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Jasper & Jeera Boots

April 11, 2015

Jasper & Jeera Boots

I found these Jasper & Jeera Boots online at (in 2013). After they were delivered, I wanted to learn more about the Jasper & Jeera brand and other cute boot options they might make. Unfortunately I came up short and could only find the brand at Anthropologie and eBay. It looks like the brand was trademarked by Urban Outfitters(which also owns Anthropologie)in 2007. I bet Jasper & Jeera is a house Athro brand like the Silence + Noise is to Urban Outfitters. Either way I am loving my Jasper & Jeera boots, and always have a smile when receiving compliments on them.

Jasper & Jeera Boots with outfit
Please bear with my silly-ness… getting my picture taken is rough. Big thank you to my girl Cora Brown Rock who snapped these pictures of me.
blouse: Madewell/necklace:Madewell/boots:Jasper&Jeera/Jeans:Madewell


gypsy cape

April 4, 2015

gypsy cape kimono
suede fridge boots

Gypsy cape, kimono, cocoon scarf, duster, cardigan, festival cape… whatever you want to call them I am a big fan. It is an easy layer to take on and off, and can be worn with also anything thing. A kimono/cape covers your backside in a fashionable way, allowing you to wear something else with your leggings besides a tunic. I tend to wear my gypsy cape more in the summer with my shorty shorts, but this piece gets used all year round. Gypsy capes come in such wonderful colors and patterns that easily make your outfit look styled. I picked up the one I am wearing because of the great price point. Not that a $70 cape is cheap, but I have definitely gotten my money’s worth with how much I wear it.

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gypsy cocoon scarf
hat:Gorrin Brothers/cape:Free People/tank:Alternative Apparel/jeans:Free people(similar pair here)boots:Lucky Brand/ long pendent necklace:vintage


Patterned Dress

March 29, 2015


Today was a work day, but after our shooting day wrapped I asked one of the photographers to do a little snappy snappy. I have owned this patterned dress for at least two years. Madewell always serves up great basic dresses that are on trend. A pattern dress is a wardrobe must! I rock this dress all year long, mostly in the summer with brown sandals. Usually when I wear patterns I combine with some type of solid accessories or vice/versa.

dress & boots: Madewell/ tights:Hanes/infinity scarf:/ Lipstick:Limecrime Velvetine Matte Lipstick

Photographed by: Phu Nguyen

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Channeling the Brawny Paper Towel Guy

March 21, 2015

It wasn’t until I saw myself photographed did I realize I was channeling the Brawny Paper Towel Guy. This is an example when high waisted mom jeans gone wrong. Why post a unflattering picture of myself + outfit? I have learned to not take myself too seriously, and hopefully this will make you smile.

Channeling the Brawny Paper Towel Guy

So if you want to channel your inner Brawny Paper Towel Guy put on your favorite flannel and dark denim jeans. Better yet make it more modern with distressed denim.

necklace:Gemma Redux/ jeans:Levi/thermal:Forever21/Vest, belt & Flannel shirt:Madewell/wedged booties:JCrew

photographed by: Cora Brown Rock


Plaids and Stripes

March 15, 2015

plaids and stripes

This is what I wore for a quick meet and greet with a studio manger. I love to pattern mix. Plaids and stripes usually work together in my book. It’s easy to pair my horizontal striped sweater with almost anything. The pattern is simple and classic which easily pairs with another print. The black & white color combo makes it match able with almost anything. The key to pairing plaids and stripes is making sure there is a matching color with in the pattern-mixing combo.

If all else fails with trying to mix a plaid and striped combo try wearing distressed denim. Ripped jeans tend to be my go to when I don’t feel like thinking about how I am going to coordinate my outfit. There is just something about distressed jeans upping the cool factor of what you’re wearing.

hat:Goorin Brothers/collared shirt:JCrew/sweater:JCrew Factory/Jeans:AmericanEagle/ ankleboots:DocleVita/socks:Madewell/FitBit

Photographer: the husband


Shoelace tags

March 8, 2015

Rex the poodle

shoelace tags #shoelacetags #craycray #H&M

Aren’t these shoelace tags funny? I found them at H&M last year in the clearance bin. Totally worth the $1 I paid for them. I love them because they bring smiles to the people who happen to notice. I always look through the discounted jewelry bins if time permits, mostly because my styling kit can always use more options. You never know what you’ll find…, like “cray cray” tags!

