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Las Vegas Wardrobe Stylist

December 24, 2010

Oh the last day of the giveaways, how sad are all of you that this day has arrived. I know I am, as I have truly enjoyed reading all your comments and learning more and more about all my readers. But let’s get on with the last giveaway shall we, I know you all knew it was coming, so here it is. Today’s giveaway is… a two hour session with yours truly. Yes, I am offering up two free hours to the lucky winner.



In those two hours I’ll do a Wardrobe & Makeup/Grooming Assessment and discuss your goals for a new Modern Image. With this prize you can have my professional eye and opinion go over what we can do to take your look to its highest potential. Now, this would also give an amazing present to someone who may be starting a new profession, has a closet that is like the Bermuda triangle, just lost 15 or more pounds, found themselves newly single, or just someone who could say use a little more confidence in how they present themselves.



But because of my personally having to meet with the winner, today’s giveaway is for Las Vegas residents, and out-of-towners that will be visiting Las Vegas before May 30, 2011.

In order to be in the running for today’s ultimate giveaway, please make sure you are a facebook fan of Lauren’ Modern Image and leave me comment. ****our lucky winner is DS****


After (So of course I didn't fix her teeth, but she took my recommendation to buy new teeth verses new clothes

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Custom Made Men’s Shirts in Las Vegas

November 24, 2010

There is nothing better in the world of fashion then custom-made clothes. Custom made men’s shirts in Las Vegas can be found many places like: Nordstrom, Gary Franzen, Stitched, Kiton, just to name a few. I know what you all are thinking, custom fitting clothing is super pricey and simply out of your reach. Frankly, most are but let me introduce you to JHilburn.

Custom Made Men’s Shirts in Las Vegas

You get to pick the fabric, collar, cuff, style and fit, basically every aspect. There are many different price points based on the fabric choices. Starting at $109, $129, $139, $149, $169. There is no minimum you can order just one shirt. I use to rep this company and the shirts are the real deal. I will only brag about the shirts, not everything Jhilburn custom makes is my favorite. But in terms of shirts Jhilburn is it. I have had many people tell me positive experiences about ordering custom made men’s shirts online from  different company’s but have never actually tried another service.


Now if custom is out of your reach, and you can’t find a shirt to fit you right. I have your solution for $15. Get is altered. If a shirt fits correctly in the shoulders and length you can get it altered in the width to fit correctly. I will fit so much better. We all have different body types and alterations is the key to looking really good with clothes on!


Vegas’s LollieShopping Blog

November 4, 2010

I’ve been a long time reader of Laura’s lolliehsopping blog and was so excited when asked to be a guest blogger on her site. If you haven’t visited before, you should check it out. Laura is a fabulous writer and always knows what’s going on in the Vegas retail scene.

When thinking about what I would like to chat about, I couldn’t think of anything better than my top 5 stylist tips. They truly are 5 things that will not only change your look, but also help streamline your wardrobe and get you on with your life. And all while looking chic, of course. But Im not going to give you a hint of what they are here, you have to go check them out on to know my styling secrets.

My guest blog spot went up today, so check it out. I’m also giving away a set of the amazing makeup brushes I carry in my store to one lucky reader, but you guessed it; you have to read Lollieshopping blog spot to find out how. Here’s the link


Nu Sanctuary Lounge/ Town Square Las Vegas

May 6, 2010

I recently read an e-mail regarding the opening of Nu Sanctuary in Las Vegas’ newest mall, Town Square. The advertisements for this place have been up for months, and as a result, my curiosity to try it out was at an all time high. So I jumped on an opportunity to check it out and ate lunch there today. Here are the summary points from my review.

* Fashion TV was on all the televisions in the restaurant
* Food was exquisite, from presentation to taste!
* Portion sizes were perfect
* A large selection of specialty drinks
* Location, location, location. Great location

* Seating sucked, the chairs sit too low for the table height
* Decor did not match the price point of the restaurant
* The lounge has a good concept, but they hired the wrong designer
* Hostess had an attitude because I entered the side gate instead of the front gate

With that said, this joint has been open for less than a week. My next visit will be for a happy hour in June; hopefully they will have one by then. I would encourage you to give them a try for yourself, but would go for a causal dining experience. If you are starving the place might not cut it. For you gentleman out there, this is where the ladies will be drinking their fu-fu drinks.


Farmers Market Vegas Style

January 10, 2010

If you are a Vegas resident and want to get the freshest produce available, look no further than the “Farmers Market” located at 7485 Dean Martin Drive, Suite 106. This market is only open on Thursdays from 11 a.m.-1p.m. Watch the you-tube video below to learn more about the Las Vegas Farmers Market. If you are not a Vegas resident, do some homework about the local farmers in your area, you might be surprised about what you discover.

Sugar goes to the Farmers Market