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Holiday Gift ideas

December 6, 2016

Being a “stylist, personal shopper, blogger” you would think I would be all about telling you what to buy. Around the holidays it is hard not to get carried away with all the sales and cute holiday items – all of which have you going over your holiday budget. This holiday season don’t over extend yourself. The holidays should be about getting to see and spend time with your friends and family. Versus running around stressed and broke trying to ensure everyone has a gift they don’t need. Less is more. Below are my holiday gift ideas that I believe get used and enjoyed, not donated.

Kitchen Aid Artisan Mini- This model is 20% smaller and 25% lighter. Great for the city dweller. It made the list because it’s on my list! A wonderful gift for someone who likes to cook & bake in smaller batches. So many attachments, so many possibilities for future add-on gifts.

Angel Hair Necklace– Jewelry that can be worn everyday is my type of jewelry. I am a  big fan of Catbird, and own several pieces that I never take off. If you are looking for jewelry to make someone feel special – a bracelet, ring, earrings, or necklace – anything from Catbird will make your fashion forward friend smile.

YSL Volupte’ tint-in-oil -Pricey to say the least and worth every penny. This is a lip tint that both smells and feels delicious on your lips, leaving only a hint of color. I love it and can be purchased at Sephora {I like buying cosmetics at Sephora because they take returns with out hassling}

Amazon Echo– My husband is fixated with it. If your tech-ie doesn’t owe it, they want to.

Skin Care– This is something that everyone should do for themselves but most don’t. Taking care of your skin can be expensive. I have had companies send me free stuff and my skin really does show and feel the difference. My sister sell’s Rodan + Fields and I actually use it.  The gift of skincare is for the person who takes care of everybody else instead of themselves.

Polaroid + extra film– For the tween that loves snapchap. This is a Polaroid for the savvy, and its compatible with your smartphone. You can do many tricks like adding graphics to the photo.

Stendig Calendar– This giant calendar lives in my office. Makes a great white elephant gift and is so big it is impossible not to use. It is the type of gift that people will buy it for themselves year after year.

Away Travel– I am obsessed with my new carry-on! If you know someone that is particularly organized (like myself) or travels often, this luggage is going to make that person enjoy packing (because really who likes packing?). I am ga-ga over all the compartments. I have the bigger of the two carry-on options. Away travel comes in a different sizes and colors.



Kentucky Derby Style Guide

April 4, 2016

One of my tasks this week is styling a client for the Kentucky Derby.  Dressing someone for the Kentucky Derby is a first for me. After doing some research here is my Kentucky Derby Style Guide:

* When selecting your dress for the Kentucky Derby the recommended practice is to keep it simple, so it doesn’t take away from your hat. Dress isn’t a must you can also wear a skirt or pants.

*For the most part a heel or wedge is worn, but even if the Kentucky Derby website it suggests bringing a pair of backup flats

* the hat/ headpiece is the focus for Derby fashion

*The Kentucky Derby recommends a large bag (but be sure to stay within the size limit) to carry a pair of shoes, a bottle of water, your program, sunglasses, sunscreen, a poncho, and anything else you might need during the day. In that bag, pack a smaller clutch or over-the-shoulder bag for your cash, wagers, phone, and essentials that you can grab to go make a wager or snap a quick picture of the celebrities on the Red Carpet.

*Wearing a hat to the Kentucky Derby is believed to bear good luck!


*The modern Derby man possesses an unparalleled color palette. Sun-drenched, bright or pastel colors in bold stripes or busy plaids fit that bill. Although, if you want a more polished look, a classic navy or seersucker blazer is still a great option.
*Bow tie is the official style for the Kentucky Derby male
*Loafers should be own sock-less
*Top off the “Derby look” with a fedora or bowler hat. Men’s Derby hats are generally solid in color and inspired by the style from the 1920s.


