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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

May 4, 2014

Being a Mom myself, I don’t really expect anything for Mother’s day. A special thought of some sort from my little girl is all that I want. With my Mom, she is independent and buys herself whatever she wants all the time, so it’s hard to shop for her. For those who do need a little help, here are my 5 Mothers day gift ideas.


1/Fitbit: What's funny about this is that my Mom gave me her fitbit and I love it. What I love most about tracking my food/exercise/daily steps is how I can make it a game by involving my friends & family by trying to keep up with their daily progress. It has become a fun way to motivate myself to workout in the morning before going to work. This is a great gift to buy yourself as well as your Mom – you can do it together. Note that you will likely have to set this up for your Mom.

2/ Republic Of Tea: This monthly tea club might not be something she knows she wants but she will enjoy for the next 6 or 12 months. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t appreciate these teas. In addition to tasting delightful, these blends support a healthy, balanced life. Mom will discover a new tea every month from this selection of wellness teas. She will drink her tea and feel loved from this unforgettable gift!

3/ Dogeared Jewelry: You know when you hear the radio commercials around Mother’s day offering a three piece set of jewelry for less than $200. Those commercials make me cringe. The last thing I want is a generic matchy matchy jewelry set. The price of gold is crazy these days and as a result beautiful jewelry comes with a punch in the stomach price tag. This my reason for suggesting Dogeared. You can create a charm necklace and start off with a charm or two and than add too it on other holidays for around $150 and up or get her a simple pendant necklace. My personal favorite is the one pictured. I like that instead of a chain as it offers a 16′ red silk thread. If you wanted to go the jewelry route without spending “jewelry dollars” this is a very fashionable option.

4/ An experience: Your Mom always wants to hang out with you… especially if you don’t call her enough. Creating an experience is always a fun treat. Whether it is taking her to a concert, to a museum or to a play. Thinking out of the box to make her feel special is the idea. After all, isn’t that the point of Mothers day – it will be an easy win on your end.

5/ Jo Malone :There is a variety of different scents in perfume, candles, lotion, bath oil, body wash, scent diffuser, soap… basically anything fragrance related. Jo Malone scents are beautiful and the right one will leave your mom smiling every time she smells her special scent.

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