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kids fashion editorial

January 28, 2015

3Sweater/Jcrew pants/Zara Shoes/Nine West
1dress/JCrew collared shirt/Target
2 coat/JCrew dress/JCrew Socks/Target Shoes/Kid Express

Here is a quick kids fashion editorial I styled recently. My 10-year-old daughter, Brooklyn, modeled for me. I am a little bias, but seriously she was so cute during the shoot. I just got these pictures back and wanted to share them quickly, so this is not the final layout or selects. I have been toying with the idea of making Brooklyn a tween fashion blog. A blog would help with her typing and writing skills, plus help her comfort level in front of the camera. Who knows what the future holds? For now, it’s just yet another creative project I want to do!

Special Thanks to Ashli Danielle on hair and makeup and photographer Jami Davis.


Camo Sneakers

January 21, 2015


shoes/ Puma (13 + years old)  jumpsuit/ Freepeople cropped flannel/Forever21 hat/Goorin Brothers 




I love my camo sneakers so much. I haven’t been able to let them go. Literally, they are older than my 10 year old, and they don’t really fit anymore. I remember, they were a $150 dollars and I thought that was expensive… ok well at 34 it still seems expensive for tennis shoes. I remember the kids making fun of me because they thought the shoes were so ugly… and then just a couple years later when camo print was in style my stepdaughter wished they would fit her. Funny how fashion works isn’t it?

Camo print is a pattern that is a safe bet to buy. Even when it goes out of trend it comes back a couple years later, much like animal prints.

Work Family

Love my Studio N peeps

January 19, 2015

I love my Nordstrom family. I popped into Studio N the other day to have lunch with one of my favorites redheads. Sometimes you walk into Studio N and get over whelmed with all the creative cuteness. I mean think about…. your surrounded by a bunch of art directors, stylists, models, photographers, and make up artists; all of which are usually dressed cute. So I bullied Tim, John, and now prego Cora to take a picture with me. Mainly because one of my personal goals for 2015 is to have a outfit post once a week. Thanks again Studio N set 7 for my picture.
In honor of this being a styling/ shopping blog I thought I would break down everyones shoes. From left to right.
Tim/ Diesel(similar)Me/Ugg John/Frye Cora/Keds

Outfits, Style

speckled sweater

January 5, 2015


denim shirt/Madewell sweater/ Madewell cargo jeans/Jbrand(similar) necklace/J.Crew shoes/Supra (similar) purse/ Frye


Everything I am wearing is so last year… and the year before, and maybe even the year before that. That being said, it feels good to really wear my clothes including my lavender speckled sweater. My husband thinks I have too much stuff…. which I agree with. But being a stylist you never know what you will need and I have learned over the years that the items I give away could of come in handy on shoots.


Super Cool Puffer Vests

December 29, 2014

I am freezing… and it is beyond cold outside. One of my go-to-basics is to throw on a vest, hence my pull today of Super Cool puffer vests. Puffer vests give you the option of not carrying around a heavy jacket… but most importantly it provides another layer of warmth. More layers usually equal more styled in my opinion. Literally you can even throw a thin puffer vest underneath a suit jacket
puffer vest
1/J.Crew Factory $88.00 2/Micheal Kors$160.00 3/Northface$170.00 4/JCrew$89.99 5/DVF$298.00


    If Sting can work it….its totally worth trying. Who knows you might even surprise yourself.

Tips & How-tos

How to Shop After Christmas Sales

December 24, 2014

The day after Christmas is going to be a mad house. Some say it to be the second biggest shopping day of the year, but what follows a couple of weeks afterwards is some of the best shopping deals around. How to Shop after Christmas Sales Items usually get their first markdown before Christmas, second markdown a week or so after Christmas and, if at the end of January anything is left, then comes the third markdown. Third markdown is usually between 65-90% off the original price.
If you are really holding out for something, buy it on the 2nd markdown.  Why I say this is twofold.  First of all, the item you are seeking has likely been sent to the outlet before it hits the 3rd markdown.  And secondly, unless it is a one-size-fits-all your size will likely be long gone.  With that said, gloves, hats, scarves and holiday themed items are great items to buy in January.
after christmas sales
Here are some of my other favorites places to get the deals after Christmas.

Department Stores- Macy’s/ Nordstrom/Barneys/Bergdorf Goodman/
Neiman Marcus/ will have all the name brand stuff you want at some kind of discount. Except for the items you really want which likely will sale out before you find it on sale.

Soma- great for Pajama Separates and are usually up to 50% off. This store is geared towards older women and does not have the best selection of bra’s and panties; so don’t plan on buying that type of stuff. Just great pajama separates! The pajama sets are not the same quality has the separates
Victoria’s Secret-great place to stock up on underwear
JCrew– Prices are cheaper in store verses online, and cords & trousers and jeans can be found for under $35
Gap& Banana Republic- great for long sleeve tee’s and sweaters
All Saints- for a winter coat
As January marks a new month with new goods to arrive in store in January it is a great time to buy a brand new piece of furniture, car, fitness gear (treadmill, etc)


Pleather Leather

December 22, 2014

Having a leather jacket… or a pleather leather jacket in my case is a wardrobe basic. Adding a chic leather jacket will instantly dress up your look, and can be worn all year around depending on where you live.  A leather vest will also create the same look. (confession: I own a pleather leather vest too)


Striped top/ Madewell Jeans/ American Eagle Outfitters Boots/ DV by Dolce Vita Jacket/ Billabong Lipstick/ Lime crime


If you were interested in buying the ultimate leather jacket the first place I would go would be All Saints. All Saints is pricey but in this case you pay for what you get. All Saints always has such cool leather jackets, but something you definately need to try on. For less expensive options (AKA pleather leather jackets) I would start at Zara, Free People, and TopShop (which is also sold @ Nordstrom). You will be able to find a sweet leather jacket between$300-600…. and I wouldn’t spend any more than $150 for a fake leather jacket.

Outfits, Style

Its an overall type of day

November 30, 2014

Just after Thanksgiving……all I want to do is wear overalls. Comfortable to say the least.

thermal/alternative apparel, overalls/ freepeople, shirt/madewell(similar here & here), boots/hunter, necklace/ argento vivo lipstick/lime crime (this brand makes the best matte lipstick)

Jumpsuits, onesies, and overalls have become my new obsessions. Besides being great on a fat day, they are wearable all year long, look really cute on, and most importantly make creating an outfit really easy since it’s a 2 and 1(meaning it’s both a top and bottom).


Shop ShopBop

October 14, 2014

I am a sucker for sales.. I can’t help it…. I know the markup on stuff and everything goes on sale at some point… hopefully before I buy it full price. Fall is officially here and SHOPBOP is making it very appealing to start buying gifts for yourself early and at a discount. Use code Family25…. and take 25% off of your order. This sale ends on Thursday night  10/16/14


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