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Holiday Gift ideas

December 6, 2016

Being a “stylist, personal shopper, blogger” you would think I would be all about telling you what to buy. Around the holidays it is hard not to get carried away with all the sales and cute holiday items – all of which have you going over your holiday budget. This holiday season don’t over extend yourself. The holidays should be about getting to see and spend time with your friends and family. Versus running around stressed and broke trying to ensure everyone has a gift they don’t need. Less is more. Below are my holiday gift ideas that I believe get used and enjoyed, not donated.

Kitchen Aid Artisan Mini- This model is 20% smaller and 25% lighter. Great for the city dweller. It made the list because it’s on my list! A wonderful gift for someone who likes to cook & bake in smaller batches. So many attachments, so many possibilities for future add-on gifts.

Angel Hair Necklace– Jewelry that can be worn everyday is my type of jewelry. I am a  big fan of Catbird, and own several pieces that I never take off. If you are looking for jewelry to make someone feel special – a bracelet, ring, earrings, or necklace – anything from Catbird will make your fashion forward friend smile.

YSL Volupte’ tint-in-oil -Pricey to say the least and worth every penny. This is a lip tint that both smells and feels delicious on your lips, leaving only a hint of color. I love it and can be purchased at Sephora {I like buying cosmetics at Sephora because they take returns with out hassling}

Amazon Echo– My husband is fixated with it. If your tech-ie doesn’t owe it, they want to.

Skin Care– This is something that everyone should do for themselves but most don’t. Taking care of your skin can be expensive. I have had companies send me free stuff and my skin really does show and feel the difference. My sister sell’s Rodan + Fields and I actually use it.  The gift of skincare is for the person who takes care of everybody else instead of themselves.

Polaroid + extra film– For the tween that loves snapchap. This is a Polaroid for the savvy, and its compatible with your smartphone. You can do many tricks like adding graphics to the photo.

Stendig Calendar– This giant calendar lives in my office. Makes a great white elephant gift and is so big it is impossible not to use. It is the type of gift that people will buy it for themselves year after year.

Away Travel– I am obsessed with my new carry-on! If you know someone that is particularly organized (like myself) or travels often, this luggage is going to make that person enjoy packing (because really who likes packing?). I am ga-ga over all the compartments. I have the bigger of the two carry-on options. Away travel comes in a different sizes and colors.


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Gifts that come once a month

December 23, 2015

Gifts that come all year around are my types of gifts. One trend that has popped up in the last five years are month clubs. Basically creating an easy way for you to be stylish and be in the know with the connivence of not even thinking about it. How great would this be as a gift? Some clubs ding your credit card once a month, quarter, every other month, etc. Other clubs have you pay up front and send you treats throughout the year. Below are different month clubs that I found under $40 a month.

Say it with a Sock– Subscriptions start at $12.00 per month. If you purchase a six or twelve month subscription you can save even more. The packaging is beyond cute. In my experience socks are something someone can always use. Say it with a sock sent me the pair in the picture. month-clubs

Love With Food-This month club serves up boxes of 8+ new and surprise snacks each month. Prices start at $7.99 plus shipping.

Birch Box– $10 a month for women & $20 a month for men. Now I tried this subscription and in the beginning I loved it. Once a month I would have new beauty products to try. Sometimes in full sized products… a total value in my book.  Unfortuneately after 6 months, I had full size products I wouldn’t use, and I had sample product that I didn’t love enough to purchase. So I canceled my Birchbox. It seemed wasteful for my lifestyle. If their products work for you, their website makes shopping the products you like super easy.

Craft Coffee-At $25 dollars a month you can try different coffee that you might otherwise might not have access to. Just choose the grind and enjoy.

Art Snacks– For $20 a month you or your artist can get a monthly box of goodies. This seems like a box for the real deal type of artists. Boxes can contain different weighted pencils, different types of paint, markers, special pens, etc.

Bark Box– $38 dollars a month gets your pooch a monthly box of goodies. Perfect for dog lovers!

Beer Month Club– $43-$50 a month you can get twelve 12oz beers. Price reflects your preferences for US micro-brewed beer, international beer, or a combination of both.

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Fashionable Baby Gifts Ideas

September 9, 2015

Fashionable Baby Gifts Ideas

Meet Baby Asher… which I love since I adore his mommy. There must be something in the water or maybe I am just at that age when people start having kids. I know four women right now that are pregnant. Now thats a lot of baby showers/ baby gifts I need to think about. Being a stylist I need to come up with fashionable baby gifts ideas to bring to showers. I have be showing up with honest diapers. There are pricey for what they are but helps make a naked baby seem fashionable. Most importantly diapers are functional. I can’t believe I am saying this has thougt-less as this sounds… a gift card. I remember the first month my baby was born I had a few Target and Babies’R’Us runs that were over $400 a pop. I was really thankful for all the gift cards I had saved up. It really softened the blow. I also like picking up toys, because personally I liked picking out my own baby clothes. With all that said below are some of my go to items for fashionable baby gift ideas.