Shop Kentucky Derby Style Guide


Cute SweatPants

January 16, 2016

It’s cold outside, and all I want to do is wear cute sweatpants. Sounds awful doesn’t it? Especially coming from a fashion stylist. The ice cold breeze and fall weather is getting to me and I am cold all the time. I am the type of person that would take being hot and overheated, verses have my feet feel frozen. This a realtime and wearing sweatpants out and about is my reality.
cool sweatpants


Shop Cute SweatPants

So if you are going to own sweatpants they should at least be cute sweatpants where function also meets fashion. Sweatpants are sweatpants and what you wear with your cute sweatpants is usually what makes your outfit cute. Try pairing your joggers with a denim jacket, heels, causal fun tennis shoes verses your workout tennis shoes. My weapon of choice when dressing up my sweat pants is makeup…. especially rocking a bold lip. Here are some other great place to shop for joggers H&M, Lululemon, and Target.

stylist Q&A

Test Shoots

January 10, 2016

So what is a test shoot? Why as a stylist would you do a test shoot? These are questions that I had myself when I started working and thought they were worth answering. I will always reiterate that being a fashion stylist is a lot of work. I’m saying it again, but this time about the necessity of doing a test shoot.

Essentially, a test shoot is a collaboration of several artists (hair and makeup artists, photographers, etc.) working together for the sole purpose of developing a piece for your portfolio. Which is a really lovely way of saying that you aren’t getting paid. You may, in fact, have to fork out a little bit of cash to do the shoot at all, depending on the location and your wardrobe situation. I have damaged clothing on a test shoot and have to eat the cost. Which is never fun.

Despite the fact that your not getting paid to work a full day, test shoots are a really great way to network and build up a portfolio that reflects your own style. Since you aren’t being hired by anybody, you can take full control of the look and feel of the shoot. Have you had an idea floating around your brain for months? Find some like minded artists to work with and bring it to life—make your portfolio represent YOU.

Test shoots are also a good way to work out any kinks you might have in your technique. Anyone that has worked on a set knows the array of troubles that can arise at any given moment, and dealing with those trials is much less stressful when it’s not in front of the client. We all have our own way of doing things, and test shoots provide a space where you can learn and find the way you work best.

This test shoot wasn't my favorite. I should of mapped out how I wanted the hair & makeup to look. If I could go back I would of had the models hair messy and textured and more natural makeup. Her makeup looks beautiful but is too much for this causal beach view

This is from a test shoot that I did many many moons ago and I never used in my book. I should of mapped out how I wanted the hair & makeup to look. If I could go back I would of had the models hair messy and textured and more natural makeup. The brows are too penciled in perfect for me. Her makeup looks beautiful but is too much for this causal beach view. At the time I was focused on making sure the photographer liked the wardrobe verses the story as a hole. From this I also like testing when an art director is involved. That way I only have to focus on the wardrobe verses everything including the layout

Test shoots may feel like a lot to take on and personally I think they are. Producing has it’s challenges.. at least for me. Everyone on your team has to be on point. The model needs to know how to move, photographer needs to know how to shoot it (lighting), hair and makeup needs to be there the whole time. The wardrobe can be great but if someone on your team is lacking hopefully it won’t come through in your photo’s. The goal should be to have a beautiful picture… period. If the wardrobe looks amazing but the rest of the picture doesn’t work together don’t put it in your book. The producer, creative director, art director, who ever will be hiring will be looking at it and they will look at the total picture, not how you styled the look. So make sure you and your team are all on the same page.

I have learned a lot from testing. It can be a lot of fun to see your vision come to life. I would just make sure you have a solid team. I have had to nag a photographer before for pictures which was not fun. Have any more questions about testing? Comment or email me

Gift Guides

Gifts that come once a month

December 23, 2015

Gifts that come all year around are my types of gifts. One trend that has popped up in the last five years are month clubs. Basically creating an easy way for you to be stylish and be in the know with the connivence of not even thinking about it. How great would this be as a gift? Some clubs ding your credit card once a month, quarter, every other month, etc. Other clubs have you pay up front and send you treats throughout the year. Below are different month clubs that I found under $40 a month.

