Denim Overall Top

August 30, 2015

I love it when my friends give me cool stuff. Case and point this vintage Guess denim overall top. My girl Lindsay has a big closet with tons of vintage jewels, and when she gave me this I had a great big smile. Being that this is a crop top, I had to pair it with something high waisted.

Overall Denim Top

shirt: vintage Guess/shoes & belt: old Madewell/ jeans: Loft

Overall Top

Denim Overall Top

After searching on the internet where to buy a cropped denim overall shirt I came up short, but found Rhianna wearing one.

rhinana overall top
So If your dying to own a overall top I would suggest DIY-ing it. If you have a old pair of overalls that are a little too tight on you, these would be perfect to cut up. It needs to fit the top of you pretty tight. As you can see in the picture below, your skin is pretty exposed. So I put on a lace bra underneath it. (which I bought here)


stylist Q&A

whats in a wardrobe stylist kit

August 25, 2015

The question that all young, blossoming fashion stylists always ask is “Whats in a wardrobe stylist kit, anyway?” Many stylists aren’t so eager to share what items help them best because the market is competitive and they’ve likely compiled their kit through years of trial and error. Though, with the quick-paced and constantly changing nature of a styling gig, compiling the perfect kit is essential if you want to be able to work fast and keep up with adaptations throughout the job.

From years of experience and impromptu fashion miracles, here are whats in my wardrobe stylist kit. My must-have items that ensure that you’re ready to combat any curveballs while on the job:

  • whats in a wardrobe stylist kitTopstick is a double-sided tape that is used to secure hairpieces to the scalp. I recommend the white/clear tape with 1-2 day bonding ability, because it’s cheaper, gets the job done, and will be easy to remove.
  • Glue Dots are adhesive dots that are great for small, quick touch-ups. Do the same job as top stick but are smaller, easier to take off of the sticky back. Do not get extra strength. These are more helpful working in studio than location for me
  • Zip-ties– good for tying shoes back together, keeping things together
  • Tagging Gun– for reattaching tags
  • Clear Garment Bags-it is really helpful seeing what it in your garment bags. Other wise I use tape and write what’s in each bag
  • Clamps, Clothespins, and Safety Pins are essential for getting the clothing to fit the model. Clamps and clothespins can be applied to the model on the side that is opposite from the camera, and for modifications on the front—safety pins! Black safety pins are great when working with dark colored fabrics, but beware of pinholes in the merchandise!
  • Lint Roller– hair, lint, and fuzz—be gone! And always have extra tape rolls ready
  • Tape/Duck Tape– eliminates the need to use pins (and puncture a hole in any merchandise), but it also serves as a great tool for marking your rolling racks and hangers. Tape is also handy for whatever bizarre, impossible to foresee issues that can (and usually do) arise. Masking Tape, gaffers tape… you will use it all over time.
  • Nude Bras/ Underwear– a fashion shoot is constantly evolving, so it is best to keep undergarments a nude color in case any translucent clothing is suddenly used for a photo. It’s your job to be prepared, even when the model isn’t. In my kit I have a couple strapless, as well as regular, bras in a range of sizes just in case a model shows up unprepared.
  • Boobs and Nipple Covers– seem like something that should be left up to the model, but in the end, not all models remember to bring the right gear, so having boobs and bras in all difference sizes (along with their companion, the nipple cover) you should be set! Some clients want more cleavage than others, or sometimes a garment looks better filled out
  • Needles & Thread– work great for on-the-spot alterations like buttons. PRO TIP: fishing wire makes for a great clear thread. I also buy the pre-threaded needles.
  • Scissors– a good pair to cut heavy-duty fabric and small ones to cut little threads
  • Stain Remover – shout wipes are the easiest for me to transport but getting stains out of stuff is part of the job
  • Lint Rollers– you should have a lint roller and refills at all time in your kit
  • Camera– to take pictures of all your outfits, I use my IPhone but when your IPhone goes dead it’s a problem. A cordless charger is something I have considered
  • Measuring tape
  • Hangers– both pants and shirt
  • Steamer
  • Beauty kit– filled with Band-Aids, deodorant; polish remover, toothbrush & paste, sunscreen, maxi-pad products
  • Rolling Racks– they sell lots of different versions, but I would recommend buying the commercial ones that are around $80 bucks. (you will need to get these from a display store)
  • Glam Bags-are awesome for prepping what the model will be wearing throughout the shoot. Loose tags, accessories, and any other stray items that can get caught up in the frenzy that is a photo shoot now have a home in their glam bag. Keeping these items together are not only important to the outfit and photo, but they are critical when you are ready to return the clothes you borrowed. (I have also used zip-lock bags for when I run out of glam bags)
  • Ikea Blue bags– great for lunging lots of stuff (especially shoes)
  • Face Mask– to cover the model’s face and preserve make-up while taking clothes on and off, plus it helps from getting on your wardrobe.
  • Super Glue is great for speedy repairs that cannot be sewn
  • Office Supplies– sounds a little strange for this post, but half of what makes a good stylist is being organized. I use note cards to tape shoes and write models down, post-it-notes for who is wearing what, paper clips to hold receipts together, a stapler to staple my return receipt to the bag, and a highlighter to cross off items that we have already shot. Notebook for taking notes and making lists, hole puncher to put copies in binders, binders to keep all your information together for the particular job your on…etc etc
  • Rubber bands– adjusting belts, and clothing, and grouping things together
  • Rain Poncho– cause you never know when it’s going to rain and when it hits you want to be prepared
  • Sharpies– great for labeling, and works wonders on dark denim stains and black jeans
  • Jewelry Shine Cloth– I can’t remember the last time I used mine…. But I have one just in case
  • Jewelry Hanger– I do a lot of lifestyle shoots and keeping my jewelry together nicely makes my life so much easier. Getting the jewelry hangers with zippers are a must since you will likely take them for location to location, and without zippers stuff will fall out
  • Water bottle– to spray clothes before you steam them (helps get really hard wrinkles out), or mix water and vodka to get smells out of clothes
  • Different color camisoles for women
  • Blow dryer– from leaky steamers… wet spots suck (another tip is to put a socks over the steamer if it is spouting)
  • Robes/ Slippers– So models don’t eat lunch in your wardrobe…. Truth be told I rarely have this on hand because it is so bulky compared to everything I have to bring. But depending on the job you are doing it’s something to consider
  • Wardrobe Changing Tent– I have used my changing tent so many times, really comes in handy on location. I do have trouble breaking my down… so it is currently laying down flat in the trunk of my car. Just want to warn ya…folding it down to fit in the bag is impossible for me personally.

