Nu Sanctuary Lounge/ Town Square Las Vegas

May 6, 2010

I recently read an e-mail regarding the opening of Nu Sanctuary in Las Vegas’ newest mall, Town Square. The advertisements for this place have been up for months, and as a result, my curiosity to try it out was at an all time high. So I jumped on an opportunity to check it out and ate lunch there today. Here are the summary points from my review.

* Fashion TV was on all the televisions in the restaurant
* Food was exquisite, from presentation to taste!
* Portion sizes were perfect
* A large selection of specialty drinks
* Location, location, location. Great location

* Seating sucked, the chairs sit too low for the table height
* Decor did not match the price point of the restaurant
* The lounge has a good concept, but they hired the wrong designer
* Hostess had an attitude because I entered the side gate instead of the front gate

With that said, this joint has been open for less than a week. My next visit will be for a happy hour in June; hopefully they will have one by then. I would encourage you to give them a try for yourself, but would go for a causal dining experience. If you are starving the place might not cut it. For you gentleman out there, this is where the ladies will be drinking their fu-fu drinks.

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