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What to wear to a couples bridal shower

August 23, 2015

I had to ask myself the question: what to wear to a couples bridal shower? I have never been to a couples bridal shower before. Luckily for me when I texted the bride she responded with “dress”. When I showed up the couples bridal shower it was pretty fancy. I was one of the younger people there and half the men in the room were wearing sports coats. In general I would say it’s always better to be over dressed than in it is to be underdressed. You can always make your outfit more causal by taking off a jacket, or unbuttoning a button on your shirt. To play it safe I would say try to stay away from wearing light blue denim jeans. A light denim wash the harder it is to dress up than a pair of dark denim.

Here is what I wore to my friends Chris & Tiff’s couples bridal shower. The shower was a beautifully done at a friend of the family’s home. The house amazing with the most specular view of the city.

what to wear couples bridal shower

What to wear to a couples bridal shower


me and my man!


Meet Tiff the bride to be. The sun was crazy in our eyes

 giant paella dish

they made a giant paella dish filled seafood and chicken… yummm


This house was located in Queen Anne (Seattle)…. isn’t the view crazy!

Recent Work

Amish Inspired Fashion Editorial

August 6, 2015

I am having a #TBT moment. I was going threw old photos and discovered this Amish inspired fashion editorial I styled. This was a pretty fun day shooting, especially because the weather was nice. I tried to stay true to the amish influence of simpliness, but at the same time update the looks with modern influence.

Amish Inspired Fashion Editorial

Amish Inspired Fashion Editorial


I learned that this was going to be shot in black & white on the day of. I wish you could see the color palette of this dress. It was black and white with dull browns and greens. It fit perfectly with my Amish fashion story. I asked the photographer months, ok maybe almost 2 years later if I could have this image in color but I missed my window.

Amish Fashion Editorial

I made sure to style the models in matching shoes, and white collared shirts to really embody how the Amish dress. I was quite surprised how many stlyish white collared button up shirts I found, with different collars and feminine touches. It reminded me how classic and stylish a crisp white shirt can be. I purchased the Amish bonnets off of eBay.


The location seemed perfect for this Amish inspired fashion editorial. We were by the water, a lighthouse, water, old homes. The only big thing we were missing were a horse & carriage or maybe some farm animals. I have never been to Amish country so in all honestly I have no idea what was missing.


photographer: Josef Robert Reinke
hair/makeup artist: Jessica Later
fashion stylist: Lauren Schugar (this is a link to my portfolio)

Amish Inspired Editorial


Special thanks to my girl Terri Fender who helped me on this shoot. I would of not been able to handle all these wardrobe changes in such a little time frame without her.

Food & Health

potato chips you need to try

August 3, 2015

I have fallin in love with Quest Protein Chips aka.. potato chips you need to try. I was starving on set one day and someone asked if I wanted a bag of chips. Of course, trying to be good I said no thank you. Than they said, “just try them there baked chips”. I did and than I took a picture with my iphone afterwards because I had to buy them again.

Potato Chips you need to try

So here’s the deal the 120-calorie bags of salty chips are sold individually or can be purchased in bulk. They are pricey $2.40 a bag or $18-20 for a box of 8. The flavors offered are barbeque, sea slat, cheddar and sour cream, salt and vinegar, and sour cream and onion. Ingredients for the guilt free chips include: protein blend (milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate), dried potatoes, corn starch and high oleic sunflower oil.

So they are baked protein chips, that have the crunch and texture of a regular potato chip. My husband thinks the BBQ favor tastes like paper, but I feel like most baked chips taste that way. My flavors of choice are Sour & Onion and Cheddar & Sour Cream. I like the idea of giving my daughter potato chips in her lunch with out feeling guilty about it. You can find these protein chips at body builder/ nutrition type stores, and of course on Amazon.


