Sweatshirt Dress

April 18, 2015

I love anything made out of grey fleece, and this sweatshirt dress is no exception. I bought this sweatshirt dress with the intent of pairing it with my high-thigh boots. This dress isn’t the most flattering shape, but I love that it has pockets and a longer back to it. Plus with a price point of $59, I couldn’t pass up it up.


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My poodle’s name is Rex and when I am not working he is pretty much my main hang. I would never call myself a “dog person”, but I have become a “my dog person”. Poodles are the best!

dress:Galmorous/leggings:Alternative Apparel/necklace:Jcrew/socks:Target/Shoes:Vince Camuto

My step-son Jorin and his girl-friend were in town and happen to be walking by as me and Inese were taking pictures. After my quick photo opt me, Jorin and Mal(the girlfriend) headed down-town to get our shop on. If you are ever shopping for a silm cut for males, Zara should be your first stop. The european cuts are very flattering on a slim build and are usually long enough to fit the super tall slim guys.


Jasper & Jeera Boots

April 11, 2015

Jasper & Jeera Boots

I found these Jasper & Jeera Boots online at Anthropologie.com (in 2013). After they were delivered, I wanted to learn more about the Jasper & Jeera brand and other cute boot options they might make. Unfortunately I came up short and could only find the brand at Anthropologie and eBay. It looks like the brand was trademarked by Urban Outfitters(which also owns Anthropologie)in 2007. I bet Jasper & Jeera is a house Athro brand like the Silence + Noise is to Urban Outfitters. Either way I am loving my Jasper & Jeera boots, and always have a smile when receiving compliments on them.

Jasper & Jeera Boots with outfit
Please bear with my silly-ness… getting my picture taken is rough. Big thank you to my girl Cora Brown Rock who snapped these pictures of me.
blouse: Madewell/necklace:Madewell/boots:Jasper&Jeera/Jeans:Madewell

Beauty Stuff

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Serum

April 7, 2015

In my quest to try a new foundation I stumbled upon Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Serum. It grabbed my attention for it’s anti-aging treatment, and being SPF 30. I have heard awesome things about the Perricone MD skin care line but have never spent the money on trying the product line as a whole. I was skeptical about trying Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Serum because it only came in one color. With a price-point of $55, I thought it was worth trying.
Perricone MD -no Foundation foundation serum
So what’s my verdict on this new foundation? I like it… but I don’t love it. I like that it is very moisturizing, SPF 30, and really melts into my skin. It has a lot more coverage than the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer I am using, but sometimes the coverage makes my skin look too perfect. That would be my only complaint, too much coverage. I like it enough to keep it but not enough to rebuy it. This product is meant for older skin, so if you are a 20 something Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Serum may not be ideal for your skin. Below are other Perricone MD makeup products that look cool.


gypsy cape

April 4, 2015

gypsy cape kimono
suede fridge boots

Gypsy cape, kimono, cocoon scarf, duster, cardigan, festival cape… whatever you want to call them I am a big fan. It is an easy layer to take on and off, and can be worn with also anything thing. A kimono/cape covers your backside in a fashionable way, allowing you to wear something else with your leggings besides a tunic. I tend to wear my gypsy cape more in the summer with my shorty shorts, but this piece gets used all year round. Gypsy capes come in such wonderful colors and patterns that easily make your outfit look styled. I picked up the one I am wearing because of the great price point. Not that a $70 cape is cheap, but I have definitely gotten my money’s worth with how much I wear it.

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gypsy cocoon scarf
hat:Gorrin Brothers/cape:Free People/tank:Alternative Apparel/jeans:Free people(similar pair here)boots:Lucky Brand/ long pendent necklace:vintage

Food & Health


April 2, 2015

Ever heard of ClassPass? How about Fit Mod? If you love treating yourself to hot yoga, barre, spin, boxing, pilates class etc etc, but you don’t want to spend the drop rate of $20 a class then continue reading…..

So here’s the deal on ClassPass. You pay a monthly membership fee ($79-$99 depending on the city) and Class Pass has a network of boutique fitness studios you can visit up to 3 times a month in one billing cycle. You can take a unlimited amount of classes each month…. but only 3 a month from one individual studio. Below is the interface to look up classes. Either by activity, location, time slot, or studio.

classpass  classes


As a freelance fashion stylist my job includes travel, ClassPass gives me the flexibility of working out in other cities it’s in (Especially since I work as a local in both Las Vegas & Seattle.)

ClassPass Pro’s

*It offers classes I love but would never spend the money on individually.
*Makes me commit to taking classes, cause the $20 no-show fee costs to much money to be lazy for.
*By booking classes in advance, I’m able to plan time for my workouts.

classpass schedule

This is what I my workout looks like this week

*There’s no contact to sign, if you want to take the month off you can put your ClassPass on hold for $20 (Which lets me take 1 class that month) a month.
*ClassPass has a mobile app for the iPhone (Which makes booking classes super easy for me.)
*I have been able to try a bunch of different studios, and really mixed up my workouts.