If you are a new stylist don’t feel the need to buy everything on this list. Really it is trail and error. I would hate for you buy all this stuff and not use it since if you don’t get the opportunity to work a certain type job. For example, when I got hired to work on a rain shoot (they brought in a rain pump…ekk) I realized I needed a really good raincoat as part of my kit or else I was going to freeze and be drenched for 10 hours. I also bought giant zip-lock bags to pack the clothes in since it was waterproof, which worked great for putting the wet clothes in. My point being you don’t know what your going to need until a certain job arises.


What to wear to a couples bridal shower

August 23, 2015

I had to ask myself the question: what to wear to a couples bridal shower? I have never been to a couples bridal shower before. Luckily for me when I texted the bride she responded with “dress”. When I showed up the couples bridal shower it was pretty fancy. I was one of the younger people there and half the men in the room were wearing sports coats. In general I would say it’s always better to be over dressed than in it is to be underdressed. You can always make your outfit more causal by taking off a jacket, or unbuttoning a button on your shirt. To play it safe I would say try to stay away from wearing light blue denim jeans. A light denim wash the harder it is to dress up than a pair of dark denim.

Here is what I wore to my friends Chris & Tiff’s couples bridal shower. The shower was a beautifully done at a friend of the family’s home. The house amazing with the most specular view of the city.

what to wear couples bridal shower

What to wear to a couples bridal shower


me and my man!


Meet Tiff the bride to be. The sun was crazy in our eyes

 giant paella dish

they made a giant paella dish filled seafood and chicken… yummm


This house was located in Queen Anne (Seattle)…. isn’t the view crazy!

stylist Q&A

What is the difference between a costume designer and a fashion wardrobe stylist?

August 18, 2015

Within the fashion industry, there are a few job titles that are often incorrectly used interchangeably, spurring the need for clarification on what is the difference between a costume designer and a fashion wardrobe stylist.

A costume designer is the easiest to distinguish from the others because the personality that they are dressing is fictitious, and the wardrobe is all original material specially designed for the character. As the job title suggests, this role is in charge of designing a full wardrobe for each character. A costume designer’s work is usually limited to films and plays, making it essential that the clothing not only fits well, but is durable.

difference between a costume designer and a fashion/ wardrobe stylist?

