercials. As I watched the commercials I remembered reading how JCPenny was getting a make over. A complete makeover, a new logo, new store layout (creating a bunch of mini stores in store), new marketing, and new pricing (no more coupons ever, just lower prices up to 40% lower).


The new face of JCPenny

As I continued watching Ellen I thought about how likable Ellen is
* She is super stylish
* Has a super hot wife
* Made an amazing comeback (remember she came out of the closet, her tv sitcom bombed and to top it off got dumped by Anne Hache)



I absolutely love Ellen’s style. It is simple, classic, casual and always men’s wear inspired. Oh’ and she always rocks cool tennis shoes!

I just love a good makeover. Even if it is a good logo makeover.


2 weeks in

January 14, 2012

New Years has come and gone. What’s left??? Barely stocked shelves, finial sale items, bright spring colors, valentines day merchandise, and an extra 7 pounds on my body from last three months that won’t go away …. (my husband would say the last 5 months). Either way putting on un-wanted weight sucks, and what sucks even more is how long it takes to come off. What ever your new’s year resolution might be write it down, and put it in your bathroom mirror (so you will be forced to see it everyday). My new’s years resolution isn’t to lose my 7 pounds but to make a conscious effort of how I take care of myself. While looking up recipes on, I came across a 5 minute video clip of Alton Brodwn was summing up “his” 4 major food groups. You can’t get any more simple than this.

Group 1 – What you should eat every day
fruits, whole grains, nuts, leafy greens, carrots, green tea

I have found the fresher the vegatable the better it taste, obviously right?

Group 2- What you can/ should eat at least 3x’s a week
oily fish
sweet potatoes

Group 3- What you can eat once a week
red meat

Group 4- What you should never eat
fast food
soda (club soda does not count)
processed meals/frozen dinners
canned soup (because there is so much salt)
“diet” anything

PLUS: Eat breakfast every day, no exceptions.

Simple…right? Simple but hard I know. When I go grocery shopping I stick to the outer area of the store and stay out of the aisles. That way I have freshest ingredients in my cart. You will always look and feel more comfortable in your clothes when they actually fit you. Silly that food sometimes equals fashion. But think about, there are so many trends you can’t wear if you are not confident in how your body looks. Ugh… I know…but if you really think about it when do you feel the most sexy.

I could not resist putting this picture up, oh Adam, so so sexy (the body, not the art work)


Fashion Coloring Book

November 12, 2011

My daughter was just gifted the coolest coloring book ever by Nina Chakrabarti.

This coloring book is a combination of doodling, fashion pictures to color and things to draw.

This is sold at Urban Outfitters and, and seriously is the best gift for any little (or big) fashionesta in your life.

Lifestyle, Vegas

Label my Life

November 1, 2011

Do you ever feel over-whelmed with all the stuff in your life? Kids, laundry, mail, paper-work, e-mails, work. When faced between work and life, work seems to always win. Leaving my life at home a bit of a cluttered mess (well my definition of messy). So frustrated by my piles of stuff and my daughters toys taking over every single room in the house I decided it was time to seek help…..from an organizer. My husband has this rule: always hire a professional it will save you time and money in the long run. So in my house we tend to hire a lot of professionals. After years of always trying to find a cheaper way out, I have learned he is right on this one, along with “you get what you pay for”.

So looked on the internet and found Renee Ursem from Get It Together LLC. Renee came over gave me her rates (started at $65-$75 hr) and took a look at what my issues were. Basically I had too many homes for all my work stuff (instead of just one), and I needed to help put my daughter toys away with her verses just let her throw them any where and everywhere. (I asked that she bring the label maker, yes I am one those types that wanted everything labeled). I don’t think organizing is hard (I mean, my closet is picture perfect) but would never make the time to organize anything else. My mini home based office took around 4hours to organize, and WOW what a difference. A month later it still looks, perfect. So the lesson here is, if you can’t ( or know yourself well enough to know you won’t) do it yourself find a professional that can.


Pictures from Couture for Causes in Las Vegas 2011

May 1, 2011

The Goldwater’s raised over $31,000 this year and with there charity event ‘Couture for Causes’. Special thanks to Greg Anderson Photography,

The shopping bags for clothing

The Goldwater's

Le Reve Las Vegas

Le Reve taking backyard entertainment to the next level

sushi was so good

me and my man

art for sale

the kids craft table

my princess with her face painted

Le Reve

the fab shoe tree

show times

As you can see this event was rad, and raised a lot of money for 3 square food bank. Next year don’t miss out.