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How To Dress Down Sequins

July 25, 2015

I am going to blame being born and raised in Las Vegas for my love of all things glitz and glamor. If it has some flash in some way, shape, or form I will likely like it. With my causal laid back style it is only natural that I dress down sequins every chance I get. Sequins is great to dress things up but it is my speciality to show you how to dress down sequins.



How To Dress Down Sequins

I like to dress down sequins with softer lighter fabrics such as distressed denim, worn in cotton, and wool. For example: I might also pair the sequin skirt I’m wearing with a white button up collared shirt, a t-shirt and denim vest, and wool cardigan in the winter. Also your shoe selection helps create a dress down sequins look. Also the best time to find sequins on sale (usually 2nd to 3rd mark down)is end of January/ February.

tank:Forever 21/shirt:Jcrew/belt:Madewell/shoes:Steve Madden

Here is a couple more examples of how I to dress down sequins on shoot I styled with photographer Paul Herandez and MUA Shannon Rasheed.




Tips & How-tos

How to Shop After Christmas Sales

December 24, 2014

The day after Christmas is going to be a mad house. Some say it to be the second biggest shopping day of the year, but what follows a couple of weeks afterwards is some of the best shopping deals around. How to Shop after Christmas Sales Items usually get their first markdown before Christmas, second markdown a week or so after Christmas and, if at the end of January anything is left, then comes the third markdown. Third markdown is usually between 65-90% off the original price.
If you are really holding out for something, buy it on the 2nd markdown.  Why I say this is twofold.  First of all, the item you are seeking has likely been sent to the outlet before it hits the 3rd markdown.  And secondly, unless it is a one-size-fits-all your size will likely be long gone.  With that said, gloves, hats, scarves and holiday themed items are great items to buy in January.
after christmas sales
Here are some of my other favorites places to get the deals after Christmas.

Department Stores- Macy’s/ Nordstrom/Barneys/Bergdorf Goodman/
Neiman Marcus/ will have all the name brand stuff you want at some kind of discount. Except for the items you really want which likely will sale out before you find it on sale.

Soma– great for Pajama Separates and are usually up to 50% off. This store is geared towards older women and does not have the best selection of bra’s and panties; so don’t plan on buying that type of stuff. Just great pajama separates! The pajama sets are not the same quality has the separates
Victoria’s Secret-great place to stock up on underwear
JCrew– Prices are cheaper in store verses online, and cords & trousers and jeans can be found for under $35
Gap& Banana Republic– great for long sleeve tee’s and sweaters
All Saints– for a winter coat
As January marks a new month with new goods to arrive in store in January it is a great time to buy a brand new piece of furniture, car, fitness gear (treadmill, etc)

Tips & How-tos

DIY Shoe Stretch

November 16, 2012

I just heard of the sweetest DYI shoe stretching technique, by using ziplock bags and your freezer.

1) Fill the plastic bag about a third to half way full.
2) Let out all the air of the bag making sure there is only water in the bag
3) Stuff the ziplock bag of water into problem area of shoe
4) Put the shoes in a plastic bag (because personally putting shoes in the freezer sounds unsanitary)
5) Freeze the shoe overnight
6) Let the ice thaw into water before you attempt remove the ziplock bags.
7) Repeat if necessary

    When the water expands into ice it will stretch your shoes in the process. The better the quality of the leather, the easier the shoe will stretch. You can also try rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab on the area that needs stretching than try wearing the shoe for 15-20 minutes.
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How to wear Neon

February 13, 2012

Neon returns for another spring/summer season. I love the adding a vibrant pop of color, whether it be a crazy nail polish, bright lip, or neon trimmed purse. If you want to know how to wear neon and get it right, keep it simple. To much of anything is never good especially neon. I love to accessorize with neon accessories, but if you are daring enough to wear neon clothing it can be quite chic. I love wearing bright lipstick, with my hair in top knot messy bun. It instantly makes what ever outfit your might be wearing look dressier. Neon cosmetics are a inexpensive way to work the neon trend.

How to wear Neon How wear Neon wearingneons
Neon Clothing

If you chose to pick up neon clothing, don’t over kill your whole outfit. Nude, grey and navy go great with bright neons. I am seeing neon t-shirts, sweaters, blazers, jeans, etc. everywhere.

