Holidays in Ohio

December 29, 2015

Being Jewish, Christmas didn’t mean much growing up. Given that Las Vegas is a 24/7 city, growing up I always ended up working on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas day {I worked retail in Caesars Forum Shops, and after I turned 21 dealt blackjack at Hard Rock hotel & casino}.

Marrying into a family that celebrates Christmas has added to an already full holiday season. My family celebrates Hanukkah, and then we celebrate Christmas as an extended family (my family, my in-laws, and any relative willing to travel). This year both my family and the hub’s family are all together at my sister-in-laws house in Ohio.


If I have learned anything from my sister-in-law, it is all about planned activities. This plan I believe was the success to ensuring that everyone had a fun time… the whole time.

Her house has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a large family kitchen, a craft room, an office, huge basement, living room, a dining room and rooms yet explored. This translates to housing all seventeen of us and hosting dinner parties of up to 25 each night, making the holidays in Ohio very festive. Besides living in a large home, Beth, my sister-in-law has every room in the house decorated in Christmas. My father went from room to room in amazement – so many trees with countless decorations. One tree in particular is black (pictured below) is up from Halloween until St. Patricks’ Day, with a decoration change for each season between. My room even had stuffed animal white poodle with a Santa hat. In their Christmas themed house (below) are my brother & sister-in-laws” in Christmas attire.

holidays in ohio
holiday shirts
Next up in our family festive weekend is Christmas day in our pajamas, themed out by family. Pretty funny I thought.



also known as Grandpa Jesse

also known as Grandpa Jesse




Me, my hubs, and daughter

I purchased our pjs from

Next up the Ugly Sweater Party



ok... so my sweater wasn't so ugly

ok… so my sweater wasn’t so ugly

The weekend was filled with lots of giggles, hugs, food, and cleaning up. So lucky to be married the coolest dude ever with a family to match, and most importantly to have both our families merge and become one.

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  • Reply Debbie Starita December 30, 2015 at 8:39 am

    I loved all the pictures and my heart was warmed by the love and closeness expressed in them! From your moms old friend, Debbie Starita p.s. I live in Colorado with my close friend Holly and my daughter Arianna. Holly is Jewish and our celebrations are with her family and mine…a mixed selection for sure!!!

    • Reply schugar January 4, 2016 at 3:07 pm

      thanks Debbie! We had a great time not to mention we ate tons of cookies daily… including my mom

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