Packing for Miami

March 15, 2013



I am going to Miami for work this week…. 8 full days.(Seattle to Miami takes a whole day just to get there) I am so excited for some sunshine. This trip is going to be all work and no play… but if I come home a shade darker it will make me a happy girl. Here is a round up of what I packed, and will not be repeating any outfits.

*3 tank tops, 3 wife-beaters (Hanes are my favorite)
*3 long-sleeve tops, 3 short-sleeve t-shirts
*denim shirt, striped tee
*2 dresses
*hooded sweatshirt, denim jacket, striped cropped sweatshirt
*grey, black,& purple jeans, 2 pairs of denim shorts
*2 belts, scarf, beanie, socks, gym clothes
*sandals, Keds, and tennis shoes (if there was room I would of packed flip-flops)
*bathing suit, nude/black bras, PJ’s, underwear, makeup, round brush

If I was playing more than working I would of packed more for nightlife and beach wear, but that is not the case on this trip!

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