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June 9, 2015

For some, finding the perfect pair of jeans is as easy as… Oh, who am I kidding? Nobody escapes the woes of jean shopping, whether it is finding the perfect wash, ideal length, exact inseam, or any of the multiple factors that go into making a pair of jeans really fit. Throw online shopping into the mix, and the entire operation feels impossible. Hence the creation of Fit Code.

I learned about FitCode through one of the founders Rian Buckley, and couldn’t get enough of the new company for which her and co-founder Bri Cooley created. As models, Rian and Bri knew how misleading product images could be, along with hearing complaints of sky-rocking returns from retailors. In hopes of closing the gap between women not being able to buy jeans on-line, Fitcode was born to guarantee that all women could find denim that not only looked good on the model, but looked great on them! I actually met Rian on set one day at work (she was our model). My job involves getting the clothes to fit a model perfectly, and jeans are no exception. As someone who has styled E-Commerce images, I can tell you there is always at least one clamp or pin used on a model’s clothing when taking a photo to guarantee the perfect fit in front of the camera.

Traditionally, women have four basic shapes: triangle, pear, apple, boyshape. Fit Code took these basic shapes to another level and created nine categories that a body shape can fit into. Visit

and get started by taking a short quiz that assesses your body’s shape and denim needs (all shapes and sizes are featured), and discover your Fitcode (mine is 500).

Once your fit code is created you will enter their online denim boutique which will only show you denim that will work and look great on your body. You can filter by brand, style, wash, fade, inseam and more to ensure that your pants not only fit your body, but fit your lifestyle and taste. Also on the site are videos for select styles featuring real women in the jeans without being pinned. It is crazy how different the jeans look in real time video verses the product shot you shop from.


And the news gets better: you aren’t limited to Fitcode’s online boutique. By downloading their plugin on Google Chrome, your Fitcode can be linked to other retail sites as well, like Nordstorm. It’s so cool—the Fitcode logo shows up on the denim styles that will work best on your body type. It looks like this when you’re on Nordstrom’s website.
Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.27.34 AM

You can also shop these brands websites:

Keep in mind when shopping that FitCode is in the beta stage, and there are just a handful of brands represented so far. I asked Rian why that was, and she reminded me that Rome wasn’t build in a day and neither is Fit Code’s denim catalog!
If you are like me and order clothing online, Fitcode will become your new denim destination. The days of buying and returning poorly fit jeans are over!

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