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Cute SweatPants

January 16, 2016

It’s cold outside, and all I want to do is wear cute sweatpants. Sounds awful doesn’t it? Especially coming from a fashion stylist. The ice cold breeze and fall weather is getting to me and I am cold all the time. I am the type of person that would take being hot and overheated, verses have my feet feel frozen. This a realtime and wearing sweatpants out and about is my reality.
cool sweatpants


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So if you are going to own sweatpants they should at least be cute sweatpants where function also meets fashion. Sweatpants are sweatpants and what you wear with your cute sweatpants is usually what makes your outfit cute. Try pairing your joggers with a denim jacket, heels, causal fun tennis shoes verses your workout tennis shoes. My weapon of choice when dressing up my sweat pants is makeup…. especially rocking a bold lip. Here are some other great place to shop for joggers H&M, Lululemon, and Target.


black romper black jumpsuit

September 11, 2015

Black romper black jumpsuit… call it what you what… I am all about it.
black romper black jumpsuit
romper: free peoplesandals:Steve Madden

black rompers black jumpsuits

I am the biggest fan of a good romper, or also called a jumpsuit. Having a black romper is great because it can easily be dressed up or down. My mom happened to be in town this week and we got to take pictures with Inese.
black-romper-black-jumpsuit- me, my mini Brooklyn, and my mommy

My mom is the cutest… even in her mid sixty’s she is rocking the blue streaks in left side of her hair. You can bearly see it in this picture but in person it is fairly more noticeable.


Denim Overall Top

August 30, 2015

I love it when my friends give me cool stuff. Case and point this vintage Guess denim overall top. My girl Lindsay has a big closet with tons of vintage jewels, and when she gave me this I had a great big smile. Being that this is a crop top, I had to pair it with something high waisted.

Overall Denim Top

shirt: vintage Guess/shoes & belt: old Madewell/ jeans: Loft

Overall Top

Denim Overall Top

After searching on the internet where to buy a cropped denim overall shirt I came up short, but found Rhianna wearing one.

rhinana overall top
So If your dying to own a overall top I would suggest DIY-ing it. If you have a old pair of overalls that are a little too tight on you, these would be perfect to cut up. It needs to fit the top of you pretty tight. As you can see in the picture below, your skin is pretty exposed. So I put on a lace bra underneath it. (which I bought here)



Finding a good fitting sundress

July 28, 2015

Finding a good fitting sundress is no easy feat. The better the fit of the dress the more you will wear it. The Halogen dress I am wearing is pretty old, the pattern & cut seems very 60’s house wife to me. Every year I try it on and it fits like a glove, and as a result it has become a classic staple I wear at least once every summer. The key to finding any dress work is the cut, and I would encourage you to have summer dress (or anything for that matter) altered to fit your body. Below are some basic sundress guide-lines to think about when shopping for your body type.
Finding a good fitting sundress

Drawstring dresses– look best when worn loose slimmer sized hips… works really great on boy shaped bodies
Strapless dresses– work best on small busts
Wrap Dress– works wonders on a curvy body (mostly because they are belted & pulled in all the right places, and v-neck)
Tank/ T-shirt Dresses– work great on an athletic body
Slip Dress– looks great on petite body frame
Empire waist– tends to work great on a tall body frame/ for small busts
Halter dress– works well with busty ladies
Shirt dress– is always my favorite because it is timeless, and works well with most body types

So what is the true secret of finding a good fitting sundress? Finding the fit that works with your body type. It’s that simple. If you have trouble finding clothes to fit you right, you need to visit a tailor. The store… the brand…. how much it is…. doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit right.

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How To Dress Down Sequins

July 25, 2015

I am going to blame being born and raised in Las Vegas for my love of all things glitz and glamor. If it has some flash in some way, shape, or form I will likely like it. With my causal laid back style it is only natural that I dress down sequins every chance I get. Sequins is great to dress things up but it is my speciality to show you how to dress down sequins.



How To Dress Down Sequins

I like to dress down sequins with softer lighter fabrics such as distressed denim, worn in cotton, and wool. For example: I might also pair the sequin skirt I’m wearing with a white button up collared shirt, a t-shirt and denim vest, and wool cardigan in the winter. Also your shoe selection helps create a dress down sequins look. Also the best time to find sequins on sale (usually 2nd to 3rd mark down)is end of January/ February.

tank:Forever 21/shirt:Jcrew/belt:Madewell/shoes:Steve Madden

Here is a couple more examples of how I to dress down sequins on shoot I styled with photographer Paul Herandez and MUA Shannon Rasheed.





$60 bucks bought me

July 22, 2015

As a stylist, depending on what I am pulling for I usually do a lot of buying and returning. Recently on shoot someone asked how can I afford to create my kit, and own so much stuff? I admit I have a lot of clothes but my job also involves shopping a lot depending on the project. While I am shopping and returning I tend to find really great deals. While doing my returns yesterday I got suckered in buying a couple of item’s that were a great price. No one twisted my arm but I know I will wear them a lot for how much I spent on them.