Tips & How-tos

How to Layer Clothing

December 23, 2011

If you want to look more “fashionable” per say, you have to learn to layer. Layering doesn’t have to make sense, and for the average person it actually doesn’t. But when was the last time an average person was perceived as “fashionable”? Here are some general guild-lines to layering.

* The thinnest garment should always be worn closest to your skin, and the thickest garment should be worn as the top layer

Jcrew fall 2010

* Place structured pieces on top: choose a top layer with a waistline – a cinched or empire waist, belted waist, blouse with well-placed darts, fitted blazer, cropped jacket or cardigan, anything that will basically create a waistline. If your problem area is in your belly (like mine) try belting a little below your bust to create an empire waist

Jcrew fall 2010

*Wear longer pieces towards the bottom layer
: For example, a long cardigan should be layered with a shorter jacket or a vest.

Jcrew Fall 2010

*Balance Layered tops with slim bottoms:
If you chose to wear many layers on top (think tank top, cardgain, jacket) keep the bottom half of your outfit long and lean. Try skinny-cut, tapered, boot cut pants, leggings, tights, pencil skirt, or mini skirt.
Look longer and leaner by matching your shoes to your pants, leggings, or legwear.

old Jcrew catalog

*Avoid Layering Garments with the same style, pattern, and fabric. Example: If you are wearing leopard shoes, avoid wearing anything else leopard. That way the leopard print will pop, which is the whole idea of creating a more stylist look.

Jcrew fall 2011 (taken from blog

Jcrew fall 2011, taken from blog

Jcrew fall 2011, taken from blog

*After 3 layers, you risk looking too bulky

*Do not wear tank tops over t-shirts

*Some idea’s could be adding a knee high sock to your tall boots and tights, a scarf & and belt.

Jcrew fall 2010

So basically Jcrew inspires all things layering. No joke, the Jcrew catalog always gives me some sort of inspiration (and a want list, hundreds of dollars long). Go on-line to and request a catalog. Then hop over to Note to Self it is a great blog I just found. Check out the hers/mine section.

Tips & How-tos

How to wear a long pendent necklace

December 20, 2011

Trying to explain how to style something or someone is a lot more challenging than I thought. I had a client ask if I could write her a “style rule book”, or a guide line to help her get dressed in the morning. I decided to take the approch of explaining how wear/ or use accessories the correct way. So today is all about the long pendent necklace. Long necklaces tend to be more causal, than short necklaces.

If you are trying to show off cleavage, you would want to wear a short necklace. If you have big boobs and don't want extra attention on them stay away from long necklaces.

So depending on where your necklace is depends what length you need. If you are wearing a v-neck top it needs to be 3′ inchs from your cleavage. This length works on SJP because she is making her pendent necklace her focal point verses cleavage.

Feel free to layer your necklaces

If you currently don’t own any long necklaces, it is worth picking one up. You will find that you will wear them like crazy.

Tips & How-tos

Packing 101

July 5, 2011

After going on a trip with the girls, I happen to be the only one that didn’t check a bag. I had my long week end packed in a small carry-on. Now truth be told my style is very relaxed, and I rarely pack something I don’t wear. Plus I like to shop in different boutiques that are far and few between here in Las Vegas. Since people actually pay me to pack there suit cases here is my top 5 suggestions to not forgetting the essentials

Tip #1- Look up the weather forecast, and start making a list of what you will need (swimsuit, umbrella, go-out clothes, snow-boots etc.,etc.)

Tip #2-Start with the essentials underwear, bras, socks, toothbrush, face wash, comb, mascara, deodorant

Tip #3-Pick clothing items that can be remixed, and/or transitioned from day to night. (like your favorite cardigan,
dresses, pants, tank tops)

picture from

Tip #4-You need 3 pairs of shoes (causal tennis shoe for walking about, heels for night-time, a seasonal shoe (rain-boots/ flip-flops)
Tip #5-Accessories are key to making your suitcase wardrobe look different. Don’t forget to pack jewelry, hats, scarfs, belts, and hair accessories

Tips & How-tos

How to Clean your makeup brushes

December 13, 2010

Ladies, ever wonder why either your powder, blush, foundation just isn’t going on as smooth as it used to or even why you are breaking out more often than normal? Look at your makeup brushes. When was the last time you cleaned them? Just like the clothes you wear, your makeup brushes need to weekly cleaning to remove all the old makeup, dirt, oil and dead skin cells on your face they are picking up every time you use them. Cleaning them will not only keep them bacteria free, it will help keep their quality longer and make your makeup look better.

