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Macaron Madness

June 11, 2015

I remember watching an episode of Gossip Girls and Blair was eating macarons. At the time I thought why haven’t I had one of those before… fast forward four years later I have kinda become a macaron snob.
These delectable small cookies should be soft and airy, and easily melt in your mouth. I have tasted a handful of hard macarons and until you have a great one you won’t understand what a art form making macarons must be. The price-point of this small cookie range from $2-$4.
poodle cookie plate
Macaron Cafe sent me a small gift box of macarons and me and my girl went to town…sampling. These yummy pockets of sugar bursted with flavor. Yes I felt a little extravagant taste tasting all these treats, but we smiled and enjoyed every bite. If you ever wanted to give a gift of luxury without a big price tag a box of macarons is it.

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