colorful workout pants

March 11, 2015

I love how workout attire has completely changed over the last couple years. There are some many options these days for workout gear, almost every brand offers it and you can find fashionable options at every price point. From bright colored trainers, colorful workout pants, to fun patterned workout bras. The options are endless. My personal favorite when styling workout type shoots is colorful workout pants. It adds an element of fun for me.
colorful workout pants
photographer: Mark Stone mua:Jamyrlyn Mallory styling: Lauren Schugar(aka me) model: Kaitlyn Johnston

colorful workout pants

If you are anything like me, once you’re dressed for the day, you’re dressed. That’s one reason; I personally like wearing colorful pattered workout pants. I feel like they translate well after your workout. Now if only buying new gym clothes really inspired me to workout!

For workout pants my personal favorite is Zella. Zella reminds me of lululemon fit without the $100 price tag. My best friend also mentioned I needed to try fabletics (its a brand by Kate Hudson), but everything I wanted was sold out in my size. She described fabletics as a cross between Target and Lucy. Target price points with a little more fashion fare of Lucy.

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