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DIY Shoe Stretch

November 16, 2012

I just heard of the sweetest DYI shoe stretching technique, by using ziplock bags and your freezer.

1) Fill the plastic bag about a third to half way full.
2) Let out all the air of the bag making sure there is only water in the bag
3) Stuff the ziplock bag of water into problem area of shoe
4) Put the shoes in a plastic bag (because personally putting shoes in the freezer sounds unsanitary)
5) Freeze the shoe overnight
6) Let the ice thaw into water before you attempt remove the ziplock bags.
7) Repeat if necessary

    When the water expands into ice it will stretch your shoes in the process. The better the quality of the leather, the easier the shoe will stretch. You can also try rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab on the area that needs stretching than try wearing the shoe for 15-20 minutes.

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