Crazy Fur Glitter Pump

June 27, 2012

Christian Louboutin $1,195.00

Fur in general was all over the run-ways for fall of 2012. I have noticed trimming on everything from hem-lines, sleeves, collars, shoes, belts etc. The best thing about fur (of course if you can afford it) is it keeps you really warm. I am loving coats/capes with fur collars. Super chic.

Dolce&Gabbana Genuine Fur Collar Wool Cape $3,675.00 pre-order @

Fur accents of some kind will be everywhere. I am also positive that there will tons of faux-fur options as well. Not sure where I stand on fur. I feel awful thinking about the animals and how vain I must be to sacfice somethings life for my personal vanity. But than I see beautiful clothes with rabbit-fur accents and I would wear them in a heartbeat. Like the dress below.

Versus Genuine Rabbit Fur Sleeve Knit Dress $745.00 (pre-order

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