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How To Dress Down Sequins

July 25, 2015

I am going to blame being born and raised in Las Vegas for my love of all things glitz and glamor. If it has some flash in some way, shape, or form I will likely like it. With my causal laid back style it is only natural that I dress down sequins every chance I get. Sequins is great to dress things up but it is my speciality to show you how to dress down sequins.



How To Dress Down Sequins

I like to dress down sequins with softer lighter fabrics such as distressed denim, worn in cotton, and wool. For example: I might also pair the sequin skirt I’m wearing with a white button up collared shirt, a t-shirt and denim vest, and wool cardigan in the winter. Also your shoe selection helps create a dress down sequins look. Also the best time to find sequins on sale (usually 2nd to 3rd mark down)is end of January/ February.

tank:Forever 21/shirt:Jcrew/belt:Madewell/shoes:Steve Madden

Here is a couple more examples of how I to dress down sequins on shoot I styled with photographer Paul Herandez and MUA Shannon Rasheed.




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