Transition into fall style

October 24, 2015

Well it is officially cold outside and every year I am not ready for it. Transition into fall style is sometimes a challenge when I am freezing. Simple ways of transitioning into fall usually include darkening up your color palette for your hair, nails, lipstick and clothing. Richer hues replace your summer pastels. Layering happens by taking your spring/ summer outfits and adding a jacket, sweater, heavier sock/tights, and boots. I usually bust out the crock-pot once or twice a week filled with a warm chicken dish or soup for dinner. With all that said here are some of my favorite new things I have found that are on my personal shopping list for transitioning into fall style!


Woolrich White Collection– Woolrich is making a come back with the white collection which is more contemporary and hip for the next generation of customers. Think Pendleton Portland Collection which stopped producing pieces in 2014 but…. Woolrich! Same Americana feel, around the same price point and great quality pieces that should last you years if not forever.

Heated gloves– I will be buying these this season. Being on location and freezing my ass off is the worst. Especially my hands since I have to use them to adjust clothing. My hands have been so cold that I am unable to use my fingers. Hoping these Outdoor Research Stormtracker heated gloves work as a solution. Last year I broke a couple different hand warmers packets in my pocket, which is a messy experience.

Corduroy pants– I have my eye on these 9′ high riser skinny skinny cords from Madewell. Any cord will work in my book, as long has they have some elastane/ stretch in them. They tend to be a warmer than denim.

Flannel lined jeans– I just ordered these for myself from Eddie Bauer. I really did my homework trying to find stylish flannel lined jeans and came up short. Flannel lined jeans tend to add a couple pounds to your legs due to the bulk it creates. At least that’s how I felt when I last wore them 15 years ago. Every year I wait for these to go on sale and when they do my size is never left. So hopefully these will be cute on. Also check the Ilaria Urbinati collection at Eddie Bauer. This line was created with a stylist! I love supporting others in my field. Also if you know of any other brand that sells great flannel jeans that aren’t grandma style. Please comment below.

Heat Holders– The coziest socks in sock drawer! These are very bulky, but happen to be great in some of my loose fitting boots and rain boots. If these leggings ($14.99) are anything like the socks I will be buying them for all the women in my family! I discovered Heat Holders when walking the magic convention. The sales rep gave me a pair and that is how I know about the product. Beside they can also be purchased at Kohls.

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