Vegas Bumble and Bumble Casting

March 29, 2016

Las Vegas Bumble and Bumble is casting hair models for a Sephora styling event.

Bumble and bumble is hosting a large scale event with Sephora in Las Vegas on May 3rd, and are casting female models to showcase the latest trends in dry-styling.

Vegas Bumble and Bumble Casting

Girls that have shoulder length or longer hair, to showcase Bumble-specific styles and the latest in fashion hair trends.

This would be a trade service, and compensate each model with Bumble and bumble products (along with a complimentary style) in exchange for their time. Submit:

Female with at least shoulder length, thick/medium/fine textured hair to receive editorial style (solely a style- no cut or color). Models must have straight or wavy hair. No tight, kinky curls please.

In full disclosure, I have done these types of shows in my early 20’s. You will likely spend the day hanging out with a group of cool ladies, make new friends, take away product that you wouldn’t like buy (bumble and bumble is pricey & awesome), and have really talented artists style your hair. It’s a win if you want to get out of the box, and be around beauty for the day.

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