Afternoon Cocktail

June 20, 2015

My Saturdays in the summer when I am in Seattle usually involve the farmers market. The farmers market is walking distance from my house and we usually eat lunch from one of the vendors. Shopping at the farmers markets is one one my family’s favorite activity it the summer. My daughter loves picking out a fresh pastry of some sort, I enjoy the fresh fruit stands and my husband likes that we get out of the house as a family with out being able to play on electronics. This particular Saturday in Seattle was hot.. extremely hot where the only thing to cool us off was an afternoon cocktail.

We landed at Lot 3 and this was the perfect destination for a afternoon cocktail. I ordered a titos vodka with blueberry + lavendar housemade shrub. What whatever that giant afternoon cocktail was it was the perfect thing for me to order. My husband on the other hand got a bloody mary and it was the most fashionable presentation of a bloody mary cocktail I had ever seen. Lot 3 calls it the Smoking Pig Bloody Mary which includes: Jalapeño-bacon infused vodka, applewood smoked bacon, house mix, smoked bacon salt. My husband called it delicious and meat in a cup.

Lot 3 smoking pig bloody mary

From what I can remember in my cocktailing days is the key to great bloody mary is fresh bloody mary mix (which includes) Worcestershire sauce. I found this bloody mary recipe on, and that heirloom tomatoes were used its got to be yummy.

heirloom bloody mary recipe

Fashion, Food & Health

Macaron Madness

June 11, 2015

I remember watching an episode of Gossip Girls and Blair was eating macarons. At the time I thought why haven’t I had one of those before… fast forward four years later I have kinda become a macaron snob.
These delectable small cookies should be soft and airy, and easily melt in your mouth. I have tasted a handful of hard macarons and until you have a great one you won’t understand what a art form making macarons must be. The price-point of this small cookie range from $2-$4.
poodle cookie plate
Macaron Cafe sent me a small gift box of macarons and me and my girl went to town…sampling. These yummy pockets of sugar bursted with flavor. Yes I felt a little extravagant taste tasting all these treats, but we smiled and enjoyed every bite. If you ever wanted to give a gift of luxury without a big price tag a box of macarons is it.

Shop Macaron Fashion


Scented Erasers $3.95

Lesportsac Tote Hailey Macaron Dreams $82.00

Macaron Photo Socks $8.00

Macaron Print Sweatshirt $36.33$18.33

Champagne Party t-shirt $37.00

Martha Stewart Apron $21.99

Macaron Cafe Gift Box $18.00 (ships nationwide)

Food & Health


April 2, 2015

Ever heard of ClassPass? How about Fit Mod? If you love treating yourself to hot yoga, barre, spin, boxing, pilates class etc etc, but you don’t want to spend the drop rate of $20 a class then continue reading…..

So here’s the deal on ClassPass. You pay a monthly membership fee ($79-$99 depending on the city) and Class Pass has a network of boutique fitness studios you can visit up to 3 times a month in one billing cycle. You can take a unlimited amount of classes each month…. but only 3 a month from one individual studio. Below is the interface to look up classes. Either by activity, location, time slot, or studio.

classpass  classes


As a freelance fashion stylist my job includes travel, ClassPass gives me the flexibility of working out in other cities it’s in (Especially since I work as a local in both Las Vegas & Seattle.)

ClassPass Pro’s

*It offers classes I love but would never spend the money on individually.
*Makes me commit to taking classes, cause the $20 no-show fee costs to much money to be lazy for.
*By booking classes in advance, I’m able to plan time for my workouts.

classpass schedule

This is what I my workout looks like this week

*There’s no contact to sign, if you want to take the month off you can put your ClassPass on hold for $20 (Which lets me take 1 class that month) a month.
*ClassPass has a mobile app for the iPhone (Which makes booking classes super easy for me.)
*I have been able to try a bunch of different studios, and really mixed up my workouts.

You are able to change cities and browse different neighborhoods with each city. Makes finding studios super easy

You are able to change cities and browse different neighborhoods with each city. Makes finding studios super easy

ClassPass Cons

*If you register for a class and don’t show up, you will be charged a $20 no-show fee.
*Classes get booked fast, so planning your workouts is key.