Fashionable Baby Gifts Ideas

Me and my prego girlfriend Cora (picture below because she is the cutest prego ever!)We went to visit our girl Liisa, AKA Baby Asher’s Mom.

Asher’s room was so cute I thought is was worth sharing.



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Fashionable Valentines Day Gift Ideas

February 3, 2015

Fashionable Valentines Day Gift Ideas for both him and her- no matter your budget, I have pulled a wide range of ideas.

So here’s the deal with Valentines Day. If you’re in a somewhat new relationship, at minimum you need to get a card. Anything less will likely cause a rift. If you are able to go the extra mile with a gift, read on.

Girls expect to get something, matter what they say. If you fall short, her girlfriends make her feel awful about liking you so much. Lesson here is to try your best as you are getting tested! You can always play it safe by buying something at Tiffany’s, purchasing diamond earrings of some sort, or sending flowers.

Fashionable Valentines Day Gift Ideas for her

Women: Most men get excited when a woman is wearing lingerie. So lingerie makes the perfect gift for your man on Valentines Day. Just ensure that you will enjoy what you pick out. The key to wearing lingerie ladies is feeling confident in it. So as an example, if you hate your tummy buy lingerie that covers your mid-drift.

Gentleman: Women want something that will make them feel sexy, not silly. Word to the wise – never spend your money on lingerie that comes in a packaging with a picture on it! That would be a big no-no especially on Valentines Day. Think tissue paper, box and ribbon; a little extra effort goes a long way.

Fashionable Sexy Sexy Valentines Day Gift Ideas for her or him

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for him

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

May 4, 2014

Being a Mom myself, I don’t really expect anything for Mother’s day. A special thought of some sort from my little girl is all that I want. With my Mom, she is independent and buys herself whatever she wants all the time, so it’s hard to shop for her. For those who do need a little help, here are my 5 Mothers day gift ideas.


1/Fitbit: What's funny about this is that my Mom gave me her fitbit and I love it. What I love most about tracking my food/exercise/daily steps is how I can make it a game by involving my friends & family by trying to keep up with their daily progress. It has become a fun way to motivate myself to workout in the morning before going to work. This is a great gift to buy yourself as well as your Mom – you can do it together. Note that you will likely have to set this up for your Mom.

2/ Republic Of Tea: This monthly tea club might not be something she knows she wants but she will enjoy for the next 6 or 12 months. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t appreciate these teas. In addition to tasting delightful, these blends support a healthy, balanced life. Mom will discover a new tea every month from this selection of wellness teas. She will drink her tea and feel loved from this unforgettable gift!

3/ Dogeared Jewelry: You know when you hear the radio commercials around Mother’s day offering a three piece set of jewelry for less than $200. Those commercials make me cringe. The last thing I want is a generic matchy matchy jewelry set. The price of gold is crazy these days and as a result beautiful jewelry comes with a punch in the stomach price tag. This my reason for suggesting Dogeared. You can create a charm necklace and start off with a charm or two and than add too it on other holidays for around $150 and up or get her a simple pendant necklace. My personal favorite is the one pictured. I like that instead of a chain as it offers a 16′ red silk thread. If you wanted to go the jewelry route without spending “jewelry dollars” this is a very fashionable option.

4/ An experience: Your Mom always wants to hang out with you… especially if you don’t call her enough. Creating an experience is always a fun treat. Whether it is taking her to a concert, to a museum or to a play. Thinking out of the box to make her feel special is the idea. After all, isn’t that the point of Mothers day – it will be an easy win on your end.

5/ Jo Malone :There is a variety of different scents in perfume, candles, lotion, bath oil, body wash, scent diffuser, soap… basically anything fragrance related. Jo Malone scents are beautiful and the right one will leave your mom smiling every time she smells her special scent.

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Easy Holiday Gift Ideas Under $100

December 10, 2012

The Holiday Crazy is here…. and honestly… I hate it. I should rephrase… I hate that people feel they need to buy everyone a gift to show face. You know the gifts I am taking about…. slippers that don’t really keep your feet warm, polyester pajama’s that make your hair static-ie, itchy sweaters, scented lotion, etc… etc… I find myself every year donating brand new, still in the box, toys and electronics to goodwill. Here are easy gift ideas under $100 that will be loved… not re-gifted.

instead of PJ's buy this: Barefoot Dreams® 'Bamboo Chic Lite' Wrap $88 (

So my sister, husband, and brother-in-law all got Ugg slippers from me this year. They will last years and I have not found anything warmer. $100

A ornament or in this case a wreath. Sending a fresh wreath is something that stays outside and can be enjoyed by everyone that enters the house. An beautiful ornament comes at many different price-point and will be enjoyed year after year

good costume jewelry, JCrew is always my favorite in this department along with Kate Spade. These earring are JCrew $78.00

Anything a Fair Isle print.... including socks, shoes, hats, pants.....and non-itchy sweaters

Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender $29.99 @ Amazon. This makes life so much easier when making soups and smoothies, w/ out the messy clean-up of the actual blender. This is a great gift for the person that has everything in the kitchen

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Valentines Gift Idea’s for Him

January 27, 2010

In my experience men are easily pleased, and are very simple creatures. Men believe in this hallmark holiday, because if they didn’t, you will be disappointed. This not worth the grief. So with that, said give him a special treat with these out of the box gift idea’s for valentines 2010.

