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Boe Boxing Presents Abs: How to Video

July 29, 2010

There is nothing worse than exercising and doing it the wrong way. Knowing the proper technique produces the desired results and prevents injury. With the help of my personal trainer, Steve Boe, we produced a few short training videos to properly demonstrate some of the more sought after exercises. This video focuses on three abdominal exercises: basic crunches, flutter kicks, and side plank.

I personally hate exercising my abs and getting the most out of my workout requires focus on my part. I train with Steve and do abs for a half-hour because I don’t give it my all on my own. If you are looking for motivation, or need a change of pace, try out “Boe Boxing” in Las Vegas. I love the boxing classes, and with a drop in fee of $10, I can pop in whenever I want. “Boe’s Boxing” also offers a pack of 10 classes for $60. If you want to try it out, the 1st visit is free with a local ID. Special thanks to our model, Angenee Persaud, and Steve Boe for their time and effort in supporting Modern Image/ If you are loving the video, (which I hope you are) there are more to come.

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