Sunday Fun day

September 6, 2015

Weekends are so much fun when you have nothing you “have” to do. Last Sunday was definitely a Sunday fun day for me. I started the morning off going to brunch with a big group of ladies. Than hung out with my family unit. Which included some errands and finishing all my returns from earlier in the week. Dinner out because me and my man were tired and knew either of us felt like making dinner.

Sunday Fun day bunch


My super cute husband who I love and adore


my mini who turns 11 in less than a month


jacket & necklace: old JCrew/ shirt: old Madewell/ jeans: American Eagle

Sunday Fun day

I feel so blessed for my loving family, even on days when not much gets done. This Ted Talk made me laugh, and if you are married or have been married this is totally worth watching.

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