*Buy him something super sexy for yourself- that you will actually wear and feel sexy in. Just the fact that you will be dressing up for him will be a treat

* If he is into music purchase SADE’s new album “Soldiers of Love” released February 9th 2010

* Shaving products- this item will always be on my gift list. I have never met a man who didn’t enjoy using them. Give your man a silvertip shaving brush with matching razor and stand. If he has never used shaving products get him a starter kit for $40, if he likes it you have future gifts ideas for him!

*The Apple iPad- for $499 you can get a touchscreen computer. As my husband would say it is the “Next Generation” of consumer electronics. When the iPad released January 27th I received over ten e-mails about this product. Take it from me ladies he wants this new toy.

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Valentines Gifts for Her

January 27, 2010

Valentines Gifts for Her
Women eat this holiday up, and if you are in a new relationship, the pressure is on. Women are always comparing stories and bragging if they have something to brag about. If you put some time and energy into this day you won’t regret it. Depending on your budget, here are great valentine gift ideas for that special someone.
* A Card- something so simple, can make such a big difference.

*Make Dinner Plans / either at “your” favorite spot, or a restaurant she has always wanted to go to. If you don’t want to leave the house try hiring a private chef for homemade special dinner. In Las Vegas I refer Chef Pete Ghinoe 702.885.7897

* If she is into music purchase SADE’s new album “Soldiers of Love” released February 9th 2010

* Something Sweet- Not all women like chocolates, but everyone has their favorite something sweet, or salty. You can make your special someone feel really special by taking a second to remember the little things that they like. If you lady is always nagging about her weight get her something that smells sweet like Philosophy Bath & Shower Gels. These delicious smelling 3-in-1 shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath come in lots of different scents

* Jewelry- Every girl likes some type of jewelry. Make her day with a special piece you know she would like. This piece does not have to come from a jewelry store it can come from her favorite clothing store instead. Diamond studs are lovely I have to admit , but if your budget doesn’t meet that $10,000 dollar price tag and getting fake diamonds is not an option, you can still get her a pair of fun earrings that you know she might like.yhst-30921770275825_2088_1091533yhst-30921770275825_2089_465545yhst-30921770275825_2089_2603544

* Sexy Shoes- Sounds odd right? If your girl loves shoes, which most do, buy her a sexy pair and tell her to wear them to bed. She will be so happy you bought her shoes, and than you will be happy to only she her in them. This doesn’t just work with any type of high heels you need to buy something she wouldn’t normally buy for herself like…..think designer brands
NMX0A9N_mtChristian Louboutin (every girl wants to wear red soles)

* Something Sexy- If you think she will wear it for you, buy it and have it gift wrapped. Set your lady up for success. If you know she is the conservative type buy her something modest, if she is the wild type head straight for the adult store

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Gift Ideas for 2009

December 7, 2009

I am getting a bunch of questions on what to buy for the holidays. So the first thing I suggest is to make a list of who you need to get gifts for, than put a dollar amount next to the name. Here are some out of the box ideas for this gift giving season:

* a subscription to a magazine: There are so magazines out there and people love them
* a book they would enjoy: this gift is great for all age groups on your list
* an experience: buy concert tickets (for example), even if it’s in March 2010, giving an experience counts as a gift
* stuff for the kitchen is a great for foodie, a person who likes to cook, and for the practical. Every has to eat, and cooking utensils end up
getting used unlike the scarf and glove set.
* Her: jewelry, cosmetics (especially fragrance), clothing, something that she won’t buy her self
* Him: electronics, clothes you want to see him in, shaving products (shaving oil), sexy stuff for you to wear for him, the ‘perfect pushup’
* Kids: games, books, art projects. Anything that you could help them with or be involved with is great.
* Service Providers: are people who serve you like the postman, garbage man, hair stylist, manicurist, etc. In all honestly, what would be the
most appreciated is cash. I have heard countless confessions from service providers getting baked goods or candy and throwing them away.

Below are some of the gifts I want this season, and gifts I will be giving. Happy Shopping
monthly_Fruit_club Fruit
erez-1erez Cashmere Anything (examples are from J Crew)
blackdiamondwhiterds_36504_large Black Diamond Earrings from