Flower Lapel Pins

August 13, 2015

I was in Hugo Boss last week to get my man a new shirt and tie for a last minute meeting he had. I stumbled across flower lapel pins or also known as a flower brooch on a suit. Of course, decided he needed to have it… well until I saw how much it was. Ninety-five dollars for a flower label pin seemed pretty steep for what it was.


I have seen these pins before on stylish men that usually sell suits but never really noticed them in stores before now. A fun pocket square these days is standard but if you have even more swag, owing a couple of flower lapel pins is a must. Especially since I found lots of options via the internet for under $19.99 each.
Hook + Albert via Nordstrom Rack
Lovely Lapels via (include a pocket square and flower lapel pin)

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