You are able to change cities and browse different neighborhoods with each city. Makes finding studios super easy

You are able to change cities and browse different neighborhoods with each city. Makes finding studios super easy

ClassPass Cons

*If you register for a class and don’t show up, you will be charged a $20 no-show fee.
*Classes get booked fast, so planning your workouts is key.

I found out about ClassPass through a rep that wanted to collaborate on the launch of classpass Las Vegas. The collaboration included me trying out ClassPass for a month (AKA gifting me a months pass). In that month I took 8 classes. Working out is not that fun, but trying Class Pass was. I found an amazing pilates class that charged $35 for a drop in rate and took a spin classes at Flywheel which runs $25 drop in rate. After my free month was over I decided to stick with Class Pass, it works with my lifestyle and my budget. The cost of my class pass in Seattle/ and or Las Vegas is $79.

Interested in trying Class Pass: 1-week trials of Class Pass are available on a limited basis for new Class Pass customers in certain markets only. Contact here to find out whether 1-week trials are currently available in your market.


Windowpane Print

March 31, 2015

One up coming trend that caught my attention is the windowpane print trend. Windowpane print was all over the runways for pre-fall 2015. The jumbo squares look more modern and adapt to any silhouette. Trousers, tops, sweaters and dresses have all gotten the square treatment. Currently I have a handful of stripes, dots, and patterns in my closet. I welcome the windowpane print. The windowpane looks great when paired with color or patterns.


windowpane print




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celebs windowpane

Dress:Loft/Necklace & Cardigan:JCrew

I myself am excited about adding a new print trend to my wardrobe come fall. I say “come fall” because the only garment I have found in my budget is black & white. Ideally I find something with a funnier color palette.


Patterned Dress

March 29, 2015


Today was a work day, but after our shooting day wrapped I asked one of the photographers to do a little snappy snappy. I have owned this patterned dress for at least two years. Madewell always serves up great basic dresses that are on trend. A pattern dress is a wardrobe must! I rock this dress all year long, mostly in the summer with brown sandals. Usually when I wear patterns I combine with some type of solid accessories or vice/versa.

dress & boots: Madewell/ tights:Hanes/infinity scarf:/ Lipstick:Limecrime Velvetine Matte Lipstick

Photographed by: Phu Nguyen

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Channeling the Brawny Paper Towel Guy

March 21, 2015

It wasn’t until I saw myself photographed did I realize I was channeling the Brawny Paper Towel Guy. This is an example when high waisted mom jeans gone wrong. Why post a unflattering picture of myself + outfit? I have learned to not take myself too seriously, and hopefully this will make you smile.

Channeling the Brawny Paper Towel Guy

So if you want to channel your inner Brawny Paper Towel Guy put on your favorite flannel and dark denim jeans. Better yet make it more modern with distressed denim.

necklace:Gemma Redux/ jeans:Levi/thermal:Forever21/Vest, belt & Flannel shirt:Madewell/wedged booties:JCrew

photographed by: Cora Brown Rock


Plaids and Stripes

March 15, 2015

plaids and stripes

This is what I wore for a quick meet and greet with a studio manger. I love to pattern mix. Plaids and stripes usually work together in my book. It’s easy to pair my horizontal striped sweater with almost anything. The pattern is simple and classic which easily pairs with another print. The black & white color combo makes it match able with almost anything. The key to pairing plaids and stripes is making sure there is a matching color with in the pattern-mixing combo.

If all else fails with trying to mix a plaid and striped combo try wearing distressed denim. Ripped jeans tend to be my go to when I don’t feel like thinking about how I am going to coordinate my outfit. There is just something about distressed jeans upping the cool factor of what you’re wearing.

hat:Goorin Brothers/collared shirt:JCrew/sweater:JCrew Factory/Jeans:AmericanEagle/ ankleboots:DocleVita/socks:Madewell/FitBit

Photographer: the husband


colorful workout pants

March 11, 2015

I love how workout attire has completely changed over the last couple years. There are some many options these days for workout gear, almost every brand offers it and you can find fashionable options at every price point. From bright colored trainers, colorful workout pants, to fun patterned workout bras. The options are endless. My personal favorite when styling workout type shoots is colorful workout pants. It adds an element of fun for me.
colorful workout pants
photographer: Mark Stone mua:Jamyrlyn Mallory styling: Lauren Schugar(aka me) model: Kaitlyn Johnston

colorful workout pants

If you are anything like me, once you’re dressed for the day, you’re dressed. That’s one reason; I personally like wearing colorful pattered workout pants. I feel like they translate well after your workout. Now if only buying new gym clothes really inspired me to workout!

For workout pants my personal favorite is Zella. Zella reminds me of lululemon fit without the $100 price tag. My best friend also mentioned I needed to try fabletics (its a brand by Kate Hudson), but everything I wanted was sold out in my size. She described fabletics as a cross between Target and Lucy. Target price points with a little more fashion fare of Lucy.