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Walla Walla Washington

July 7, 2014

I just spent the past weekend in Walla Walla Washington. Ever heard of Walla Walla sweet onions? Well they are truly named for where they come from. Walla Walla also hosts a ton of wineries…. Literally there are over 150 tasting rooms to choose from. The wine is well priced; overall the most expensive bottle I found sold at the wineries’ was around $45 bucks. So that’s what I spent all weekend doing… tasting wine, ordering cheese plates, buying wine and eating fabulous foods. There was the occasional beer at Red Monkey (which I really enjoyed since they had scuffle board tables). Needless to say, my body is crying for water and a workout. We must have gotten pretty lucky because most of the restaurants we ate at were delicious. If your ever in Walla Walla check out these restaurants: Bacon & Eggs, Saffron Mediterranean Kitchen (call a head of time to make a reservation), and Public House 124. So good, and nothing is crazy expensive.

On our way home we stopped at Blue Mountain Lavender Farm, where my husband saved the day by cutting and gathering Lavender for me so I didn’t have to get near the bees!




Speaking of Lavendar… I am obsessed with Molly Moon’s Honey Lavendar ice cream. Molly Moon’s is Seattle based homenade ice cream company that has stores all over the city. You can purchase Molly Moon’s ice cookbook here.


3 weeks in Miami

March 8, 2014

Three weeks in Miami is a long..long time especially since all I did is work.. work.. work. The client put us up at the Riviera South Beach , my room was spacious with a mini kitchen. Not a bad place to stay for three weeks. Besides working (which involved visiting Lincoln road 14 different times), I was able to visit the pool to get my tan on.


I just got home a couple days ago and playing catch up is not easy with a kid, a husband with a broken foot, and myself to take care of. Finding a work/life balance is not easy and is something I definitely need help with… but at the end of the day getting to be a fashion stylist working in Miami is really…really… fun!


I love Portland

July 8, 2013

I just spent most of the weekend in Portland, and I am ready to go back…. I had so much fun. I stayed at The Benson . Next time I visit Portland I am likely to stay somewhere else. The Benson was great, the room was spacious… but downtown Portland is filled with affordable boutique hotels (although not so affordable on holiday weekends). Me and my man made a quick trip for 4th of July, and basically spent 56 hours in the Pearl District. We stumbled into the Waterfront Blues Festival where we drank too much beer and found the Dave’s Killer Bread (which is based in Oregon) booth where I tasted Sin Dawg……..yummy! Daves Killer Bread is so good that every time visit to Las Vegas, I pack 3 loafs of bread in my suitcase for Mom. You can see Dave’s story here.

We ate… and ate some more… Mothers serves up a great breakfast, along with Original Dinerant. I learned the Portland is home of the food truck…. and street food is definitely my thing.



I also got to experience dinner while watching a movie at Living Room Theaters . The one thing I really wanted to do was check out the Pendleton Mill Store but when I entered the building I learned Pendleton fabric is between $40-$80 a yard and left empty handed. I was able to pop into a couple vintage stores and Portland serves up the cleanest, best selling resale stores I have ever been in…. but didn’t buy anything. In fact, the only clothing purchase I did make was for my daughter. Portland is a great shopping spot for the indie girl who wants something different.


Miami Mishaps

March 23, 2013


My Miami trip was a work trip not a personal trip, and I literally worked 12-14 hours a day. I must of been high on sunshine, because everything that could of went wrong… did. Our hotel was walking distance from a night club and the thumping music usually died down around 4am. There was no hot water, and I have decided taking luke warm showers suck. It was spring break, and the Ultra Music festival, which made traffic a b!tch for returns. Our flight was delayed and we almost missed our connecting flight home. Literally every restaurant f’up someone’s order. The silver lining….my tan, Emilie Maslow, and the Chicken & Waffles at Yard Birds on 16th & Lenox!


Packing for Miami

March 15, 2013



I am going to Miami for work this week…. 8 full days.(Seattle to Miami takes a whole day just to get there) I am so excited for some sunshine. This trip is going to be all work and no play… but if I come home a shade darker it will make me a happy girl. Here is a round up of what I packed, and will not be repeating any outfits.

*3 tank tops, 3 wife-beaters (Hanes are my favorite)
*3 long-sleeve tops, 3 short-sleeve t-shirts
*denim shirt, striped tee
*2 dresses
*hooded sweatshirt, denim jacket, striped cropped sweatshirt
*grey, black,& purple jeans, 2 pairs of denim shorts
*2 belts, scarf, beanie, socks, gym clothes
*sandals, Keds, and tennis shoes (if there was room I would of packed flip-flops)
*bathing suit, nude/black bras, PJ’s, underwear, makeup, round brush

If I was playing more than working I would of packed more for nightlife and beach wear, but that is not the case on this trip!

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Atlantic City Roundup

October 24, 2010

I have been MIA this last week doing to a photo-shoot in Atlantic City. Shopping…Shopping…flying to AC…. working…. working …. flying home….. returning clothes…. actually I still have some more returns to do. You get the picture. I am so excited to get the pictures back but in the mean time here are some quick ones I took from the trip and the beautiful models.

Lovely Ashley

Angelina is even more stunning in person, if you can even image

If you are ever in AC, riding the Jitney is a must!