Louis Vuitton Alphabet

December 20, 2015

This video is pretty funny. I would of loved to see this with a live model verses a digital one. Louis Vuitton alphabet goes like this…..

Pretty funny right… below are some of my favorites
D is for dirty old man
F is for full frontal and friends
G is for getting a divorce
K is for kiss and tell (the Louis Vuitton telephone is cool)
N is for never again
Q is for quality
S is for sexy & sad

Food & Health

TreeHouse Chocolate

November 18, 2015

Aaron Koch is the creator of Tree House Chocolate Co. along with being a model on my set one day. If I can recall correctly Aaron’s sister is a model and she nudged him to start getting into it for some extra money. Aaron was so funny, he would put his drinking chocolate, branded Tree house Chocolate Co. packets all over the set. Randomly they would appear in the shot. For example a cup and packets of Tree House Chocolate Co. appeared in the picture below.


this was the “after” shot and the packets were taken off set

It was so funny and memorable. His passion and excitement could only make me smile and laugh to myself. If you have ever been in business for yourself than you how important self promotion is. Early this week I smiled even bigger when I was picking out hot chocolate. I was going back and forth on what to buy. I had a box Swiss Miss with 8 individual packets, ya know with the marshmallows inside it because it was on sale. Than I picked up two packets of Treehouse Chocolate and thought why don’t I buy the better quality product. Then it dawned on me that it just might be Aaron’s drinking chocolate. Sure enough it was. If you have a hot chocolate lover in the family they need to try Tree House Chocolate Co. ASAP! Besides loving to support small business’s in the case the product was better for my body.




stylist Q&A

Do fashion stylist need an education?

November 1, 2015

One of the biggest questions that anyone pursuing a career in fashion asks is there any formal training or education. Do fashion stylist need an education? The answer isn’t so clear-cut, because while no formal education is required, having a degree can set you apart from other candidates (of course).

There are several degree paths that can help to provide you with some necessary critical thinking skills for this type of job, ranging from fashion to marketing, merchandising, and maybe even a business degree. Essentially, you are running your own business and for the creative types that isn’t always the easiest thing to be great at. I myself find my retail experience extremely helpful in what I do. Which is threw my personal experience verses college education.

But learning the tricks of the trade are learned on the job not in text books or classrooms—getting hands on training through internships or entry-level positions can really boost your skill set. Getting ahead in this industry is all about making connections and building a solid portfolio that reflects your style.

The only one direct path usually every fashion stylist takes is assisting with another stylist. Besides that there really isn’t one, direct path that every fashion or wardrobe stylist follows to reach their goals. Taking some basic business, marketing, fashion design or merchandising classes is a great way to dip your feet into the industry.

I have a bachelors degree in communication. I would say my four year college degree doesn’t really help me in my styling career. But with that said having a degree means I can actually follow threw and finish something. Which hopefully means something to someone. If I could go back I would of picked up sewing. I have not got in jobs before because I can’t sew.


Transition into fall style

October 24, 2015

Well it is officially cold outside and every year I am not ready for it. Transition into fall style is sometimes a challenge when I am freezing. Simple ways of transitioning into fall usually include darkening up your color palette for your hair, nails, lipstick and clothing. Richer hues replace your summer pastels. Layering happens by taking your spring/ summer outfits and adding a jacket, sweater, heavier sock/tights, and boots. I usually bust out the crock-pot once or twice a week filled with a warm chicken dish or soup for dinner. With all that said here are some of my favorite new things I have found that are on my personal shopping list for transitioning into fall style!


Woolrich White Collection– Woolrich is making a come back with the white collection which is more contemporary and hip for the next generation of customers. Think Pendleton Portland Collection which stopped producing pieces in 2014 but…. Woolrich! Same Americana feel, around the same price point and great quality pieces that should last you years if not forever.

Heated gloves– I will be buying these this season. Being on location and freezing my ass off is the worst. Especially my hands since I have to use them to adjust clothing. My hands have been so cold that I am unable to use my fingers. Hoping these Outdoor Research Stormtracker heated gloves work as a solution. Last year I broke a couple different hand warmers packets in my pocket, which is a messy experience.

