Kentucky Derby Style Guide

April 4, 2016

One of my tasks this week is styling a client for the Kentucky Derby.  Dressing someone for the Kentucky Derby is a first for me. After doing some research here is my Kentucky Derby Style Guide:

* When selecting your dress for the Kentucky Derby the recommended practice is to keep it simple, so it doesn’t take away from your hat. Dress isn’t a must you can also wear a skirt or pants.

*For the most part a heel or wedge is worn, but even if the Kentucky Derby website it suggests bringing a pair of backup flats

* the hat/ headpiece is the focus for Derby fashion

*The Kentucky Derby recommends a large bag (but be sure to stay within the size limit) to carry a pair of shoes, a bottle of water, your program, sunglasses, sunscreen, a poncho, and anything else you might need during the day. In that bag, pack a smaller clutch or over-the-shoulder bag for your cash, wagers, phone, and essentials that you can grab to go make a wager or snap a quick picture of the celebrities on the Red Carpet.

*Wearing a hat to the Kentucky Derby is believed to bear good luck!


*The modern Derby man possesses an unparalleled color palette. Sun-drenched, bright or pastel colors in bold stripes or busy plaids fit that bill. Although, if you want a more polished look, a classic navy or seersucker blazer is still a great option.
*Bow tie is the official style for the Kentucky Derby male
*Loafers should be own sock-less
*Top off the “Derby look” with a fedora or bowler hat. Men’s Derby hats are generally solid in color and inspired by the style from the 1920s.


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