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Say Goodbye to Fish Oil Pills

August 15, 2012

If you have visited your local health food store in the last six months there was most likely a display for chia seeds. In fact, my husband bought them and they have been sitting in my cabinet for about two and a half months. Untill I saw multiple people eating/ drinking them on set. It’s all about the Chia seeds replacing your fish oil pill. Chia seeds is another great way to get your Omega 3 in ….. naturally.

If you’ve never seen or tried them before, chia are small round seeds—ivory to charcoal colored—that dissolve a bit and form a gel when mixed with liquid. Which is how I use them. I put some in my water bottle and add a favoring of some sort to it.

I have seen drinks above at my local health food store, but have never tried them since I make my own (Plus they are pricey… costing around $4). It is worth trying, and for me I no longer bother with a nasty tasting fish oil oil.

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