Goorin Brothers is opening in Las Vegas

April 1, 2014

I am so excited to announce that Las Vegas is getting a Goorin Brothers – my favorite hat store. It can be hard to find a hat that fits, mostly because many hats are one size fits most all. Not Goorin Brothers, their hats come in sizes S-XL. Apart from all the beanies I own, all my other hats are Goorin Brothers. You can find Goorin Brothers hats at Nordstrom, Zappos and other boutiques but there is nothing like trying on hats at a hat store. There are endless options to try on and at Goorin Brothers, along with different sizes too! Before Goorin Brothers, I’d never been able to find a hat that fits so perfectly (apparently I have a small head). Needless to say I am a big fan. Professionally speaking, hats are one of my go to accessories when styling. I find that hats are a great last minute piece to bring together an outfit. They also do a wonderful job masking bad hair days. Fedoras are my favorite hat style… what’s yours? To find out visit a Goorin Brothers!


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