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Fashionable Baby Gifts Ideas

September 9, 2015

Fashionable Baby Gifts Ideas

Meet Baby Asher… which I love since I adore his mommy. There must be something in the water or maybe I am just at that age when people start having kids. I know four women right now that are pregnant. Now thats a lot of baby showers/ baby gifts I need to think about. Being a stylist I need to come up with fashionable baby gifts ideas to bring to showers. I have be showing up with honest diapers. There are pricey for what they are but helps make a naked baby seem fashionable. Most importantly diapers are functional. I can’t believe I am saying this has thougt-less as this sounds… a gift card. I remember the first month my baby was born I had a few Target and Babies’R’Us runs that were over $400 a pop. I was really thankful for all the gift cards I had saved up. It really softened the blow. I also like picking up toys, because personally I liked picking out my own baby clothes. With all that said below are some of my go to items for fashionable baby gift ideas.

Fashionable Baby Gifts Ideas

Me and my prego girlfriend Cora (picture below because she is the cutest prego ever!)We went to visit our girl Liisa, AKA Baby Asher’s Mom.

Asher’s room was so cute I thought is was worth sharing.



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