Differentiating between a wardrobe stylist and fashion stylist is a little bit trickier, but to me they basically are the same thing. Both jobs require carefully piecing together looks that embody hopefully what the client’s in visioning. I have met other fashion stylists who have never had to provide head to toe looks because they are working with clothing brands that provide the wardrobe for them. In that type of role they get to show up and style (create looks)… these by the way are super fun jobs if you ever get the opportunity to work for a brand.

When I show up to certain jobs I am creating the entire wardrobe for the talent. This includes socks, watches, accessories, basically every single item the person is wearing. A wardrobe stylist creates the look and feel of the character.

The term “wardrobe stylist” or “fashion stylist” can be applied to someone working in high fashion, celebrity or public figure’s personal image,  print editorial work, commercials or music videos.

Despite their differences, each of these jobs requires a keen eye and the ability to utilize color and texture in order to provide a stunning and fluid final result.


Flower Lapel Pins

August 13, 2015

I was in Hugo Boss last week to get my man a new shirt and tie for a last minute meeting he had. I stumbled across flower lapel pins or also known as a flower brooch on a suit. Of course, decided he needed to have it… well until I saw how much it was. Ninety-five dollars for a flower label pin seemed pretty steep for what it was.


I have seen these pins before on stylish men that usually sell suits but never really noticed them in stores before now. A fun pocket square these days is standard but if you have even more swag, owing a couple of flower lapel pins is a must. Especially since I found lots of options via the internet for under $19.99 each.

Hook + Albert via Nordstrom Rack
Lovely Lapels via Etsy.com (include a pocket square and flower lapel pin)

stylist Q&A

How much do fashion stylists make annually?

August 11, 2015

So you’ve decided you want to pursue the glamorous career of a fashion stylist, and you’re ready to talk numbers. How much do fashion stylists make annually? How much should I expect to make? How does pay-day work? Can this be a consistent paying career? While these questions have answers, they really depend on a plethora of factors: location, experience, competition, the client, the job, etc. So I’ll do my best to clear up the opaque nature of the job and send you off into the world of styling!
For starters, most fashion stylists work on a day rate, ranging from $500-$3,000/day (this range is where the numerous factors come in). Some gigs are only half-days, while others can have you on set for a painstaking 16 hours. As for location, in my experience I know that Los Angeles rates are a lot higher than somewhere like Las Vegas… but with more money comes more competition.
Ultimately, the money made from one gig doesn’t matter if you can’t continue to market yourself and get more jobs. There can be a lot of downtime spent job hunting in this field. I have had streaks where the jobs seem to be coming to me, and other times where there isn’t a job to be found for weeks. In the end, building a solid base of clients that love your work is really where the money is at—the money you can count on. So how much does the average fashion stylist make annually… in my case it varies from year-to-year. Keep in mind there are stylist like Rachel Zoe , Brad Goreski, Olori Swank who get contracts with brands or partner with clothing lines or create there own line, or open there own store. (think Patricia Field). Also note that stylist who have full-time help are kinda of on another level, for they are responsible for paying someone whether or not their check comes in.

Recent Work

Amish Inspired Fashion Editorial

August 6, 2015

I am having a #TBT moment. I was going threw old photos and discovered this Amish inspired fashion editorial I styled. This was a pretty fun day shooting, especially because the weather was nice. I tried to stay true to the amish influence of simpliness, but at the same time update the looks with modern influence.

Amish Inspired Fashion Editorial

Amish Inspired Fashion Editorial


I learned that this was going to be shot in black & white on the day of. I wish you could see the color palette of this dress. It was black and white with dull browns and greens. It fit perfectly with my Amish fashion story. I asked the photographer months, ok maybe almost 2 years later if I could have this image in color but I missed my window.

Amish Fashion Editorial

I made sure to style the models in matching shoes, and white collared shirts to really embody how the Amish dress. I was quite surprised how many stlyish white collared button up shirts I found, with different collars and feminine touches. It reminded me how classic and stylish a crisp white shirt can be. I purchased the Amish bonnets off of eBay.


The location seemed perfect for this Amish inspired fashion editorial. We were by the water, a lighthouse, water, old homes. The only big thing we were missing were a horse & carriage or maybe some farm animals. I have never been to Amish country so in all honestly I have no idea what was missing.


photographer: Josef Robert Reinke
hair/makeup artist: Jessica Later
fashion stylist: Lauren Schugar (this is a link to my portfolio)

Amish Inspired Editorial


Special thanks to my girl Terri Fender who helped me on this shoot. I would of not been able to handle all these wardrobe changes in such a little time frame without her.

