$60 bucks bought me

July 22, 2015

As a stylist, depending on what I am pulling for I usually do a lot of buying and returning. Recently on shoot someone asked how can I afford to create my kit, and own so much stuff? I admit I have a lot of clothes but my job also involves shopping a lot depending on the project. While I am shopping and returning I tend to find really great deals. While doing my returns yesterday I got suckered in buying a couple of item’s that were a great price. No one twisted my arm but I know I will wear them a lot for how much I spent on them.

$60 bucks bought me

Loft I spent $35.87 & J.Crew $19.99

Loft I spent $35.87 & J.Crew $19.99

Of course this was before taxes, if I would included texts my total was $61.22.


Loft Belted Cargo Jumpsuit: $98.00 $20.99

Loft jeans in Sand Dune $69.50$14.88

J.Crew Isla crosshatch slides $88.00$19.99

Couple of things to think about. These items were final sale. You should only buy a final sale item if you have tried the item on, and still love them. Never buy an item that is too small. It is very difficult and expense for alterations to make a garment bigger. Buying items on final sale usually means it’s been markdown 3x’s. By the time a item reached 3rd markdown it will not go any cheaper. The most important thing I can teach you is it isn’t a deal if you do never wear the item of clothing at all.


The Loft jumpsuit looked a little Safari to me, so you can see it the picture above I already cut the sleeves. Now I love the jumper for $20.99, and I likely wouldn’t of cut the sleeves if I paid full retail for it. Happy Shopping!

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