Step 1.) Wet bristles with water.

Step 2.  Add a drop of facial soap or brush cleaner to bristles.  Massage through with fingers in the direction the bristles are placed (from base to tip)
Step 3.  Rinse well.  Repeat Steps 2-3, until the water runs clear. You’ll be amazed on how much makeup will come out.

Step 4.  Gently squeeze excess water out of bristles by placing brush on a clean absorbent towel, wrap towel over bristles and press the towel down onto the bristles.  Do not rub, simply press down.  Do this several times, then allow brushes to lie on towel until fully dry.  Note: do not stand brushes on bristles or on ends, as this will ruin your brush.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS LAY YOUR BRUSHES FLAT. That way they keep their shape.

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Why a ‘Sale’ doesn’t always ‘save’ you money

August 16, 2010

Are you that person that bolts straight to the sale section of the store? I totally get it. Clothing can be extremely expensive, and every penny saved counts.
Being a personal stylist, part of my job sometimes includes cleaning out or editing people’s wardrobes. On the job, I have seen the down side of ‘sales’ many times – clothes that still have the Sale tags on because they have never been worn.

Why a ‘Sale’ doesn’t always ‘save’ you money

Here is a typical scenario: You cannot bring yourself to spend $150 dollars on a pair of jeans. So instead you buy 3 pairs of jeans that look ‘okay’ on, and you still are in search of the perfect pair of jeans. Before you know it you have 5 pairs of jeans in your closet that you don’t really love and honestly don’t look that great on. Let’s say each pair of jeans cost $50, times that by 5, so this turns out to cost you $250 dollars. It would of been cheaper for you to just spend the money up front and buy the expensive jeans that look fabulous on you. Who cares that they would be your only pair, your butt looks awesome in them.

I also find that people get obsessed with the label attached to the clothing. Just because an item is designer doesn’t mean it belongs in your wardrobe. I know this one can be hard to swallow. But seriously, having a discounted $500 Burberry dress just sitting in your closet with the tags attached is a complete waste. I understand not being able to afford or justify paying the full price for higher end brands. Through my experience of cleaning out closets, I know that buying ugly, discounted and high-end merchandise would be better spent on something you love and actually wear. Buying clothes on sale is only great when you find what you need and will wear; not just buying because you believe it’s a good sale.

So here is my solution: Before you enter the mall, edit your closet and make a list. ONLY PURCHASE items on your list that you will wear, then don’t look back.

If this approach seems overwhelming, Google a personal stylist for the city you live in. You are not hiring Rachel Zoe, believe me, a stylist is within your reach. A stylist can help you make the purchases that are right for you and can teach you how to start buying clothes for yourself that you will wear.

The moral of this blog post is that next time you’re out and see the sale rack, remember that everything you buy you should love and love to wear, whether it’s on sale or not.

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How Not To Become A Victim Of High Waters

May 18, 2010

Every time I find myself in a professional group setting, I notice that there is a hand-full of people wearing high water pants (aka High Waters). Today, I am covering the basics of pant lengths in the hopes that someone who needs my advice will take it.

Let’s start with the basics. A break is key to avoiding High Waters. The break is based on where your pants fall on your shoes. It is simply a result of the length of your pants. A good break should create a horizontal crease in the fabric across the front of your pant leg and gather a bit. For example, if the break comes too high or is not defined enough, your pants will look too short when you stand or walk.

When hemming pants, my preference is to pin my client’s hem at the bottom of the soles of their shoes. The hem is about be a quarter of an inch from touching the ground. In my opinion, when you walk you should not be able to see your socks.

The Right Length

The Wrong Length (AKA: fashion no-no)

There is always exception’s to the rule. If you are a hipster at heart, you can definitely rock the ankle length pants. Here are some pictures to give you an example of what I mean.

Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction


Thom Browne

women's high waters look best with heels or ballet flats