Walla Walla Washington

July 7, 2014

I just spent the past weekend in Walla Walla Washington. Ever heard of Walla Walla sweet onions? Well they are truly named for where they come from. Walla Walla also hosts a ton of wineries…. Literally there are over 150 tasting rooms to choose from. The wine is well priced; overall the most expensive bottle I found sold at the wineries’ was around $45 bucks. So that’s what I spent all weekend doing… tasting wine, ordering cheese plates, buying wine and eating fabulous foods. There was the occasional beer at Red Monkey (which I really enjoyed since they had scuffle board tables). Needless to say, my body is crying for water and a workout. We must have gotten pretty lucky because most of the restaurants we ate at were delicious. If your ever in Walla Walla check out these restaurants: Bacon & Eggs, Saffron Mediterranean Kitchen (call a head of time to make a reservation), and Public House 124. So good, and nothing is crazy expensive.

On our way home we stopped at Blue Mountain Lavender Farm, where my husband saved the day by cutting and gathering Lavender for me so I didn’t have to get near the bees!




Speaking of Lavendar… I am obsessed with Molly Moon’s Honey Lavendar ice cream. Molly Moon’s is Seattle based homenade ice cream company that has stores all over the city. You can purchase Molly Moon’s ice cookbook here.

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