Finding a good fitting sundress

July 28, 2015

Finding a good fitting sundress is no easy feat. The better the fit of the dress the more you will wear it. The Halogen dress I am wearing is pretty old, the pattern & cut seems very 60’s house wife to me. Every year I try it on and it fits like a glove, and as a result it has become a classic staple I wear at least once every summer. The key to finding any dress work is the cut, and I would encourage you to have summer dress (or anything for that matter) altered to fit your body. Below are some basic sundress guide-lines to think about when shopping for your body type.
Finding a good fitting sundress

Drawstring dresses– look best when worn loose slimmer sized hips… works really great on boy shaped bodies
Strapless dresses– work best on small busts
Wrap Dress– works wonders on a curvy body (mostly because they are belted & pulled in all the right places, and v-neck)
Tank/ T-shirt Dresses– work great on an athletic body
Slip Dress– looks great on petite body frame
Empire waist– tends to work great on a tall body frame/ for small busts
Halter dress– works well with busty ladies
Shirt dress– is always my favorite because it is timeless, and works well with most body types

So what is the true secret of finding a good fitting sundress? Finding the fit that works with your body type. It’s that simple. If you have trouble finding clothes to fit you right, you need to visit a tailor. The store… the brand…. how much it is…. doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit right.

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