Say it with a Sock– Subscriptions start at $12.00 per month. If you purchase a six or twelve month subscription you can save even more. The packaging is beyond cute. In my experience socks are something someone can always use. Say it with a sock sent me the pair in the picture. month-clubs

Love With Food-This month club serves up boxes of 8+ new and surprise snacks each month. Prices start at $7.99 plus shipping.

Birch Box– $10 a month for women & $20 a month for men. Now I tried this subscription and in the beginning I loved it. Once a month I would have new beauty products to try. Sometimes in full sized products… a total value in my book.  Unfortuneately after 6 months, I had full size products I wouldn’t use, and I had sample product that I didn’t love enough to purchase. So I canceled my Birchbox. It seemed wasteful for my lifestyle. If their products work for you, their website makes shopping the products you like super easy.

Craft Coffee-At $25 dollars a month you can try different coffee that you might otherwise might not have access to. Just choose the grind and enjoy.

Art Snacks– For $20 a month you or your artist can get a monthly box of goodies. This seems like a box for the real deal type of artists. Boxes can contain different weighted pencils, different types of paint, markers, special pens, etc.

Bark Box– $38 dollars a month gets your pooch a monthly box of goodies. Perfect for dog lovers!

Beer Month Club– $43-$50 a month you can get twelve 12oz beers. Price reflects your preferences for US micro-brewed beer, international beer, or a combination of both.

stylist Q&A

Do fashion stylist need an education?

November 1, 2015

One of the biggest questions that anyone pursuing a career in fashion asks is there any formal training or education. Do fashion stylist need an education? The answer isn’t so clear-cut, because while no formal education is required, having a degree can set you apart from other candidates (of course).

There are several degree paths that can help to provide you with some necessary critical thinking skills for this type of job, ranging from fashion to marketing, merchandising, and maybe even a business degree. Essentially, you are running your own business and for the creative types that isn’t always the easiest thing to be great at. I myself find my retail experience extremely helpful in what I do. Which is threw my personal experience verses college education.

But learning the tricks of the trade are learned on the job not in text books or classrooms—getting hands on training through internships or entry-level positions can really boost your skill set. Getting ahead in this industry is all about making connections and building a solid portfolio that reflects your style.

The only one direct path usually every fashion stylist takes is assisting with another stylist. Besides that there really isn’t one, direct path that every fashion or wardrobe stylist follows to reach their goals. Taking some basic business, marketing, fashion design or merchandising classes is a great way to dip your feet into the industry.

I have a bachelors degree in communication. I would say my four year college degree doesn’t really help me in my styling career. But with that said having a degree means I can actually follow threw and finish something. Which hopefully means something to someone. If I could go back I would of picked up sewing. I have not got in jobs before because I can’t sew.


Transition into fall style

October 24, 2015

Well it is officially cold outside and every year I am not ready for it. Transition into fall style is sometimes a challenge when I am freezing. Simple ways of transitioning into fall usually include darkening up your color palette for your hair, nails, lipstick and clothing. Richer hues replace your summer pastels. Layering happens by taking your spring/ summer outfits and adding a jacket, sweater, heavier sock/tights, and boots. I usually bust out the crock-pot once or twice a week filled with a warm chicken dish or soup for dinner. With all that said here are some of my favorite new things I have found that are on my personal shopping list for transitioning into fall style!


Woolrich White Collection– Woolrich is making a come back with the white collection which is more contemporary and hip for the next generation of customers. Think Pendleton Portland Collection which stopped producing pieces in 2014 but…. Woolrich! Same Americana feel, around the same price point and great quality pieces that should last you years if not forever.

Heated gloves– I will be buying these this season. Being on location and freezing my ass off is the worst. Especially my hands since I have to use them to adjust clothing. My hands have been so cold that I am unable to use my fingers. Hoping these Outdoor Research Stormtracker heated gloves work as a solution. Last year I broke a couple different hand warmers packets in my pocket, which is a messy experience.

