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Biobu Dishes

August 6, 2016

Living in Seattle has made me become very eco-friendly. I live in a green house, compost and recycle. Which leads me to my latest green purchase Biobu dishes. These green dishes that work great as both indoors/outdoors. Made out of bamboo, this dinnerware works for both hot and cold food. Biobu Dishes are top-rack dishwasher safe, BPA, PVC, and Phthalates free. For the larger plates that don’t fit on my top rack, I put them on the bottom rack and haven’t noticed any wear and tear thus far. These dishes have a mid centry flare to them with a simple design and color palette of mustard yellow, teal, and orange combo’s. The colors are so fun when I open my kitchen cabinet.

I have three different sized plates : 7′ side plate, 9′ medium, 11′ dinner plate and three different sized bowls: pasta bowl (my favorite size), side bowl, and the small (mini) bowl.  I actually love the small bowls. I want to order a couple of trays to complete my set!

I like that the color pops threw the frosted glass

I like that the color pops threw the frosted glass