$60 bucks bought me

Loft I spent $35.87 & J.Crew $19.99

Loft I spent $35.87 & J.Crew $19.99

Of course this was before taxes, if I would included texts my total was $61.22.


Loft Belted Cargo Jumpsuit: $98.00 $20.99

Loft jeans in Sand Dune $69.50$14.88

J.Crew Isla crosshatch slides $88.00$19.99

Couple of things to think about. These items were final sale. You should only buy a final sale item if you have tried the item on, and still love them. Never buy an item that is too small. It is very difficult and expense for alterations to make a garment bigger. Buying items on final sale usually means it’s been markdown 3x’s. By the time a item reached 3rd markdown it will not go any cheaper. The most important thing I can teach you is it isn’t a deal if you do never wear the item of clothing at all.


The Loft jumpsuit looked a little Safari to me, so you can see it the picture above I already cut the sleeves. Now I love the jumper for $20.99, and I likely wouldn’t of cut the sleeves if I paid full retail for it. Happy Shopping!


1981 High Rise Guess Jeans

July 8, 2015

1981 High Rise Guess Jeans are where it’s at least in my closet. There is something about the iconic Guess Brand triangle logo that makes me smile. People on set always make fun of me…. but I am telling you I just love my high rise Guess jeans. It’s the fit and fabric, plus the little girl inside me thinks the logo’s cool. Shop 1981 High Rise Guess Jeans by clicking Here.


Crop t-shirt & belt/ Madewell, jeans/ Guess, sandals/Steve Madden



I met my girlfriend Lindsay out for breakfast this morning, and we got so much of my work done in so little time. First and foremost she taught me how to use my new Wacom Tablet. It is a pen pad verses using a mouse. I have owned it for over a month and just pulled it.. and it is hard to use. But I am told it gets easier over time and once I really learn how to use it I won’t be able to live without it. Caught up on girl time and she snapped pictures.


Best Poodle Mom Ever T-Shirt

June 28, 2015

My sister-in-law is hilarious. I love her so much. When my guy and me got together my sister-in-law, Beth, was not feeling me. Fast forward 12 years later and we are besties.

      Let me tell you about Beth. Beth wears themed holiday sweaters (like snowman in the winter), makes family recipes at Thanksgiving, organizes games and events (that you hate the thought of but have so much fun playing), has an amazing craft room in her home (endless cabinets full of supplies), has every mail order gift catalog know to man, and sends personal gifts (AKA my best poodle mom ever t-shirt). The bottom line, Beth always has me smiling and laughing.


On my birthday I opened a package to find this pink Best Poodle Mom Ever t-shirt. I smiled really big because I do love my poodle. After trying it on, it did took me a minute to think about how I could make this t-shirt wearable in public. My solution? Cutting it up. So I ripped off the sleeves, the collar, and the bottom half of the t-shirt. Then I washed and dried it. Voilà, I turned my generic t-shirt into a stylish Best Poodle Mom tank top! Thanks Beth! You’re the best sister-in-law EVER.



Best poodle mom t-shirt $19.99, shoes/ Ann Taylor, jeans/ American Eagle , bracelet/ Jcrew


Polka Dot Denim Shirt

June 13, 2015

I am heading out to Las Vegas next week for work. My super cool husband took the day off so he could hang out with be before I leave for a week. We spent the morning sleeping in, having lunch out, getting coffee while enjoying the sun, haircuts (my bangs were too texturized ☹), and the nail salon! The last stop of the day was hanging out at the park for pictures. Getting family pictures was the bonus of the day. My family unit struggles with work/ life balance. Partly I am to blame, my work schedule is anything but predictable and I have a hard time saying No to work. I mean come on, who says no to money…. Ummm not me.


Polka Dot Denim Shirt & shorts

Yellow polka dot shorts: old Ann Taylor/ polka dot denim shirt: old Jcrew/ navy sweater: Loft/ sandals: Steve Madden/ Purse: old Frye
My daughter Brooklyn
Shirt:Gap/ Vest:Kolhs/ shos:Nike/jeans:Target
Shirt:Jhilburn/ boating shoes:Timberland/ jeans:AG

Here I am 3 years earlier rocking the same polka dot denim shirt in Hawaii.
Polka Dot Denim Shirt hawaii

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Sweatshirt Dress

April 18, 2015

I love anything made out of grey fleece, and this sweatshirt dress is no exception. I bought this sweatshirt dress with the intent of pairing it with my high-thigh boots. This dress isn’t the most flattering shape, but I love that it has pockets and a longer back to it. Plus with a price point of $59, I couldn’t pass up it up.


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My poodle’s name is Rex and when I am not working he is pretty much my main hang. I would never call myself a “dog person”, but I have become a “my dog person”. Poodles are the best!

dress:Galmorous/leggings:Alternative Apparel/necklace:Jcrew/socks:Target/Shoes:Vince Camuto

My step-son Jorin and his girl-friend were in town and happen to be walking by as me and Inese were taking pictures. After my quick photo opt me, Jorin and Mal(the girlfriend) headed down-town to get our shop on. If you are ever shopping for a silm cut for males, Zara should be your first stop. The european cuts are very flattering on a slim build and are usually long enough to fit the super tall slim guys.