Denim Overall Top

August 30, 2015

I love it when my friends give me cool stuff. Case and point this vintage Guess denim overall top. My girl Lindsay has a big closet with tons of vintage jewels, and when she gave me this I had a great big smile. Being that this is a crop top, I had to pair it with something high waisted.

Overall Denim Top

shirt: vintage Guess/shoes & belt: old Madewell/ jeans: Loft

Overall Top

Denim Overall Top

After searching on the internet where to buy a cropped denim overall shirt I came up short, but found Rhianna wearing one.

rhinana overall top
So If your dying to own a overall top I would suggest DIY-ing it. If you have a old pair of overalls that are a little too tight on you, these would be perfect to cut up. It needs to fit the top of you pretty tight. As you can see in the picture below, your skin is pretty exposed. So I put on a lace bra underneath it. (which I bought here)


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