perfect men’s undershirt

July 18, 2011

I have found the perfect men’s undershirt. It is stretch, super long, and fit’s close to the body. Once you pull this undershirt down, it will stay in place by hugging your lower body. It will not ride up, bunch up, or come untucked. It is beyond perfection and is a must for every man that wears an undershirt.

Tommy John is the Perfect Men’s Undershirt

perfect men's undershirt

WOWWSER…. $40.00 for a t-shirt. Yup it’s $40.00, but well worth it. It is not going to shrink, untuck, or get those nasty yellow pit stains after your first wear. Throw your hanes t-shirts away that look like this…. They come in crew neck, v-neck, tank top, and even underwear.

Head to Nordstrom’s half yearly sale before the end of July, and you will find Tommy John Wear t-shirts on sale for $25.90. Ladies if you want to be your man’s hero… surprize him with this t-shirt. It is awesome.

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  • Reply CARMINE July 20, 2011 at 7:28 pm

    Great undershirts. Keeps your dress shirts tucked and looking crisp all day long.

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