Corduroy pants– I have my eye on these 9′ high riser skinny skinny cords from Madewell. Any cord will work in my book, as long has they have some elastane/ stretch in them. They tend to be a warmer than denim.

Flannel lined jeans– I just ordered these for myself from Eddie Bauer. I really did my homework trying to find stylish flannel lined jeans and came up short. Flannel lined jeans tend to add a couple pounds to your legs due to the bulk it creates. At least that’s how I felt when I last wore them 15 years ago. Every year I wait for these to go on sale and when they do my size is never left. So hopefully these will be cute on. Also check the Ilaria Urbinati collection at Eddie Bauer. This line was created with a stylist! I love supporting others in my field. Also if you know of any other brand that sells great flannel jeans that aren’t grandma style. Please comment below.

Heat Holders– The coziest socks in sock drawer! These are very bulky, but happen to be great in some of my loose fitting boots and rain boots. If these leggings ($14.99) are anything like the socks I will be buying them for all the women in my family! I discovered Heat Holders when walking the magic convention. The sales rep gave me a pair and that is how I know about the product. Beside they can also be purchased at Kohls.


black romper black jumpsuit

September 11, 2015

Black romper black jumpsuit… call it what you what… I am all about it.
black romper black jumpsuit
romper: free peoplesandals:Steve Madden

black rompers black jumpsuits

I am the biggest fan of a good romper, or also called a jumpsuit. Having a black romper is great because it can easily be dressed up or down. My mom happened to be in town this week and we got to take pictures with Inese.
black-romper-black-jumpsuit- me, my mini Brooklyn, and my mommy

My mom is the cutest… even in her mid sixty’s she is rocking the blue streaks in left side of her hair. You can bearly see it in this picture but in person it is fairly more noticeable.

Gift Guides

Fashionable Baby Gifts Ideas

September 9, 2015

Fashionable Baby Gifts Ideas

Meet Baby Asher… which I love since I adore his mommy. There must be something in the water or maybe I am just at that age when people start having kids. I know four women right now that are pregnant. Now thats a lot of baby showers/ baby gifts I need to think about. Being a stylist I need to come up with fashionable baby gifts ideas to bring to showers. I have be showing up with honest diapers. There are pricey for what they are but helps make a naked baby seem fashionable. Most importantly diapers are functional. I can’t believe I am saying this has thougt-less as this sounds… a gift card. I remember the first month my baby was born I had a few Target and Babies’R’Us runs that were over $400 a pop. I was really thankful for all the gift cards I had saved up. It really softened the blow. I also like picking up toys, because personally I liked picking out my own baby clothes. With all that said below are some of my go to items for fashionable baby gift ideas.

Fashionable Baby Gifts Ideas

Me and my prego girlfriend Cora (picture below because she is the cutest prego ever!)We went to visit our girl Liisa, AKA Baby Asher’s Mom.

Asher’s room was so cute I thought is was worth sharing.




Denim Overall Top

August 30, 2015

I love it when my friends give me cool stuff. Case and point this vintage Guess denim overall top. My girl Lindsay has a big closet with tons of vintage jewels, and when she gave me this I had a great big smile. Being that this is a crop top, I had to pair it with something high waisted.

Overall Denim Top

shirt: vintage Guess/shoes & belt: old Madewell/ jeans: Loft

Overall Top

Denim Overall Top

After searching on the internet where to buy a cropped denim overall shirt I came up short, but found Rhianna wearing one.

rhinana overall top
So If your dying to own a overall top I would suggest DIY-ing it. If you have a old pair of overalls that are a little too tight on you, these would be perfect to cut up. It needs to fit the top of you pretty tight. As you can see in the picture below, your skin is pretty exposed. So I put on a lace bra underneath it. (which I bought here)