I found out about ClassPass through a rep that wanted to collaborate on the launch of classpass Las Vegas. The collaboration included me trying out ClassPass for a month (AKA gifting me a months pass). In that month I took 8 classes. Working out is not that fun, but trying Class Pass was. I found an amazing pilates class that charged $35 for a drop in rate and took a spin classes at Flywheel which runs $25 drop in rate. After my free month was over I decided to stick with Class Pass, it works with my lifestyle and my budget. The cost of my class pass in Seattle/ and or Las Vegas is $79.

Interested in trying Class Pass: 1-week trials of Class Pass are available on a limited basis for new Class Pass customers in certain markets only. Contact here to find out whether 1-week trials are currently available in your market.

Sound like your kind of gym membership? sign up here 

Life, Lifestyle

Be the Tortoise Not the Hare Video

March 9, 2015


Watch Be the Tortoise not the Hare Video

Motional Monday! I love “Be the Tortoise not the Hare” video. In life. At work. Maybe what you’re doing isn’t working. You know you need to accelerate. You know you need to change the game. Turn things up…So maybe what you need is a new way of thinking. Some new good advice. An inspiring motivational manifesto, a new big idea. and maybe that big idea…is a really simple one. One you taught this as a child. Be the Tortoise. Not the Hare.

I saw this at a preview in the movie theater, and thought it was worth sharing. I myself, feel like the hare. I am always running and pushing to try and make things happen. I know the slow and steady win the race but my impatience gets the best of me. Are your the tortoise or the hare?

If your inspired to read more motivational quotes check out, MA Pictures, and

Editorials, Recent Work

La Petite Magazine

March 6, 2015

I have some new work to share from a shoot I styled in La Petite Magazine issue 16!

 Little Nomad story

 Little Nomad kids fashion

 Little Nomad boho

kids boho editoral

kids boho style

 Little Nomad kids editorial story

 Little Nomad story

Let me introduce you to Sydney. This little lady was quite the professional. I was beyond impressed with her modeling skills & set etiquette. Oh and it didn’t hurt that I fell in love with her mom that day either!

For styling I went between a navajo and boho vibe to create this Little Nomad kids fashion story. I love when parents dress their kids boho style!

This story was shot in Seattle by photographer Elke Van de Velde. Originally this was going to be shot outside but since the rain would not let up, it turned into a in studio shoot instead.

The hair and makeup artist Renee’ Majour was amazing. As you can see the hair in this shoot changed a lot and with such little time Renee’ was dishing it out.

I can’t forgot Art Director Tracy Madison  for creating this beautiful spread.


Close your eyes

February 7, 2015

Sometimes you have to close your eyes, jump, and hope you land on your feet. Well when I got married 11 years ago today that’s kind of how it was.


Being happily married is the hardest job I have ever had. It takes an immense amount of work, love, time, sacrifice, and effort on both parties. Thankful, I found someone who is willing to work their ass with me. Mr. Joel Kneisley I am so proud to be your Mrs.

ohhh…. and I love that you are a cuter version of Where’s Waldo!

Editorials, Family

kids fashion editorial

January 28, 2015

kids fashion editorialSweater/Jcrew pants/Zara Shoes/Nine West
kids fashion editorial styling brooklyn dress/JCrew collared shirt/Target
styling brooklyn kids/ tween fashion editorial coat/JCrew dress/JCrew Socks/Target Shoes/Kid Express

Here is a quick kids fashion editorial I styled recently. My 10-year-old daughter, Brooklyn, modeled for me. I am a little bias, but seriously she was so cute during the shoot. I just got these pictures back and wanted to share them quickly, so this is not the final layout or selects. Kids fashion and styling kids fashion editorials are so much fun. Kids clothing is always so cute. I have been toying with the idea of making Brooklyn a tween fashion styling blog. A blog would help with her typing and writing skills, plus help her comfort level in front of the camera.

Special Thanks to Ashli Danielle on hair and makeup and photographer Jami Davis.