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Silja From Scratch

January 4, 2016

Meet Silja Danielsen from Silja from scratch. I worked with Silja for a couple days with Tommy Bahama.


Besides being beautiful (obviously) Silja is passionate about cooking, photography, and having a healthy life style. Case and point her blog Silja From Scratch. Which is created, written, photographed all by Silja her self. Her goal is creating wholesome recipes and clean foods without refined sugars and processed ingredients.

Silja From Scratch

I personally love the colorful photography on this blog. What I love even more is the detailed description of how to make the recipes combined with the with an easy ingredient list. A lot of time in recipes I get over whelmed with needing 15 different ingredients. Especially in creating sauces or marinades. The recipes on Silja from Scratch are easy enough for me to try, and are super tasty.

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