Food & Health

potato chips you need to try

August 3, 2015

I have fallin in love with Quest Protein Chips aka.. potato chips you need to try. I was starving on set one day and someone asked if I wanted a bag of chips. Of course, trying to be good I said no thank you. Than they said, “just try them there baked chips”. I did and than I took a picture with my iphone afterwards because I had to buy them again.

Potato Chips you need to try

So here’s the deal the 120-calorie bags of salty chips are sold individually or can be purchased in bulk. They are pricey $2.40 a bag or $18-20 for a box of 8. The flavors offered are barbeque, sea slat, cheddar and sour cream, salt and vinegar, and sour cream and onion. Ingredients for the guilt free chips include: protein blend (milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate), dried potatoes, corn starch and high oleic sunflower oil.

So they are baked protein chips, that have the crunch and texture of a regular potato chip. My husband thinks the BBQ favor tastes like paper, but I feel like most baked chips taste that way. My flavors of choice are Sour & Onion and Cheddar & Sour Cream. I like the idea of giving my daughter potato chips in her lunch with out feeling guilty about it. You can find these protein chips at body builder/ nutrition type stores, and of course on Amazon.

Beauty Stuff, Makeup

Charlotte Tilbury new at Nordstrom

July 30, 2015


Charlotte Tilbury new at Nordstrom


Charlotte Tilbury new at Nordstrom! I was lucky enough to get invited to Nordstrom’s opening of the Charlotte Tilbury counter. Even better the Charlotte Tilbury team sent me a lovely eye shadow palette and a sample size of magic eye cream. Since I don’t wear eyeshadow I passed off the eyeshadow palette to my friend  MUA Mellisa Korn. Here is what Mellisa had to say about the brand  “At first glance someone might dismiss this colorful palette as too bold. Deep teals and greens don’t tend to be the first eye shadow shades that come to mind for most people, however, there’s a reason Charlotte Tilbury has the cult following she does. These shades are gorgeous and insanely flattering worn alone or together. The formulas manage to be both sheer and impactful, a feat not easily mastered. A little decadent for the price, but if your looking for a sophisticated way to wear color, it’s well worth the investment.”

Special thanks to photographer Julia Domrose for snapping these before and after pictures of Mellisa doing my makeup using the gifted eyeshadow palette in color combo The Rebel ($52).


With all that said I wanted to try the brand with the products I would actually use on a daily basis. Since my eyelashes extensions cover my eyes being made up I purchased a cream blush Beach Stick in Las Salinas ($45), and Light Wonder skin foundation ($55).  The counter girl could of sold me tons more, but Charlotte Tilbury is not cheap. So what’s the verdict? I use my Beach Stick and foundation a lot. The products feel light on my face and the cream blush stays on pretty well through out the day. Pricey in my opinion but in this case total worth it.
outfit-Crop top:Free People/skirt: Topshop/sandals:Steven Madden

Thanks again Mellisa for doing my makeup!

stylist Q&A

Are there Full-time jobs for fashion stylist?

July 28, 2015

One thing that can be a drag for aspiring fashion stylists to understand is the inconsistency of the career: some weeks are full and others are void of jobs to be done and money to be made.

A common question can be “Are there full-time jobs for fashion stylist?” And there totally is! The sad part is that they are few and far between. Most fashion-oriented corporations have some type of stylist position if they have a strong web presence. Other will likely hire freelancers for photoshoots. For example, Zappos has a photo studio based in Las Vegas that shoots both product and on-figure clothing. Because the shoot Monday-Friday, their studio consists of  full-time stylist & photographers. (I know this because I tried to get in there as a freelance stylist which they never hire for) I have worked in many photo-studios that house both full-time and freelance stylists.

So if the freelance lifestyle isn’t for you and consistency is what you crave, start looking up retail companies based in your city. You might be surprised once you start digging which companies actually started in your city. Once you find the company than I would start looking creative directors, styling mangers to try and show you book to.  It should be noted, though, that oodles of experience is required to even be considered for a full-time lead stylist job in businesses like these. If your heart is set on it, find some internships and part-time work, and start your way up the ladder that is the fashion stylist career. The bigger the company the longer it will take to work your way up. Hopefully you know what your getting yourself into. Being a fashion stylist is not easy, so be prepared to put your time in!