Corduroy pants– I have my eye on these 9′ high riser skinny skinny cords from Madewell. Any cord will work in my book, as long has they have some elastane/ stretch in them. They tend to be a warmer than denim.

Flannel lined jeans– I just ordered these for myself from Eddie Bauer. I really did my homework trying to find stylish flannel lined jeans and came up short. Flannel lined jeans tend to add a couple pounds to your legs due to the bulk it creates. At least that’s how I felt when I last wore them 15 years ago. Every year I wait for these to go on sale and when they do my size is never left. So hopefully these will be cute on. Also check the Ilaria Urbinati collection at Eddie Bauer. This line was created with a stylist! I love supporting others in my field. Also if you know of any other brand that sells great flannel jeans that aren’t grandma style. Please comment below.

Heat Holders– The coziest socks in sock drawer! These are very bulky, but happen to be great in some of my loose fitting boots and rain boots. If these leggings ($14.99) are anything like the socks I will be buying them for all the women in my family! I discovered Heat Holders when walking the magic convention. The sales rep gave me a pair and that is how I know about the product. Beside heatholders.com they can also be purchased at Kohls.

Beauty Stuff, Hair

Beachwaver Pro Curling Iron

October 19, 2015

Photo shoot after photo shoot I watch hair and make up artists (MUA’s) creating the beach waved look. The secret to creating the beach wave is curling pieces of your hair in both left to right and right to left directions. Now I have attempted to try this several times at home, but when I try to curl pieces going to the left, it comes out jacked. Twisting my wrist both ways was too difficult for me.

So when I was contacted to demo the Beachwaver Pro curling iron, I was so excited to try it out. How cool would it be to create the messy beach wave type of curl, by myself, with a rotating curling iron!



While on lunch one day I had my MUA friend, Jamyrlyn Mallory, curl one side of my hair while I curled the other. Why? I wanted to see if I could tell the difference from me curling it myself verses the professional. Not to mention I had photographers Ben Sandall and Mark Stone snap my before and after pictures – perks of working on set in a studio. The end result was great, but it only proved that I needed help. The after photo I am holding post it notes so you could tell which side I curled myself. The left side was done by a professional and the right side was curled with the Beachwaver Pro curling iron.


At $199, the Beachwaver Pro is pricey, but you are paying to create a profession look by yourself, whenever you want. I have really enjoyed using this curling iron. I am into having my hair wavy and a bit messier, and the Beachwaver Pro helps create that look. I am unable to create this look myself with any other curling iron on the market. Sarah Pomtempa is the genuis behind the best curling iron for dummies I have ever worked with. Here’s how it works in detail via you-tube, which you need to watch to see it work it’s magic!

Jamyrlyn also insisted spraying Kevin Murphy sea salt spray on my hair. This currently Ja’s favorite salt spray, so I thought it was worth sharing.



designer Eddie Borgo

September 23, 2015

designer Eddie Borgo

I had the opportunity to meet and interview jewelry designer Eddie Borgo at a Neiman Marcus trunk show. Eddie’s line is in over 200 stores worldwide, and recently collaborated with Target, which you can find in stores now.

So, who is designer Eddie Borgo outside of being super cool and letting me absorb all of his time? In 2010, Borgo was awarded runner up in the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. In 2011, Borgo won the CFDA Swarovski Award for innovation in accessory design and was a recipient of the first ever CFDA/Vogue Tiffany & Co. Development Grant.
But really, this is the most important question Eddie can answer in terms of jewelry: what piece of jewelry should every woman own?
His answer:
*An heirloom piece that has been passed down by previous generations
*A piece that has been bought for them by someone special to them
*A piece that reflects their own, personal style

Things you don’t need to know about Eddie:
*He was born in Ohio
*He has no tattoos
*He talks to his mom at least once a week, but if his mom had her way they would talk every day
*He lives in Soho and is walking distance from his office