After searching and searching the web, I haven’t been able to find other great shoelace tag options. I came across this place, but I wasn’t impressed enough to make a purchase.

Off topic: in my search to find shoelace tags, I came across this cool shoelace store called Laced Up Laces. They even have splattered glow in the dark shoelaces…. Super cool!

cray cray shoelace tags in my Jcrew New Balances



styling brooklyn & rex the poodle

jeans:Madewell/Sweatshirt:Madewell/ shoes:New Balance for J.Crew 620

photographed by: Inese Westcott

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Abercrombie Overalls

February 28, 2015

Abercrombie overalls

As a fashion stylist I am always pulling, buying, or returning clothes. Sometimes the perks of doing all this schlepping of clothing is finding great deals in the stores that I shop. Case and point, these grey denim overalls from Abercrombie for $30. Not only were they a steal, I love the fit and color. Besides grey they also came in dark & distressed denim. Now only if I could suck in my stomach so I don’t look like I am 3 months pregnant!
Abercrombie Overalls and vest

Abercrombie Overalls & New balance #AbercrombieOveralls

Abercrombie Overalls cuffed

stripe shirt w/ statement necklaces

love my statement necklace

Long sleeve tee:Hollister
Shoes:New Balance
Necklance: Jcrew


Denim Shearling Vest

February 22, 2015

I love this Pendleton Portland collection coat

Today I am bundled up in my new vest I found at Guess for $54. This denim shearling vest is a classic at a great price, definitely worth adding to my wardrobe. The shearling inside the vest may not be real wool, but it’s warm and comfortable.

Guess is known for great denim and jumpers. They often have hidden gems in their stores, and if you pop in often enough, you’ll spot a great item on sale. If you haven’t tried on a pair of guess jeans before, it would be worth your time to give them a try.
Denim Shearling Vest by Guess Jeans
I was in Las Vegas last week soaking up the sun, and Seattle welcomed me back with the rain!
plaid coat and rain boots #Pendletonportlandcollection #pendletoncoat Pendelton Portland Collection coat, Hunter boots, Guess Denim Shearling Vest


L/Sleeve half zip pullover:Columbia
Tank: Alternative Apparel
Denim Shearling Vest: Guess
Jacket:Pendleton Portland Collection (which was discountiuned in Fall 2014)
Rain boots & Liners: Hunter

photographed by: Inese Westcott

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stripped skirt

February 15, 2015


Unfortunately the way I styled this stripped skirt you don’t get to see how really cute it is. It is super high-waisted. In the summer I rock it with crop tops and flat sandals. I love buying pieces I can wear all year round. I found this skirt in Madewell while I was working in Miami last February! I try to pop into Madewell & JCrew every chance I get especially when I travel to different cities. Here’s a secret tip: JCrew does their markdowns on Thursday’s.




Jacket & Necklance/JCrew Skirt & white collared shirt/ Madewell cropped sweater/Juicy Boots/Uggs heels/ Louise et Cie(another option)Purse/Frye


blanket scarf

February 8, 2015

Lauren Blogg -13
I have become obsessed with blanket scarfs from Aritzia. If they weren’t $85.00, I would own it in many patterns – which speaks volumes since I rarely buy the same item twice. Besides looking incredibly fashionable, this scarf and worn effortlessly every time I put it on. Given its warmth and comfort, I find myself wearing this blanket scarf several times a month. Definitely a purchase I love and recommend.
Lauren Blogg -6

Lauren Blogg

scarf/ Aritzia top/Lauren Conrad jeans/Five Units shoes/Free People