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TreeHouse Chocolate

November 18, 2015

Aaron Koch is the creator of Tree House Chocolate Co. along with being a model on my set one day. If I can recall correctly Aaron’s sister is a model and she nudged him to start getting into it for some extra money. Aaron was so funny, he would put his drinking chocolate, branded Tree house Chocolate Co. packets all over the set. Randomly they would appear in the shot. For example a cup and packets of Tree House Chocolate Co. appeared in the picture below.


this was the “after” shot and the packets were taken off set

It was so funny and memorable. His passion and excitement could only make me smile and laugh to myself. If you have ever been in business for yourself than you how important self promotion is. Early this week I smiled even bigger when I was picking out hot chocolate. I was going back and forth on what to buy. I had a box Swiss Miss with 8 individual packets, ya know with the marshmallows inside it because it was on sale. Than I picked up two packets of Treehouse Chocolate and thought why don’t I buy the better quality product. Then it dawned on me that it just might be Aaron’s drinking chocolate. Sure enough it was. If you have a hot chocolate lover in the family they need to try Tree House Chocolate Co. ASAP! Besides loving to support small business’s in the case the product was better for my body.




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