What’s the next big thing for this designer? Handbags—in 8 different styles that have a modem, vintage feel to them. The biggest challenge to designing a handbag is the weight of the bag. Wanting to keep the same asthenic of the brand, but with heavy hardware, makes it a bit of a challenge to keep the purse lightweight.

designer  Eddie Borgo crown

designer Eddie Borgo jewelry display

Shop Designer Eddie Borgo Designs

Fashion, Men

Stance Socks Are My Favorite New Thing

September 18, 2015


Stance Socks are my favorite new thing! Seriously, they have become my official “thank you” gift that I send to clients. So what’s got me all excited about Stance socks? They are a combination of two must-have qualities: function and fashion. The quality is better than any athletic sock I have tried, and the patterns are fun.

Stance Socks Are My Favorite New Thing

Stance Socks Are My Favorite socks
I found out about Stance Socks through my husband. He literally handed me over a pair and told me to buy him more. He wouldn’t stop raving about the quality and comfort of Stance Socks. So I went to get him more and there were so many pattern options (which I love). Honestly, the pattern and style options go on and on.

Stance My Favorite New Thing
I have found that the best selections of Stance Socks are available on their website, but they can be found and several major retailers aStance Socks Are My Favorite sockss well.

How I really new they were special, my niece’s sixteen year old boyfriend, will only where Stance Socks. The product is so good they have a customer base at every age! Now that’s really cool. In fact, I have been buying Stance baby socks has gifts.


Super Saturday Vegas Style

September 12, 2015

Super Saturday Vegas Style

My stylist, fashion writer/ blogger friend Christie Moeller is going to hosting Super Saturday Vegas Style for OCRF. If I was in town I would be right there with her.

The exclusive Las Vegas weekend super Saturday will showcase an assortment of special retail incentives from luxury brands including Michael Kors, Tory Burc, DVF, Fendi, Robert Graham, Melissa Shoes, Ted Baker London, Topshop, Links of London and Island Company to name a few. Most participating retailers will donate a percentage of weekend sales to OCRF {ovarian cancer research fund}.

If you have been holding out on shopping for something special, this is the weekend to make your purchases count for something.


black romper black jumpsuit

September 11, 2015

Black romper black jumpsuit… call it what you what… I am all about it.
black romper black jumpsuit
romper: free peoplesandals:Steve Madden

black rompers black jumpsuits

I am the biggest fan of a good romper, or also called a jumpsuit. Having a black romper is great because it can easily be dressed up or down. My mom happened to be in town this week and we got to take pictures with Inese.
black-romper-black-jumpsuit- me, my mini Brooklyn, and my mommy

My mom is the cutest… even in her mid sixty’s she is rocking the blue streaks in left side of her hair. You can bearly see it in this picture but in person it is fairly more noticeable.

Gift Guides

Fashionable Baby Gifts Ideas

September 9, 2015

Fashionable Baby Gifts Ideas

Meet Baby Asher… which I love since I adore his mommy. There must be something in the water or maybe I am just at that age when people start having kids. I know four women right now that are pregnant. Now thats a lot of baby showers/ baby gifts I need to think about. Being a stylist I need to come up with fashionable baby gifts ideas to bring to showers. I have be showing up with honest diapers. There are pricey for what they are but helps make a naked baby seem fashionable. Most importantly diapers are functional. I can’t believe I am saying this has thougt-less as this sounds… a gift card. I remember the first month my baby was born I had a few Target and Babies’R’Us runs that were over $400 a pop. I was really thankful for all the gift cards I had saved up. It really softened the blow. I also like picking up toys, because personally I liked picking out my own baby clothes. With all that said below are some of my go to items for fashionable baby gift ideas.

Fashionable Baby Gifts Ideas

Me and my prego girlfriend Cora (picture below because she is the cutest prego ever!)We went to visit our girl Liisa, AKA Baby Asher’s Mom.

Asher’s room was so cute I thought is was worth sharing.